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Video lampoons Keystone XL’s job creation fiction

This is a funny video with a serious purpose — to tell the truth about KXL’s lies No 970 Posted by fw, February 06, 2014 New Keystone XL Comedy Video … Continue reading

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US-produced video ad portrays Harper as selling out tar sands crude to China, making “suckers” of Americans

Hard-hitting anti-Keystone ad to bracket Obama’s state of the union address — Watch ad here No 963 Posted by fw, January 27, 2014 “ ‘Sucker Punch – Keystone Truth — … Continue reading

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Blathering Joe Oliver’s self-delusional “facts” about KXL and Canada’s climate change record

Canada’s Energy Minister six times wrong on Keystone XL in 3:30-minute interview No 959 Posted by fw, January 24, 2014 “In an interview lasting less than four minutes, Minister of … Continue reading

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Don’t Mess With Texas: Michael Bishop’s Battle Against TransCanada Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline

No 911­­ Posted by fw, November 17, 2013 Michael Bishop Explains Why He Filed A Lawsuit Against TransCanada — from Julie Dermansky Don’t Mess With Texas: Michael Bishop’s Battle Against … Continue reading

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US Appeals Court rejects request to grant temporary injunction on southern half of Keystone XL

Decision puts TransCanada’s financial health ahead of ecologically sane future No 878 Posted by fw, October 15, 2013 “Forget the politicians. The politicians are put there to give you the … Continue reading

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Alberta’s complex carbon offsetting projects, schemes no match for Keystone, tar sands emissions

And Harper’s promised mitigation of emissions is incompatible with unchecked oil sands expansion policy No 877 Posted by fw, October 13, 2013 “For all the talk of mitigation, environmentalists say, … Continue reading

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Slap in the face — Harper won’t cut emissions for Canadians, but will for Obama in exchange for KXL approval

Question is — Can Harper be trusted to honour yet another emissions target when his government has already failed to meet its 2009 Copenhagen targets? No 848 Posted by fw, September … Continue reading

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Obama will likely reject KXL pipeline, says Joe Romm

Climate science expert Romm rebuts argument Obama will likely approve pipeline No 798 Posted by fw, July 4, 2013 “…there simply are no plausible set of actions that Canada could … Continue reading

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US company delays news release of massive toxic waste disaster in northern Alberta

“Apache disaster is not an anomaly” reports Globe & Mail No 784 Posted by fw, June 19, 2013 “A massive toxic waste spill from an oil and gas operation in northern Alberta … Continue reading

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Obama’s latest gobbledygook sounds a lot like he’s going to approve Keystone XL

No 773 Posted by fw, June 9, 2013 “Once upon a time there was a second term President who understood that the science was in on the danger posed by … Continue reading

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Greenpeace video ad ridicules Harper and mocks his $16 million tar sands ads

Harper is cast in the image of the bumbling George Steinbrenner as lampooned on Seinfeld No 769 Posted by fw, June 8, 2013 As a general rule, I have no … Continue reading

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Correcting TransCanada CEO’s warped logic and ignored inconvenient facts about KXL

According to CEO Russ Girling, rejecting the pipeline “likely leads to greater emissions in GHG” No 761 Posted by fw, June 1, 2013 “If you deny the pipeline it’s a … Continue reading

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Crossing 400 ppm threshold commits us to dangerous, irreversible climate change says Michael Mann

Keystone XL is an example of how we’re going in the wrong direction No 746 Posted by fw, May 14, 2013 “…if we continue to burn fossil fuels and elevate … Continue reading

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Presumption President Obama will approve Keystone XL pipeline is wrong says James Hansen

Hansen can’t believe Secretary Kerry would let Obama’s legacies go down the tar sands drain No 743 Posted by fw, May 10, 2013 World renowned climatologist Dr James Hansen sees … Continue reading

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Stunning video captures Nebraskans’ impassioned plea to stop Keystone XL

No 731 Posted by fw, April 28, 2013 On April 18th, people converged in Nebraska to speak out about the Keystone XL Pipeline at the State Department’s only public comment … Continue reading

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Approving Keystone XL would make US more, not less, dependent on oil markets says US economist

For US to be free from the influence of oil markets, it would have to be free from oil No 730 Posted by fw, April 28, 2013 “If we want … Continue reading

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Animated video history of Keystone XL in 109 seconds

Closing frame: While 50,000 KXL protesters march on Washington, Obama golfs in Florida with Tiger Woods and 2 oil execs No 725 Posted by fw, April 20, 2013 Keystone kartoon: … Continue reading

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Powerful global movement is quickly emerging, battling climate change on a thousand fronts

“We know what the future holds unless we resist. And so resist we will.” No 718 Posted by fw, April 14, 2013 “We’ve watched great cultural shifts and organizing successes … Continue reading

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New video ads oppose Keystone XL pipeline

Bad news — last year supporters of the pipeline outspent opponents 35 to 1 No 713 Posted by fw, April 08, 2013 In addition to two of the video ads shown below, … Continue reading

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