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Seven reasons why Obama won’t tell the truth about the slaughter in Gaza

Middle East expert Jonathan Cook helps public to see what’s behind Obama’s perversion of the facts No 617 Posted by fw, November 20, 2012 “There’s no country on earth that … Continue reading

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Jewish supremacists firebomb Palestinian taxi in West Bank: Netanyahu attempts to salvage damaged public image

Truth be told, the Israeli government sanctions Jewish goons’ terrorist attacks on Palestinians No 557 Posted by fw August 29, 2012 First, a 9:49-minute video about the escalating violence and … Continue reading

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Aljazeera’s video profile of activist Tom Woodley, head of Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East

No 530 Posted by fw, July 24, 2012 “I would like a society where there aren’t these taboos where there aren’t things that you can’t say, where you don’t get … Continue reading

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Vancouver commemoration to mark 1948 Jewish occupation of Palestine and forced exodus of est. 800,000 Palestinians

The 1948 exodus is known in Arabic as the Nakba, meaning “disaster”, “catastrophe” or “cataclysm” No 474 Posted by fw, May 13, 2012 The following notice is reposted from Samidoun: … Continue reading

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Israel’s racist Zionist regime will end “sooner than most people think” says son of Israeli 1967 war hero

No 459 Posted by fw, April 17, 2012 “It seems surprising that Israeli soldiers, young men and women, who were raised in what is seemingly a democratic society, are willing … Continue reading

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Palestinian and Israeli women gather in Arab village for Conference against the Occupation

“Practicing Civil Disobedience” was Conference theme No 435 Posted by fw, March 13, 2012 “Banners at the conference center showed slogans like “End the occupation” and “Tear down the wall” … Continue reading

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Call for world’s citizens to unite for symbolic March to Jerusalem on March 30 to uphold Palestinian rights

No 433 Posted by fw, March 11, 2012 Join thousands of Palestinians and supporters from all over the world who will be marching on March 30, 2012, to oppose Israeli … Continue reading

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Morally challenged Stephen Harper’s double standards on the Middle East

If, as Harper says, Assad should stop killing its citizens, perhaps Netanyahu should stop killing Palestinians No 427 Posted by fw, March 4, 2012 “[Harper’s] double standards remain. Certainly if … Continue reading

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Formidable roadblocks to just peace for Palestinians, says pro-Palestinian Israeli activist

“We can’t get there from here,” asserts eminent Israeli activist, Jeff Halper. No 412 Posted by fw, February 19, 2012 “Crucial as it is for keeping the issue alive and … Continue reading

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Australian reporter and lawyer exposé of Israeli abuse of Palestinian child prisoners prod government action

No 371 Posted by fw, December 18, 2011 Every so often a story comes along that rekindles hope that activists’ efforts are making a difference. An email yesterday from Sonja … Continue reading

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Palestinian children emerge “scared and broken” from Israeli military justice system

No 348 Posted November 28, 2011 “He [Gerard Horton, an Australian lawyer] takes me through the arrest process: ‘Once bound and blindfolded, the child will be led to a waiting … Continue reading

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Campaign to Stop the “Jewish National Fund” from stealing Palestinian land

No 305 Posted by fw, October 18, 2011 WHAT IS THE CAMPAIGN TO STOP THE JEWISH NATIONAL FUND (JNF)? Stop the JNF is an international campaign aimed at ending the … Continue reading

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Abbas’ bid for statehood exposes UN’s powerlessness and creates opening for young Palestinian leaders

No 287 Posted by fw, September 26, 2011 “. . . we are entering a new phase of the conflict in which the US, Europe, and the UN will have … Continue reading

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Breathtaking acts of bravery on both sides of Israeli-Palestinian conflict (2 videos)

No 247 Posted by fw on August 16, 2011 Video 1 — Young unarmed Palestinian woman fearlessly confronts armed Israeli soldier This 2:36-minute video, dated Jan 28, 2008, of a … Continue reading

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In recognition of Canadians for Peace and Justice in the Middle East (CJPME)

No 244 Posted by fw, August 11, 2011 A few years ago I served as a volunteer with the Montreal-based NGO, Canadians for Peace and Justice in the Middle East. … Continue reading

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U.S. Christian activist risks conversation with U.S.-born face of Israeli occupation

No 203 Posted by fw, June 21, 2011 “I was 12 inches from him and simply asked him his name because I could tell he understood English. (Soldiers are ordered … Continue reading

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The Woman, the Rabbi, the Goat and the Cow – Allegorical story about what Israel is doing to Palestinians

No 202 Posted by fw, June 20, 2011 Jeff Halper, the remarkable Israeli political activist and founder of The Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD) likes to tell the allegorical … Continue reading

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Tribute to Linda Belanger, Ottawa’s indefatigable champion for justice for the Palestinians in the Occupied Territories

No 8 Posted by fw, April 17, 2010 This morning I received an email plea for help from my friend Linda: Subject: Bil’in’s Legal Defence Needs Help Urgently. It begins: … Continue reading

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