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Companies in the West want us to believe that “green” energy sources, technologies, products are Earth saving

But are we getting the full story? What if sectors of our “green” economy were really, at the core, just more destruction? No 2521 Posted by fw, September 15, 2019 … Continue reading

September 15, 2019

Evolving environmental movement deepening, broadening, more militant — taking bold action to save the planet

Ordinary people are learning they have more power than they realize and are being inspired to use it No 1061 Posted by fw, May 27, 2014 “No longer dominated by … Continue reading

May 27, 2014

Support residents battling to stop Hidden Quarry project in Southern Ontario – Sign their Petition

Encourage family and friends to sign—the more names, the more weight the petition carries No 787 Posted by fw, June 20, 2013 You don’t have to be a resident in … Continue reading

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Residents opposed to Hidden Quarry project build strong case at Guelph Eramosa Council

No 750 Posted by fw, May 19, 2013 “If you read the Rockfort Quarry OMB decision dated November 12, 2010, you realize pretty quickly why the applicant has avoided doing … Continue reading

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Southern Ontario residents quick to organize in response to “Hidden Quarry” proposal

Concerned Residents Coalition (CRC) will monitor developments and oppose quarry application if necessary No 714 Posted by fw, April 09, 2013 “The CRC aims to ensure that the proposed so-called … Continue reading

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Ontario citizen activists stop US-backed mega-quarry proposal

“This is a clear demonstration that people can be heard and can make a change.” No 620 Posted by fw, November 22, 2012 Melancthon quarry plan is no more by … Continue reading

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Stop the Mega-Quarry: Rural Ontario residents’ winning tactics against U.S.-owned hedge fund

Residents employ multifaceted campaign to thwart billion dollar quarry project No 541 Posted by fw, August 5, 2012 contributor Meg Borthwick explains how Dufferin County residents are fighting back … Continue reading

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Adventure in courage: Ontario citizens determined to stop proposed US-backed quarry project in Dufferin County

No 286 Posted by fw, September 25 2011 Further to my July 16, 2011 post, Ontario citizens fight US-backed billion dollar quarry project in Dufferin County, has come through again … Continue reading

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