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Israel declares six Palestinian human rights groups as “terrorist”, absent any supporting evidence

Israel has a long track record of suppressing groups that seek to expose its human rights abuses — No 2790 by fw, October 25, 2021— “On Friday [October 22], Israel’s … Continue reading

October 26, 2021

Foreign minister Stéphane Dion’s shameful, selective condemnation of terrorist violence in Tel-Aviv

The minister conveniently turns a blind eye to seven decades of Israeli terrorism against Palestinians. No 1697 Posted by fw, June 9, 2016 In response to an Associated Press story published … Continue reading

June 9, 2016

Life and Death in Palestine: Information gift for a Premier — Day 12

Israeli soldiers shoot at Palestinian family harvesting crops, driving them from their fields. No 1661 Posted by fw, May 4, 2016 As a reminder, scholar and educator Herbert Thelen inspired this … Continue reading

May 4, 2016

Explaining Israel’s “repeated violent and sadistic behavior” against Palestinians

“The consequences of the Israeli state of mind are catastrophic”, says US retired professor of history No 1098 Posted by fw, July 18, 2014 “The Israelis would expel or kill … Continue reading

July 18, 2014

TV Ontario shelves powerful drama about 1940’s British Mandate of Palestine and its present-day aftermath

Following 2 cancellations in 2012, TVO again reneges on “likely” February 2013 airing No 682 Posted by fw, February 21, 2013 Background In the spring of 2012, The Promise, an … Continue reading

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UN can and must control two renegade states – US and Israel — warns US prof

Otherwise “their Nazi-like behavior over a prolonged period of years will negate all International laws in favor of those who will impose their power on the weak” No 672 Posted … Continue reading

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MURDERED by Israeli thugs, Lubna al-Hanash, 22, fourth-year political science student

Witness testimony contradicts Israeli claim that the woman was trying to hurl a Molotov cocktail at an Israeli vehicle No 662 Posted by fw, January 24, 2013 “An Israeli soldier … Continue reading

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While Israeli forces butcher more young Palestinians, Western media distort the facts

BBC, New York Times, Reuters, and Associated Press routinely defer to Israeli military sources for information No 656 Posted by fw, January 18, 2013 ~ Names of Palestinian youths recently … Continue reading

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Citizens rise up worldwide to protest Israel’s slaughter in Gaza

Inspiring video report of citizens in action features street scenes from Dublin, London, Washington and Egypt No 615 Posted by fw, November 17, 2012 Global demonstrations against Israel’s Operation Pillar … Continue reading

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Outrage over reprehensible mainstream media coverage of latest Israeli slaughter of Palestinian civilians

Statement from academics cites pro-Israeli reporting from CBC, Globe and Mail, Montreal Gazette, Toronto Star, BBC, and New York Times No 612 Posted by fw, November 15, 2012 Yesterday, international … Continue reading

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Israel’s new low of moral depravity – Terrorizing children as means to drive families out of Palestine

In defence of targeting children, Israeli military prosecutors use justification similar to that used by Nazis No 572 Posted by fw September 19, 2012 “The American administration is giving Israel … Continue reading

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Jewish supremacists firebomb Palestinian taxi in West Bank: Netanyahu attempts to salvage damaged public image

Truth be told, the Israeli government sanctions Jewish goons’ terrorist attacks on Palestinians No 557 Posted by fw August 29, 2012 First, a 9:49-minute video about the escalating violence and … Continue reading

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