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US only has 5 years to drastically cut its CO2 emissions or face runaway climate change, says new study

Failure by decision makers to include future carbon emission commitments, relying solely on annual emissions count, has resulted in underestimates Bottom line, to reduce emissions, US has to transition quickly … Continue reading

September 15, 2014

“We’ll be honest: we won’t win the campaign to end fossil fuel subsidies with a global million-strong petition alone” –

“Once we get a million signatures, we’ll move on to phase two” No 491 Posted by fw, June 2, 2012 The following call for action is reposted from the … Continue reading

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Can Joseph Tainter save us from ourselves? Pt 5/7: Fossil fuels gave Industrial Revolution sustainable problem solving system

No 121 Posted by fw, February 20, 2011 In Part 4, Why societies become complex. How complexity triggers collapse, Dr Tainter identified the two defining elements of a complex society … Continue reading

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