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Canada’s “oil and gas sector’s emissions would likely be higher in 2020 than they are today” Pembina Inst.

Harper government faced with tough choices to hit its 2020 emissions target No 789 Posted by fw, June 24, 2013 “In March, Environment Minister Peter Kent publicly committed to outline … Continue reading

June 24, 2013 · Leave a comment and call on Canadians to demand Harper government stop secretive spying

“Secretive Canadian government agency is collecting our sensitive private information” No 786 Posted by fw, June 20, 2013 and are cohosting this stop-spying petition campaign. Both organizations will … Continue reading

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Conservative government’s war on science – This is a government beholden to big oil

Legacy of devastation documented by science librarian No 758 Posted by fw, May 29, 2013 Science librarian John Dupuis has assembled “a chronology of all the various cuts, insults, muzzlings … Continue reading

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Help ShitHarperDid campaign launch national TV ad exposing what Harper is doing to our economy

No 747 Posted by fw, May 15, 2013 Here’s the 4-minute video ad wants you to help get aired on the NHL playoffs Help kick the Harper Government … Continue reading

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Pundit Allan Gregg’s “scary assessment of the Harper Government”

Instead of reason, Harper Tories encourage “prejudice, fear and wishful thinking” No 733 Posted by fw, May 01, 2013 “Alas… it seems as though our government’s use of evidence and … Continue reading

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Harper Regime’s cold callous brutishness captured in chilling video ad

Allegorical silent video reflects Boss Harper’s abject contempt towards those who dare care for the survival of our democracy and our planet No 727 Posted by fw, April 21, 2013 … Continue reading

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Citizens urged to force hand of National Energy Board over outrageous Line 9 application rules

Either allow citizens’ applications, or, by rejecting, confirm public input not welcome at review process No 722 Posted by fw, April 17, 2013 “The newly-revealed NEB rules were imposed by … Continue reading

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Harper’s new rules muzzle public dissent at Line 9 pipeline hearings

To testify at hearings, people must submit 10-page application to request permission to appear No 711 Posted by fw, April 07, 2013 “The application to submit a letter of comment requires a … Continue reading

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Harper’s control freaks muzzle Fisheries and Oceans scientists and then deny it

“This is the 21st Century equivalent of the Dark Ages,” says Elizabeth May No 693 Posted by fw, March 13, 2013 “You can see where this is going. It is … Continue reading

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Harper government’s “double dealing” forces First Nations out of Northern Gateway Pipeline hearings

Not only is long hearing process unaffordable for First Nations, it is biased in Enbridge’s favour No 671 Posted by fw, February 06, 2013 “We had agreed to participate in … Continue reading

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MP Elizabeth May calls on Canadians to urge Tory MPs to refuse to support second omnibus bill

“I want to celebrate people of integrity who lost much by refusing to be silenced. Conservative MPs who stood up to the Prime Minister…” No 533 Posted by fw, July … Continue reading

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Harper Watch: New blog documents HarperCon actions undermining Canadian democracy

No 518 Posted by fw, July 5, 2012 Thanks to TheAlektra for “Compiling the Harper Government’s crimes against democracy” over at the Harper Watch blog. TheAlektera writes: “I am a … Continue reading

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Harper Minister stunned into silence by doctor’s bold verbal assault over cuts to refugee health care

“I don’t believe this Minister deserves my courtesy, or the courtesy of any doctor in this country.” No 515 Posted by fw, June 30, 2012 Chris Keefer, a young, bold … Continue reading

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Elizabeth May rips Harper’s “Environmental Devastation Act” as “worst of all bills” in House speech

“Laws this bad take some explanation.” No 477 Posted by fw, May 15, 2012 Ms May’s May 11, 2012 speech in the House of Commons, posted below, appeared on her … Continue reading

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Elizabeth May skewers Harper & Co. in hilarious derision of infamous budget bill

“None of this is funny. It is an outrage. PLEASE, if you are angry, say so.” No 471 Posted by fw, May 8, 2012 Elizabeth May has flair, one of … Continue reading

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Harper budget’s bullying “new sanctions” threaten environmental charities

Internal Gov. memo implies “radical” ForestEthics guilty of carrying out “illegitimate charitable activities” No 462 Posted by fw, April 22, 2012 “This is my country. The actions of this PMO … Continue reading

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Trail of election irregularities dating to 2005 raises Elizabeth May’s suspicions

Canada does a poor job of investigating serious election irregularities No 442 Posted by fw, March 24, 2012 “Canadians must not allow allegations of serious election crimes to be swept … Continue reading

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Don’t delay courts’ review of Robocall tainted election results argues Osgoode Hall law professor

Court reviews are the key. They must happen as soon as possible. No 434 Posted by fw, March 12, 2012 “The robocall affair puts us at the brink of crisis … Continue reading

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Secrecy prevents disclosure of Elections Canada’s rulings on election complaints

Canadians must insist that politicians hold investigative election officials to account No 431 Posted by fw, March 7, 2012 “But the real problem is that it is not clear that … Continue reading

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