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MUST READ: Glenn Greenwald’s brilliant in-depth analysis of Trump’s bombing attack

It’s hard to think of anything more evil and immoral than bombing to avoid looking weak No 1929 Posted by fw, April 9, 2017 “Ultimately, what is perhaps most depressing about … Continue reading

April 9, 2017

Terrorism experts, high-paid advisers to government and media, exposed as charlatans

“They certainly have the right to express their opinions, but the pretense to expertise is incredibly fraudulent.” No 1229 Posted by fw, January 13, 2015 “These are incredibly ideological people. … Continue reading

January 13, 2015

Defending freedom of speech is easy when you agree with the message and actively dislike the targeted group

But the application of the freedom of speech principle is muddled and hypocritically selective in the west, says Glenn Greenwald Greenwald notes that Charlie Hebdo fired an employee in 2009 … Continue reading

January 11, 2015

Obama blasted as “one of the obstacles to NSA reform, not a vehicle for it”

“Obama likes to parade around as some sort of King Solomon figure,” says Glenn Greenwald No 1034 Posted by fw, April 18, 2014 “…has there been a bigger con man … Continue reading

April 18, 2014

Glenn Greenwald speculates on implications of latest of Snowden’s shocking NSA revelations

Most shocking – unapologetic US gov. seems bent on strengthening NSA legislation, disguising it as “reform” No 896 Posted by fw, October 28, 2013 To get a sense of the … Continue reading

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Greenwald-Omidyar startup news venture promises independent, ferocious, investigative journalism

Publication will target general audiences, offering a full mix of content No 886 Posted by fw, October 20, 2013 “At the core of NewCo will be a different plan for … Continue reading

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Glenn Greenwald alleges NSA’s goal is the “elimination of privacy worldwide”

It’s a complete joke that there is robust oversight on this surveillance, says Greenwald No 804 Posted by fw, July 8, 2013 “The reason that Edward Snowden came forward, the … Continue reading

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Glenn Greenwald “staggered” by Obama’s “deceitful and misleading” claims about NSA surveillance

“It’s actually worse than just misleading and deceitful; it’s just outright false” No 785 Posted by fw, June 19, 2013 In a PBS interview on June 17, 2013, President Obama … Continue reading

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If the people do nothing to stop government surveillance we are headed for “turnkey tyranny” – Ed Snowden

“Even if you’re not doing anything wrong you’re being watched and recorded” No 774 Posted by fw, June 10, 2013 “The greatest fear that I have regarding the outcome for … Continue reading

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Top-secret U.S. government surveillance of millions of citizens has zero checks of any kind

U.S. government out to destroy all remnants of individual privacy No 770 Posted by fw, June 8, 2013 “What exactly is the government doing in how it spies on us … Continue reading

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Americans “stand and cheer US Government’s new power to assassinate their fellow citizens” —Glenn Greenwald

No 318 Posted by fw, October 30, 2011 “After several unsuccessful efforts to assassinate its own citizen, the U.S. succeeded today (and it was the U.S.).  It almost certainly was able to find and kill Awlaki with … Continue reading

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