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Journalists grill US State Dept spokesperson about Gaza Flotilla

No 206 Posted by fw, June 26, 2011 At a U.S. State Department briefing on Friday, June 24, Matt Lee of Associated Press sparked a round of questioning by asking why the … Continue reading

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Names of delegates aboard Canadian boat to Gaza

No 200 Posted by fw, June 19, 2011 As editor of Citizen Action Monitor, it is an honour to publish the names of the citizen activists who will be aboard … Continue reading

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Four Nobel Women’s Initiative: Gaza Flotilla II letter to Ban Ki-moon

No 195 Posted by fw, June 16, 2011 Nobel Women’s Initiative: Gaza Flotilla II letter to Ban Ki-moon June 10, 2011 RE: Inspection and sealing of Freedom Flotilla II cargo … Continue reading

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Canadian Boat to Gaza update

No 102 Posted by fw, January 4, 2011 The following message, prepared as an e-mail by Sandra Ruch on December 31, 2010, provides a summary report of six months of … Continue reading

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Defiant Free Gaza activists vow: “If governments won’t act, we will”

No 101 Posted by fw, January 2, 2011 “If governments refuse to hold Israel accountable for its war crimes against a civilian population, we, in civil society, will continue to … Continue reading

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