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“I would carpet bomb them.” – Young Israeli’s solution for conflict with Palestinians

Shocking comments from “everyday Israelis” interviewed in Jerusalem by Abby Martin. No 2067 Posted by fw, October 3, 2017 “ “Many of the people Martin speaks to repeat familiar themes … Continue reading

October 3, 2017

Q: Why do Western politicians support racism in Israel by suppressing free speech in their own countries?

A: They sell their support to high bidders, and no one bids higher than Zionists — says US history prof. No 1951 Posted by fw, May 4, 2017 “It should be … Continue reading

May 4, 2017

Israel employs bogus mythologies to disguise its “get rid of them” policies and violence

These mythologies appear to have occupied the minds of some Ontario MPPs. No 1924 Posted by fw, March 31, 2017 “I really think the biggest myth of all has to do … Continue reading

March 31, 2017

Irish MP’s question to PM: “Are you aware Netanyahu and leading Ministers believe it is legitimate to kill Palestinians?”

In Canada’s parliament, any MP who asked that kind of question would be kicked out of the Party. How come? No 1368 Posted by fw, June 12, 2015 Terms defined: … Continue reading

June 12, 2015

Zionist Israel, a racist state, openly engaged in ethnic cleansing, says US historian

Growing condemnation and isolation of Israel will not cease until it changes in fundamental ways No 929 Posted by fw, December 12, 2013 “At this point in history the ideology … Continue reading

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Israel’s top leaders and ordinary citizens incite vicious racist persecution of African migrants

Watch the alarming video the NY Times commissioned, but then rejected No 885 Posted by fw, October 20, 2013 “When Israeli government ministers incite angry mobs, calling Africans ‘cancer,’ they … Continue reading

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Insider’s portrait of the shocking banality of racism and violence that is tolerated inside Netanyahu’s Israel

“It’s so widely tolerated, because it’s so common,” says journalist Max Blumenthal No 874 Posted by fw, October 07, 2013 “[Netanyahu has] returned to the U.S. to sell the Israeli … Continue reading

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