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“Kill them all.” Public outcry over guilty verdict for Israeli soldier paves way for more genocide of Palestinians

IDF soldier who shot dead wounded Palestinian is no “rotten apple”, he is “a mirror unto mainstream Israel”. No 1863 Posted by fw, January 7, 2017 “The Azaria case was the … Continue reading

January 7, 2017

Unimaginable brutality characterizes Israel’s colonization, expansion and expulsion of Palestine’s inhabitants

Abby Martin’s video explores the history of the creation of Israel and how it came to occupy so much territory. No 1788 Posted by fw, September 29, 2016 Previewing Abby Martin’s … Continue reading

September 29, 2016

Israel committing “genocide” against Palestinian people — allegation affirmed by legal analysis and scholarship

Moreover, Movement for Black Lives policy platform cites US complicity in Israel’s “genocide” and “apartheid”. No 1770 Posted by fw, September 9, 2016 “Despite the outrage of many pro-Israel groups, there … Continue reading

September 9, 2016

Open letter to PM Trudeau – What will it take to trigger your criticism of Israel?

And why is your government intent on criminalizing BDS supporters’ use of the only non-violent, legal tactic available to them and to the Palestinian BDS Movement?   No 1742 Posted by … Continue reading

August 3, 2016

Foreign minister Stéphane Dion’s shameful, selective condemnation of terrorist violence in Tel-Aviv

The minister conveniently turns a blind eye to seven decades of Israeli terrorism against Palestinians. No 1697 Posted by fw, June 9, 2016 In response to an Associated Press story published … Continue reading

June 9, 2016

Life and Death in Palestine: Information gift for a Premier — Day 19

Chomsky: The road ahead for Palestinians will lead to the horrific final solution already unfolding before us. No 1671 Posted by fw, May 13, 2016 Friday, May 13, 2016 Dear Premier … Continue reading

May 13, 2016

Irish MP’s question to PM: “Are you aware Netanyahu and leading Ministers believe it is legitimate to kill Palestinians?”

In Canada’s parliament, any MP who asked that kind of question would be kicked out of the Party. How come? No 1368 Posted by fw, June 12, 2015 Terms defined: … Continue reading

June 12, 2015

“We should raise the axe and cut off his head” – Israeli Foreign Minister calls for beheading of those disloyal to Israel

Were the equivalent of Lieberman’s violent incitement against Palestinians to occur in Canada, would it be considered a violation of Harper’s anti-terrorism Bill C-51? In related news, there have been … Continue reading

March 10, 2015

At a pro-Palestinian rally in Dublin, a really pissed-off Irish activist demands expulsion of Israeli ambassador — VIDEO

Square-jawed, ex-rugby player, Trevor Horgan, slams “cowardice” of Irish government officials and pro-Israeli lobbyists Calls for a siege of the Israeli embassy in Dublin No 1126 Posted by fw, August … Continue reading

August 19, 2014

Fiery appeal for justice for Palestinians by Norway’s heroic emergency surgeon of Gaza, Dr Mads Gilbert

No 1125 Posted by fw, August 18, 2014 “The heart of the Earth beats in Gaza now. It bleeds, but it beats….The Palestinian people’s resistance in Gaza today is admirable, … Continue reading

August 18, 2014

US law professor summarizes Israel’s extensive war crimes, genocide and crimes against humanity

Law professor Marjorie Cohn also considers US complicity in aiding, abetting, assisting Israeli crimes No 1120 Posted by fw, August 09, 2014 “There is growing evidence that Israeli leaders and … Continue reading

August 9, 2014

Disturbing video and narrative coverage of Israeli mass killings of civilians in Gaza

Netanyahu vows to continue his slaughter of innocent civilians No 1103 Posted by fw, July 21, 2014 “Amy, I’ve come from the site of yet another massacre. Twenty-four members—at least … Continue reading

July 21, 2014

“The Israeli army is now directly shelling hospitals and killing patients and civilians”, says Norwegian doctor in Gaza

“This was truly a massacre, and the injuries were just horrible,” he adds No 1102 Posted by fw, July 21, 2014 Today I caught scenes of the abjectly slavish, pro-Israeli … Continue reading

July 21, 2014

Graphic images of suffering, death and destruction in Gaza – results of a new Israeli massacre

66 killed, hundreds injured, bringing 13-day total to 410 confirmed dead, 3,000 injured No 1101 Posted by fw, July 20, 2014 Israel spokespersons like to brag about precision strikes, but … Continue reading

July 20, 2014

Female Israeli MP calls for slaughter of all Palestinian mothers, referring to their offspring as “little snakes”

Her remarks are ostensibly a call for genocide Reacting to the MP’s remarks, Turkish premier compared Israel’s mindset in Gaza to that of Hitler No 1100 Posted by fw, July … Continue reading

July 19, 2014

Explaining Israel’s “repeated violent and sadistic behavior” against Palestinians

“The consequences of the Israeli state of mind are catastrophic”, says US retired professor of history No 1098 Posted by fw, July 18, 2014 “The Israelis would expel or kill … Continue reading

July 18, 2014