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Democracy Watch releases “Report Card on 2011 Good Gov’t Election Platforms”

No 166, Posted by fw, April 28, 2011 “All the federal parties except the Green Party have failed to respond to high voter concern about democracy and trust issues, but … Continue reading

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Harper’s record of gutting dissent gives whole new meaning to “bully pulpit”

No 151 Posted by fw, April 10, 2011 “Over the past five years, exercise of the fundamental freedom of speech in Canada has been curbed and discouraged by a federal … Continue reading

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Yet another story of Harper’s bullying and undermining of our democracy

No 145 Posted by fw, April 5, 2011 Ralph Surette, a columnist with the Halifax Chronicle Herald newspaper, began his Saturday, April 2, 2011 column, Why Harper must not have his … Continue reading

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New book examines Harper’s agenda to remake Canada “by stealth”. Should Canadians be concerned?

No 138 Posted by fw, March 22, 2011 This morning, I received the following heads-up email from my friend, Marjorie. Dear Friends, I highly recommend a newly published and timely book, Rogue … Continue reading

March 22, 2011 · 1 Comment releases budget priorities from 75 conversations with Canadians

No 137 Posted by fw, March 22, 2011 Following up on a March 5, 2011 post in this blog — Youth-driven organization aims to change the face of federal politics in Canada … Continue reading

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Youth-driven organization aims to change the face of federal politics in Canada

No 129 Posted by fw, March 5, 2011 Jamie Biggar and Adam Shedletzky. Remember their names. This dynamic duo, along with a multi-partisan network of volunteers and advisers with a … Continue reading

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