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Speculation NSA could pursue climate activists as terrorists not beyond realm of possibility

It’s already known that US government is increasingly classifying peaceful protests as potential terrorist threats No 797 Posted by fw, July 3, 2013 “…the classification of climate activists as terrorists … Continue reading

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Citizens pressed to challenge proposed US legalization of military surveillance of citizens worldwide

“That’s a pretty scary prospect” says hacker activist Jacob Applebaum No 466 Posted by fw, April 29, 2012 “So it’s not only that this data is being collected, but now … Continue reading

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The scary trials and tribulations of being a citizen activist in Amerika

No 193 Posted by fw, June 14, 2011 Amerika – according to, the term ‘Amerika’ is used pejoratively to imply that the U.S. is fascist. The term is frequently associated … Continue reading

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