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US coalition of 8 file lawsuit challenging State Dept’s illegal approval of Enbridge’s tar sands pipeline plans

“The only thing worse than dirty oil is dirty oil backed by dirty tricks.” No 1189 Posted by fw, November 13, 2014 “ ‘The Obama administration should be ashamed of … Continue reading

November 13, 2014

Fierce grassroots resistance blows $17 billion hole in tar sands revenues

Anti-tar sands campaigns cause delays and cancelled projects, says new report No 1179 Posted by fw, November 2, 2014 “The growing tide of tar sands resistance—seen in blockades, tree sits, … Continue reading

November 2, 2014

Recent developments give “new hope” to Hamiltonians concerned about climate change

Hamilton residents primed to reduce funding to fossil fuel industry that is damaging the global climate No 1168 Posted by fw, October 20, 2014 “Fossil fuel divestment is the focus … Continue reading

October 20, 2014

The tide is turning on many fronts in the battle against the carbon bullies

Resistance to tar sands pipelines spreading. Tar sands companies mothballing projects. Renewable energy solutions growing No 1156 Posted by fw, October 1, 2014 “We stand in defense of the land, … Continue reading

October 1, 2014

State Dept blindly approves Enbridge scheme to move tar sands oil from Alberta through US bypassing permit process

Groups opposed to tar sands expansion are evaluating legal options to stop this “violation” of public rights Enbridge’s scheme is “on par with the tar sands carrying capacity of the … Continue reading

August 29, 2014

US-produced video ad portrays Harper as selling out tar sands crude to China, making “suckers” of Americans

Hard-hitting anti-Keystone ad to bracket Obama’s state of the union address — Watch ad here No 963 Posted by fw, January 27, 2014 “ ‘Sucker Punch – Keystone Truth — … Continue reading

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Harper’s petrodollar addiction hooks Canadians by one of our baser human desires — GREED

Canada, hooked on junk crude, set to become a global pusher No 940 Posted by fw, December 26, 2013 “More than a decade ago, American political scientist Terry Lynn Karl crudely summed up the … Continue reading

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Pembina’s Executive Director fires back at smearing press reports in Calgary Herald and SunMedia

No doubt he knows these dogmatists aren’t interested in writing stories based on “analysis and research” No 933 Posted by fw, December 15, 2013 “It’s an unfortunate and unproductive indicator … Continue reading

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Feisty Vancouver Observer to explore series of in-depth stories about our tar sands love-hate relationship

VO launches Kickstarter fund-raiser to help fund a year-long “drama of epic proportions” No 931 Posted by fw, December 14, 2013 “The Vancouver Observer’s award-winning team seeks to create one year of … Continue reading

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Emission reductions in Ontario municipalities offset on national level by increases in Alberta tar sands

Ontario university prof develops new tool to help municipalities identify future climate risks No 897 Posted by fw, October 29, 2013 “ ‘Municipalities are not locations where major mitigation measures … Continue reading

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Alberta’s complex carbon offsetting projects, schemes no match for Keystone, tar sands emissions

And Harper’s promised mitigation of emissions is incompatible with unchecked oil sands expansion policy No 877 Posted by fw, October 13, 2013 “For all the talk of mitigation, environmentalists say, … Continue reading

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Alberta Court quashes gov. decision to exclude Pembina from oilsands regulatory process

Judge calls Alberta gov. actions “tainted” and decision “biased” No 868 Posted by fw, October 03, 2013 Following up on a September 5, 2013 post, Pembina Institute takes Alberta Gov. … Continue reading

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Harper, fossil fuel industry press to get full suite of products to markets by pipeline, rail, road, tankers

Who will stop Harper’s “up yours” all-out blitz to rob Canadians of an ecologically sane future? No 867 Posted by fw, October 02, 2013  “Following a visit by federal ministers … Continue reading

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Alberta pipelines still leaking toxic tar sands oil – Cause and how to stop leaks unresolved

“On average, Alberta has had two crude oil spills per day for the last 37 years” No 861 Posted by fw, September 26, 2013 “The [Alberta] government has ordered Canadian Natural Resources Ltd., the … Continue reading

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Slap in the face — Harper won’t cut emissions for Canadians, but will for Obama in exchange for KXL approval

Question is — Can Harper be trusted to honour yet another emissions target when his government has already failed to meet its 2009 Copenhagen targets? No 848 Posted by fw, September … Continue reading

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Pembina Institute takes Alberta Gov. to court for blocking its participation at oilsands hearings

Alberta government fails to honour already restrictive provincial rules limiting participation at hearings No 846 Posted by fw, September 5, 2013 “…documents obtained through Freedom of Information requests suggest that … Continue reading

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Harper gov. Panel approves Shell tar sands project that will exceed air quality standards

Decision reflects “comprehensive summary of the failures of Alberta and Canada’s environmental management” No 806 Posted by fw, July 10, 2013 As climate-related disasters mount in Canada and beyond, the … Continue reading

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Obama will likely reject KXL pipeline, says Joe Romm

Climate science expert Romm rebuts argument Obama will likely approve pipeline No 798 Posted by fw, July 4, 2013 “…there simply are no plausible set of actions that Canada could … Continue reading

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Obama’s new climate plan leaves Harper government stuck in the tar sands

No 790 Posted by fw, June 25, 2013 “While Canada has the same 2020 emissions target as the U.S., our federal government has not produced a plan to meet its … Continue reading

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