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BLOCKBUSTER 2012 documentary on today’s crises — Alarming truths left unsaid for too long

Crises we face today were created by humans — What is created by humans can be changed by humans. No 2102 Posted by fw, November 19, 2017 “Most societies have … Continue reading

November 19, 2017

Is Humanity Inherently Unsustainable? Pt 9/13: Case study of collapse by resource over-exploitation

No 26, Posted by fw, June 18, 2010 In Pt 8, Rees traced the link between the explosive growth of human population in the past 150 years to the discovery … Continue reading

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Is Humanity Inherently Unsustainable? Pt 8/13: Oil triggers population explosion

No 25, Posted by fw, June 15, 2010 Continuing his talk on the impact of humans on the planet, in Pt 7, Dr William Rees explained how two biological tendencies … Continue reading

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