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In open letter, young Palestinian woman chastises Hillary Clinton “for forgetting us”

“I’m sure you know these things [Israeli atrocities], but you chose to remain silent about them.” No 1514 Posted by fw, November 15, 2015 “As a young Palestinian girl growing … Continue reading

November 15, 2015

Netanyahu’s wild diatribe before US Congress a “textbook case of propaganda unhinged from reality”, says Ralph Nader

There he stood “amidst the feral cheers of his congressional yahoos” No 1274 Posted by fw, March 6, 2015 “Why does a large majority of Congress block the viewpoints and … Continue reading

March 6, 2015

Supporters of Israel are actually supporters of its moral degeneration, isolation, and possibly, ultimate destruction

So says Noam Chomsky who puts Israel’s “hideous atrocity” in Gaza in historical context No 1118 Posted by fw, August 07, 2014 Noam Chomsky, the world-renowned political dissident, linguist, author, … Continue reading

August 7, 2014

While US stood by, Israel tightened the screws on Hamas in bid to retain full control of Gaza and West Bank

Israel’s drive to retain control left Hamas to seek through violence what was denied to it through peaceful means No 1105 Posted by fw, July 22, 2014 “The current escalation … Continue reading

July 22, 2014

Obama’s “hollow diplomacy” has created “political space” for Israeli massacres in Gaza

Obama authorizes shipments of weapons to Israel, then says he’s heartbroken by images from Gaza No 1104 Posted by fw, July 21, 2014 “This is an absolute failure of U.S. … Continue reading

July 21, 2014

Palestinian BDS campaign is changing how U.S. public sees Israeli occupation and Palestinian rights

It’s also affecting the public relations efforts of groups like AIPAC No 1003 Posted by fw, March 9, 2014 “The failure of the powerful pro-Israel lobbying group to force congress … Continue reading

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US, and other UN Security Council members, pursue own corrupt interests at cost of peace and global justice

Focusing primarily on US, George Monbiot lays out evidence of 67 years of LIES and treaty violations No 851 Posted by fw, September 10, 2013 “For 67 years successive US … Continue reading

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US diplomats have been shilling for Israel for decades –“Brokers of Deceit”, scholar calls them

And now Obama claims to support Palestinian state while seeking to convince international diplomats to reject one No 701 Posted by fw, March 20, 2013 “It [US policy] was never … Continue reading

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