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Has America gone crazy? That’s the question on the minds of many Europeans

“Americans strike Europeans as baffling, if not frankly brutal”, says US expatriate living in Oslo It’s past time to wake up, America, and look around No 1233 Posted by fw, January … Continue reading

January 17, 2015

Why is this the age of US citizen mass acquiescence rather than the age of resistance that erupted in the 1880s?

We are witnessing the rebirth of the Gilded Age, with Wall Street and Big Business owning the President and Congress No 1215 Posted by fw, December 25, 2014 “It’s called … Continue reading

December 25, 2014

Truth is dead – Long live deceit

Political language is turned on its head, the truth is expunged, and we are all corrupted No 1113 Posted by fw, August 03, 2014 “As advanced societies are de-politicised, the … Continue reading

August 3, 2014

“Spellbinding” video lays bare the monumental hypocrisy of the myth of American exceptionalism

“The Nightmare Machine of rapacious exploitation has overthrown humanity’s decency and reason and its bloody inhuman treason flourishes over us. This must be ended.” No 1050 Posted by fw, May … Continue reading

May 10, 2014

Why our political leaders don’t learn from history

Forgetting to remember is extremely dangerous; neglecting to forgive, unforgivable No 1022 Posted by fw, March 30, 2014 As we reflect on Obama’s Brussels’ call to arms for a US-NATO … Continue reading

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What the US is experiencing today is not politics, it is disorder in a dysfunctional culture

One way out of this disorder, this insanity, is for citizens to declare a free America in the space around them No 977 Posted by fw, February 12, 2014 “The … Continue reading

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US most corrupt country in the world, claims US history prof

“America’s political and financial practices make it in absolute terms far more corrupt than the usual global South suspects” No 926 Posted by fw, December 10, 2013 “So don’t tell … Continue reading

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US, and other UN Security Council members, pursue own corrupt interests at cost of peace and global justice

Focusing primarily on US, George Monbiot lays out evidence of 67 years of LIES and treaty violations No 851 Posted by fw, September 10, 2013 “For 67 years successive US … Continue reading

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US corporate-controlled media serve as mouthpieces for Obama’s warmongering propaganda

Media personalities dutifully seek to shove lies down the throats of an increasingly distrustful public No 850 Posted by fw, September 9, 2013 “Nowhere is this propaganda more crude than … Continue reading

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“Breaking through the glass ceiling” – A metaphor turned on its head reveals evil of US-Israel political, military power

Breaking through the glass ceiling forces us all into a downward spiral, difficult to escape No 849 Posted by fw, September 8, 2013 “Breaking through the glass ceiling – it … Continue reading

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How to turn a democracy into a STASI authoritarian state in 10 easy steps – Juan Cole

“What looks like a democracy is really an authoritarian state ruling on its own behalf and that of 2000 corporations” No 837 Posted by fw, August 22, 2013 To read … Continue reading

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There’s not much hope for the revival of liberty in the land of “clueless Americans” says Paul Craig Roberts

“The worst criminals of our time are the US and UK governments” No 836 Posted by fw, August 22, 2013 “It is fashionable in the US and UK governments and … Continue reading

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Glenn Greenwald alleges NSA’s goal is the “elimination of privacy worldwide”

It’s a complete joke that there is robust oversight on this surveillance, says Greenwald No 804 Posted by fw, July 8, 2013 “The reason that Edward Snowden came forward, the … Continue reading

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Why more Americans don’t rise up in protest

Activist Mickey Z contemplates five reasons for, and potentially high cost of, American supineness No 801 Posted by fw, July 6, 2013 “…dissent in America is pretty much limited to … Continue reading

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When did we become good consumers and lousy citizens?

And what, if anything, are we going to do about it? No 764 Posted by fw, June 4, 2013 “Profit will out, whether in Wall Street boardrooms or in the … Continue reading

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Why a Messiah of Peace in the White House would likely be crucified if s/he tried to transition to a non-violent society

In America’s military-industrial-finance complex, waging war becomes a necessity for institutional survival No 700 Posted by fw, March 19, 2013 Tragically, the American people are unwittingly complicit in the evil … Continue reading

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UN can and must control two renegade states – US and Israel — warns US prof

Otherwise “their Nazi-like behavior over a prolonged period of years will negate all International laws in favor of those who will impose their power on the weak” No 672 Posted … Continue reading

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The politics of flagrant lying in U.S. elections

Campaigns make a tactical decision that even when something is false sometimes they’re just going to keep repeating it No 566 Posted by fw September 10, 2012 “By the time … Continue reading

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Two moral cripples vie for U.S. presidency

Romney and Obama dodge emerging allegations, implying moral turpitude No 545 Posted by fw, August 12, 2012 Two recent stories in prominent online news and information publications raise serious concerns … Continue reading

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