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Canada’s Green Party in crisis, two progressive members blame Elizabeth May for aggressively opposing BDS

Question now is: Will other parties be even more resistant to popular pressure to sanction Israel over occupation of Palestinian land? No 1759 Posted by fw, August 28, 2016 Participants at … Continue reading

August 28, 2016

Israeli Draft Refusnik makes a pitch for your support of Jewish Voice for Peace

Now living in New York, Maya Wind, true to her convictions, spent several months in Israeli military prison and detention No 817 Posted by fw, July 25, 2013 Before getting … Continue reading

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Jewish Voice for Peace celebrates divestment of Caterpillar shares from leading US pension fund manager

Caterpillar supplied bulldozers that destroyed arable land, razed Palestinian homes, and killed US activist Rachel Corrie No 512 Posted by fw, June 26, 2012 Caterpillar Removed from Pension Fund over … Continue reading

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How AIPAC’s thought-control patrol muzzles voices from “unfriendly” sources

“We will not be silenced!” —Cecilie Surasky, Deputy Director, Jewish Voice for Peace No 429 Posted by fw, March 6, 2012 In an angry, defiant email, Ms Surasky recounts examples … Continue reading

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