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People helping people to create resilient communities — an exciting, innovative model of grassroots social change

Leading the way to local resilience solutions in Portland, OR is a new start-up, “Community Supported Everything” No 1190 Posted by fw, November 14, 2014 “When people are faced with a dire … Continue reading

November 14, 2014

Worldwide, people are deciding that the well-being of their local community and its economy lies with them

That’s Rob Hopkins’ central message in new book The Power of Just Doing Stuff No 778 Posted by fw, June 14, 2013 “Something is stirring. People around the world are … Continue reading

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Dynamic team on a mission to help entrepreneurs build a future of locally owned businesses

“Be A Localist” team busy equipping entrepreneurs with the tools and strategies for local success No 729 Posted by fw, April 26, 2013 BALLE, (bawl-EE) — Business Alliance for Local … Continue reading

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I love this story — New Zealanders create model of local food independence eliminating BIG FOOD oligopoly

Ooooby is a New Zealand player in a fast-growing global local-food movement No 417 Posted by fw, February 21, 2012 Hard to believe that something out of New Zealand called … Continue reading

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Here’s to Stacy Mitchell and curbing the power of big-box retailers

No 52 Posted by fw, August 27, 2010 I have recently bumped up the New Rules Project to the top of my list of RSS feeds. It’s a rich information … Continue reading

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