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Israeli Occupying Forces forcefully arrest Palestinian mom protecting her baby

Arrest part of Israeli policy of illegal, systematic cleansing of Palestinians from the South Hebron Hills area No 658 Posted by fw, January 20, 2013 “The last few months have … Continue reading

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“Roadmap to Apartheid” — New documentary film compares apartheid/bantustan South Africa and Israeli-Palestinian situation

“When I traveled through the West Bank, I was looking at bantustans—totally unviable, impossible states. In many respects, it struck me as being significantly worse than apartheid.” —Allister Sparks No 639 … Continue reading

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Genocidal Israelis now quite willing to see Palestinians put out of the way, says US historian

Wherever the Israelis and their Zionist cohorts are leading us, it is not into the light, it is to someplace very, very dark. No 626 Posted by fw, December 3, … Continue reading

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Ahmed (9), Youssef (17), Arafat (23), Muhammad (18), Aqil (36) – Gunned down in cold blood by merciless Israeli soldiers

Their crime: A decade of struggle against the infamous Apartheid Wall No 556 Posted by fw August 28, 2012 “Amireh described the killing of Ahmed Moussa: ‘I was close to … Continue reading

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Will NDP leader Mulcair give his full support to MP Megan Leslie who’s under attack from bullying B’nai Brith?

CJPME asks Canadians to email pro-Israeli Mulcair No 496 Posted by fw, June 6, 2012 ************************************************************************************************************ JULY 6, 2012 ~ IMPORTANT UPDATE: In the context of this post, I was … Continue reading

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“I am responsible as a human being, as a citizen to act against injustice.” –Former Israeli soldier now protesting for Palestinian rights

“There is a saying that bad things happen when good people are silent.” —Gil Gutglick No 465 Posted by fw, April 26, 2012 “I’m struggling for our society, mine and … Continue reading

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Story of Israeli mom who joined Palestinian protest movement against home evictions

Growing number of courageous Israelis taking to the streets No 464 Posted by fw, April 25, 2012 This is Terry Benninga’s story, the story of one “ordinary” woman who stands … Continue reading

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Formidable roadblocks to just peace for Palestinians, says pro-Palestinian Israeli activist

“We can’t get there from here,” asserts eminent Israeli activist, Jeff Halper. No 412 Posted by fw, February 19, 2012 “Crucial as it is for keeping the issue alive and … Continue reading

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European activists push for end to trade with Israeli agricultural exporters/colonizers of Palestinian land

No 346 Posted by fw, November 27, 2011 “The Bedouin community of Al Hadidye in the northern Jordan Valley in occupied Palestinian territory is already denied access to water and … Continue reading

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