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Can the push to recognize the rights of nature counter unprecedented environmental destruction?

The question is – Will recognizing the rights of nature come to mean much in the implementation? No 2355 Posted by fw, August 18, 2018 “The pace and scale of … Continue reading

August 18, 2018

Civil disobedience could be our last best hope to reverse climate change, says US historian, activist

Because government is not meeting its constitutional climate protection obligations, we do not accept its legitimacy No 1370 Posted by fw, June 14, 2015 Twenty-five years of human effort have … Continue reading

June 14, 2015

Youth file Petition with US Supreme Court to establish federal government’s responsibility to protect essential natural resources

“This case relies on a foundational principle of government—the Public Trust Doctrine” No 1158 Posted by fw, October 3, 2014 “The youth are appealing a decision by the Court of … Continue reading

October 3, 2014

In the US courts, kids for climate justice win one, lose one

No 1074 Posted by fw, June 13, 2014 Oregon youth win reversal in critical climate recovery case Press Release by Our Children’s Trust, June 11, 2014 Eugene, OR — In … Continue reading

June 13, 2014

College student’s appeal of lawsuit over climate change heard by Alaska’s Supreme Court

Lower court had dismissed Nelson Kanuk’s case last year when he was high school senior No 873 Posted by fw, October 06, 2013 “Robert Campbell, the only private practice lawyer … Continue reading

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Youth to appeal decision federal gov’t not bound to protect atmosphere from irreversible damage

Prominent environmental legal scholars continue to support youths’ case No 755 Posted by fw, May 26, 2013 “This case is about the fundamental nature of our government, our constitutional system, … Continue reading

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Kids vs Global Warming lawsuit dismissed by U.S. District Court for Washington D.C.

Lawsuit was filed by Alec Loorz and other young climate change activists No 495 Posted by fw, June 5, 2012 District Court Dismisses Children’s Climate Suit Brought Under Federal Public … Continue reading

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Teen perseveres after her petition for immediate action on climate change is rejected by Iowa’s natural resources protection agency

Undaunted, Glori’s case is now working its way through Iowa’s courts No 478 Posted by fw, May 16, 2012 To find out more about 13-year old Glori Dei Filippone, from … Continue reading

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Town wins fracking ban lawsuit. Possible company claim for “lost future profits” is mind-boggling

“Nowhere in the legislative history (of the state oil and gas law) is there any suggestion that the legislature intended…to preempt local zoning authority.” —Judge Rumsey No 423 Posted by … Continue reading

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Mary C. Wood, creator of road map for citizens to bring lawsuits against government

No 171 Posted by fw, May 8, 2011 “The atmospheric trust litigation part is a road map for citizens to bring suit against their government, (whether) city, state, or federal, … Continue reading

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Pittsburgh ordinance bans gas drilling: first city in U.S. to do so

No 143 Posted by fw, April 4, 2011 “With this vote we are asserting the right of the city to make critical decisions to protect our health, safety, and welfare. … Continue reading

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Amazing Legal Defense Fund takes on Big Corporations, declaring Nature has Rights. Pt 3/3: Who speaks for the trees?

No 141 Posted by fw, March 24, 2011 “The Lorax asked, ‘Who speaks for the trees?’ The people of Ecuador, Blaine, Barnstead, Nottingham, and a dozen other communities have answered, … Continue reading

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Amazing Legal Defense Fund takes on Big Corporations, declaring Nature has Rights. Pt 2/3: A way out of “the box”

No 140 Posted by fw, March 23, 2011 Continuing with Part 2 of Mari Margil’s talk to the Bioneers in October 2009, followed by my transcript: TRANSCRIPT Blaine’s ordinances At … Continue reading

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Amazing Legal Defense Fund takes on Big Corporations, declaring Nature has Rights. Pt 1/3: Meet Mari Margil

No 139 Posted by fw, March 23, 2011 “What I’m about to say should come as no surprise to the people in this room. Our planet is dying. And our … Continue reading

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