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Trump’s attack on Syria prompts “Fuck the USA” reaction from Canadian educator/columnist

Attack built on lies — Jim Miles blasts Trump, Bolton, Mattis; Canadian sycophants singling out Russophobic Chrystia Freedland; and “suck-ups to empire, Britain/France.” No 2199 Posted by fw, April 14, … Continue reading

April 14, 2018

Canada’s ISIS mission: Turns out we’re allied with a loser, the “dunces” in Washington

Putin is poised to wipe the floor with America’s anti-Assad insurgents, and make Obama et. al. look like fools No 1476 Posted by fw, October 10, 2015 “On Syria, Putin … Continue reading

October 10, 2015

Lampoon of State Dept. talking points on Syria for news propagandists

And even if the talking points are exposed as bullshit, not to worry because audiences will soon forget. No 1467 Posted by fw, October 3, 2015 In this lampoon, history … Continue reading

October 3, 2015

Harper Cons cloak predatory aims of US/Canadian imperialism, cynically claiming to be coming to rescue of innocents

Duplicitous NDP and Liberals oppose motion but signal support for military operations in the Middle East No 1297 Posted by fw, April 1, 2015 “The reality is that the expansion … Continue reading

April 1, 2015

US corporate-controlled media serve as mouthpieces for Obama’s warmongering propaganda

Media personalities dutifully seek to shove lies down the throats of an increasingly distrustful public No 850 Posted by fw, September 9, 2013 “Nowhere is this propaganda more crude than … Continue reading

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“Breaking through the glass ceiling” – A metaphor turned on its head reveals evil of US-Israel political, military power

Breaking through the glass ceiling forces us all into a downward spiral, difficult to escape No 849 Posted by fw, September 8, 2013 “Breaking through the glass ceiling – it … Continue reading

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Reject Obama administration’s “warmongering” argues Dem. Rep. Allan Grayson

Grayson sides with strong public opposition to Syrian attack No 847 Posted by fw, September 6, 2013 “I think that the forces of warmongering and the forces of the military-industrial … Continue reading

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Syria: Obama plays the “morality” card but likely doesn’t care which side used chemical weapons

Special interest groups pressuring Obama to attack Syria No 843 Posted by fw, August 29, 2013 “If this military intervention does take place (probably right after the UN weapons inspectors … Continue reading

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Patrick Seale helps us to see through American duplicity over Syria

For the US, this is a struggle for regional dominance No 405 Posted by fw, February 8, 2012 “The fact that Russia and China chose to align themselves with a … Continue reading

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