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“It’s a fantasy to believe we can transition completely off fossil fuels in the reasonably near future”

Even the best-case scenarios show us heading for 3°C of warming and far worse by 2100, says Dahr Jamail. No 2422 Posted by fw, January 23, 2019 “My research also … Continue reading

January 23, 2019

The big question facing students is how to construct a lifestyle given life’s growing complexity – Nate Hagens

Transcript of a wide-ranging, 32-minute interview with this dedicated prof who teaches his students to understand reality as it really is. No 2395 Posted by fw, November 16, 2018 To … Continue reading

November 16, 2018

On the Road to Extinction

Maybe it’s not all about us. No 2056 Posted by fw, September 18, 2017 This article is reposted with author Elizabeth West’s permission and under her original title and subtitle. … Continue reading

September 18, 2017

Canadian Wildlife Service biologist wouldn’t be surprised if next generation witnessed extinction of humanity

Biologist Neil Dawe is just one of many scientists who express a grim view of our survival chances No 936 Posted by fw, December 18, 2013 “Mind you, the more … Continue reading

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“What’s at risk if we do not take action, truly, is the survival of civilization as we know it,” says Al Gore

“The answer is in our hands” No 914 Posted by fw, November 18, 2013 Al Gore Explains Why Civilization Might Not Survive the Next 100 Years by Brian Merchant, Motherboard, … Continue reading

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EXTINCTION! If you’re not concerned about mass extinction on Earth perhaps you should be

Geologists who study mass extinctions are becoming concerned, as are more climate scientists No 912­­ Posted by fw, November 18, 2013 “The fossil fuel companies are sitting on roughly 2 … Continue reading

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