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Town wins fracking ban lawsuit. Possible company claim for “lost future profits” is mind-boggling

“Nowhere in the legislative history (of the state oil and gas law) is there any suggestion that the legislature intended…to preempt local zoning authority.” —Judge Rumsey No 423 Posted by … Continue reading

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Ironic News Report “fractures” Natural Gas Company propaganda on fracking

No 304 Posted by fw, October 18, 201 The fossil fuel industry left out a few details in their informational video about the process of drilling for natural gas. Comedian … Continue reading

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Alberta family’s fight with oil and gas industry captured in acclaimed documentary film, “Wiebo’s War”

No 299 Posted by fw, October 14, 2011 “The problems of Wiebo Ludwig and his family began when they discovered that their farm lay on top of one of the … Continue reading

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To frack or not to frack? UK debates whether to mine for cheap natural gas or develop low-carbon energy technologies

No 293 Posted by fw, October 7, 2011 “In a couple of weeks’ time, a company exploring for gas in Lancashire is going to find out if it will be … Continue reading

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Wales, NY, latest to adopt community rights ordinance banning “fracking”

No 196 Posted by fw, June 16, 2011 “We are very pleased to announce our first ordinance adopted in New York State.  It bans corporations from natural gas drilling and … Continue reading

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“What we love we must protect because that’s what love means.” Let Sandra Steingraber’s words ring out across this continent.

No 180 Posted by fw, May 27, 2011 “Every morning before my kids go to school I fill their water bottles from the same tap before they get on the … Continue reading

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Pittsburgh ordinance bans gas drilling: first city in U.S. to do so

No 143 Posted by fw, April 4, 2011 “With this vote we are asserting the right of the city to make critical decisions to protect our health, safety, and welfare. … Continue reading

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What the FRACK! Fracking hell: the true cost of America’s gas rush

No 126 Posted by fw, March 3, 2011 “Fracking is currently taking America by storm. In Pennsylvania alone, government estimates predict that 3,000-4,000 new wells will be drilled each year … Continue reading

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