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Chris Hedge’s bleak picture of America, exhorts citizens to “Rise Up or Die”

“We are left defenseless against corporate power” No 754 Posted by fw, May 23, 2013 “It is time to build radical mass movements that defy all formal centers of power … Continue reading

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George Carlin’s prescient political shtick, “The American Dream”, playing out before our very eyes

No 217 Posted by fw, July 11, 2011 Viewer discretion advisory: The following video and accompanying transcript contain profane language that may offend some. “You know what they [the wealthy] … Continue reading

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Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund spearheads “massive disobedience” to U.S. law

No 142 Posted by fw, March 30, 2011 Following up on the three previous posts, which featured video recordings and transcripts of a 2009 talk by Mari Margil about the … Continue reading

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