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Harper’s “new anti-Semitism” Knesset speech skewered by U of Toronto adjunct professor on CBC radio

Observing that Israel uses expulsion, occupation, and institutional marginalization to achieve its goals is legitimate criticism, not anti-Semitism No 962 Posted by fw, January 27, 2014 “[Adjunct professor Rima] Berns-McGown’s … Continue reading

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Harper’s Knesset speech laced with lies, platitudes, hypocrisy, and deceit

PM either ignores or is astonishingly ignorant of inconvenient historical facts in Gaza and Israeli occupied territories No 958 Posted by fw, January 23, 2014 “Mr. Harper does not speak … Continue reading

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Harper’s speech to Israel’s Knesset “firmly condemned” by Canada’s Palestinian supporters

Harper seems to be incapable of pointing out things that Israel needs to correct and improve, says one critic No 957 Posted by fw, January 22, 2014 “Thomas Woodley, president … Continue reading

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Canadian columnist’s scathing indictment of latest round of Israeli-Palestinian peace talks

Blasts Harper as a “thoroughgoing fascist and a devoted Zionist” No 832 Posted by fw, August 15, 2013 “The PA holds “power” by virtue of Israel’s sufferance and Mahmoud Abbas … Continue reading

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Affinity with Power is a primary driver of Ottawa’s pro-Israeli foreign policy

“Social justice, humanism and morality rarely motivate Canadian foreign policy” says Yves Engler No 823 Posted by fw, August 1, 2013 “…Harper’s affinity with Israel is also motivated by that … Continue reading

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Canadian Jewish activists protest Canadian Jewish lobby’s support for Israel’s violence, injustice and repression

No 740 Posted by fw, May 08, 2013 Thanks to Independent Jewish Voices — Canada (IJV) for this brief news item. For those who may not be familiar with this … Continue reading

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Harper’s bullies demand resignation of UN Rapporteur for boycott call of companies profiting from illegal Israel settlements

Harper regime’s morally repugnant pro-Israeli policy once again on full display for all responsibly informed Canadians to see No 600 Posted by fw October 29, 2012 In his report to … Continue reading

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Canadian documentary filmmaker investigates Harper’s pro-Israel policies – Video

No 329 Posted by fw, November 8, 2011 Seen as an honest-broker in the Israel-Palestinian conflict, Canada has become one of Israel’s most fervent supporters. Avi Lewis, a Canadian documentary … Continue reading

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