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US looking more and more like a developing country, says MIT prof

80 percent of population in debt, anxious about job security, besieged by crumbling infrastructure. No 1944 Posted by fw, April 27, 2017 “America is regressing to have the economic and political … Continue reading

April 27, 2017

US debt crisis was contrived consequence of “crazy political battles”

We need a globalized currency to reduce global dependence on US dollar No 883 Posted by fw, October 17, 2013 “…it’s time to end the world economy’s dependence on the … Continue reading

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US Budget deal outcome destroys all social gains won by workers during twentieth century

Tea Party Republicans dropped Obamacare demands in exchange for gutting of social programs No 882 Posted by fw, October 17, 2013 “There was not a single mass organization that denounced … Continue reading

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2.3 million petition kicks off nationwide campaign protesting Obama’s planned cuts to Social Security

Any lessons for Canadian activists in this coalition-led mass mobilization of Americans? No 716 Posted by fw, April 11, 2013 “Today’s White House protest marks the beginning of a mobilization … Continue reading

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Banks, corrupt politicians and mainstream media have convinced people there are no alternatives to austerity

But there are many alternatives. Just don’t look to mainstream media for them No 473 Posted by fw, May 10, 2012 “The finance sector has started a lot of think … Continue reading

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The New Global Revolutions — Revolutions happen once people realize things are not going to get better anytime soon

Where are the stories about how life is going to get better? We’re in for years of discontent No 418 Posted by fw, February 22, 2012 “What makes the headlines … Continue reading

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Financial institutions planning to use crisis to privatize and monopolize public assets

No 249 Posted by fw, August 17, 2011 “I think the most pernicious thing that’s happening in America right now is that you see large financial institutions and investment funds … Continue reading

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Phil Rockstroh: “Why do people of the U.S. stand for this culture of exploitation and diminished prospects?”

No 240 Posted by fw, August 6, 2011 “There is so much more at stake than simply a “debate” regarding the alleged debt ceiling. . . .  Given the degraded quality of … Continue reading

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Economics Prof Richard Wolff: Debt showdown is “Political Theater” — WOW! interview

No 234 Posted by fw, July 28, 2011 “This is theater. This is political theater in which the two parties are posturing for the election coming next year, using this … Continue reading

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It’s a “fake debt crisis,” says Executive Director of economic think tank

No 230 Posted by fw, July 26, 2011 “Given that we’re on The Real News Network, we should talk about the fake debt crisis first, right? I don’t think that … Continue reading

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Prof Michael Hudson: Phony debt crisis lets Obama back GOP’s pro-rich plan

No 229 Posed by fw, July 26, 2011 “Obama really believes in trickle-down economics. He believes that Wall Street are job creators, not downsizers and outsourcers and foreclosures. That’s the … Continue reading

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Economist Michael Hudson: How the Greek people could stiff the bankers

No 216 Posted by fw, July 11, 2011 “Look this debt that you say we owe and have to pay off by privatizing our assets, you knew that we rioted. … Continue reading

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Is America doomed by its $14 trillion debt crisis? A BBC perspective

No 207 Posted by fw, June 28, 2011 “[America’s] debt crisis is a fascinating crisis because it is about so much more than money. It is a test of a … Continue reading

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