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Inequality is driving society apart, and now even the super-rich could be in trouble — VIDEO

“You show me a highly unequal society, I will show you either a revolution or a police state.” No 1462 Posted by fw, September 28, 2015 “What is clear is … Continue reading

September 28, 2015

Absent a mass uprising in the US, we are all doomed to ongoing oligarchic tyranny, says Tariq Ali

Leftist Lion, Ali, analyzes loss of radicalism that was nurtured by the 1960s counterculture Foresees militarized repression by the corporate state at any sign of popular resistance No 1273 Posted … Continue reading

March 5, 2015

US now lives under a corporate dictatorship

American rituals and institutions are a façade for global corporate powers. No 1173 Posted by fw, October 25, 2014 “This devolution of the economic system has been accompanied by corporations’ … Continue reading

October 25, 2014

American political activist, Jim Hightower, finds evidence of popular uprisings across the nation

Are we really witnessing the birth of a full-fledged people’s revolt? No 1019 Posted by fw, March 27, 2014 “To find populism flowering today, take a road trip across any … Continue reading

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The Russell Brand interview highlights the urgency and gravity of our problems

Demanding change to systems leading us to the brink hardly qualifies as a “utopian vision” No 895 Posted by fw, October 28, 2013 “Demanding a change because our current system … Continue reading

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UK’s Russell Brand, the firebrand, calls for revolution in video interview gone viral

WOW! This is one passionate rebel with a cause No 894 Posted by fw, October 27, 2013 “It’s not that I’m not voting out of apathy. I’m not voting out … Continue reading

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The New Global Revolutions — Revolutions happen once people realize things are not going to get better anytime soon

Where are the stories about how life is going to get better? We’re in for years of discontent No 418 Posted by fw, February 22, 2012 “What makes the headlines … Continue reading

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If Occupiers hope to bring about a “World Revolution” they must mobilize the global South

No 375 Posted by fw, December 21, 2011 “It’s easy enough to explain why the global South hasn’t joined Occupy. But why should we care? First, because the extractive processes … Continue reading

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