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Ontario MPP Sandra Pupatello’s disappointing non-response to G-20 concerns

No 115 Posted by fw, February 9, 2011 On January 11, 2011, my wife, Helga Wintal, and I met for a second time with Ontario Liberal MPP Sandra Pupatello’s Special … Continue reading

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G20 Summit / MPP Pupatello update: Encouraging development

No 78 Guest post by Helga Wintal with background information by fw, October 19, 2010 Background To put this post in context, it’s a follow-up to two previous posts: Holding … Continue reading

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Desperately seeking Sandra. The “unaccountable” Windsor MPP Pupatello.

No 43 Posted by fw, August 12, 2010 “Welcome to my website! I hope it serves as a resourceful tool for you in finding the information you are seeking. I … Continue reading

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Holding Ontario Liberals to account for G20 outrage

No 33, Posted by guest Helga Wintal and fw, July 6, 2010 “Political urgencies come and go, but it`s fair enough vocation to strike one match after another against the … Continue reading

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