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Greenpeace USA updates its damning 2010 expose of the Koch brothers’ destructive agenda

No 248 Posted by fw, August 16, 2011 Greenpeace News Release April 14, 2011 – One year ago, not many knew the name Koch Industries, a publicity-averse private company run … Continue reading

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Exposed — US Corporations prepare “model bills” for adoption by state legislatures

No 224 Posted by fw, July 19, 2011 “In April 2011, some of the biggest corporations in the U.S. met behind closed doors in Cincinnati about their wish lists for … Continue reading

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Want to see more of the Koch brothers at play in our tar sands? Vote Conservative

No 159 Posted by fw, April 21, 2011 Why are Charles and David Koch smiling? (Pronounced “coke” as in “coal”) Perhaps it’s because Alberta’s lobbyist registry reveals that on March … Continue reading

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