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Banks, corrupt politicians and mainstream media have convinced people there are no alternatives to austerity

But there are many alternatives. Just don’t look to mainstream media for them No 473 Posted by fw, May 10, 2012 “The finance sector has started a lot of think … Continue reading

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Democratic governments in Italy and Greece gutted — central bankers rule

Public assets, pensions, labour laws targetted No 444 Posted by fw, March 26, 2012 “In September 2011, at a time when the sovereign debt raiders, as some people call them, … Continue reading

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What can we learn from “savage austerity measures” being imposed on Greeks? Michael Hudson explains

Neoliberal bankers are pushing Greeks to the breaking point No 409 Posted by fw, February 15, 2012 “Well we should be learning, what the European bankers are learning, and that … Continue reading

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“No one has the political will, courage or imagination to deal with the Eurozone crisis” —Ilene Grabel

No 368 Posted by fw, December 16, 2011 “I think the even bigger problem is this kind of institutional lacuna. There isn’t actually a space in the global economy for … Continue reading

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British historian warns of the danger of leaving political decisions to technocrats and experts

No 365 Posted by fw, December 14, 2011 In a timely BBC Radio 4 essay, British historian Lisa Jardine warns “We should be wary of leaving political decisions to experts … Continue reading

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“We should not take democracy as a given anymore” —Dr Heiner Flassbeck

No 363 Posted by fw, December 13, 2011 “I think it’s extremely dangerous. We should not take democracy as something natural or given. If you look at southern Europe people … Continue reading

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“We have a dysfunctional economic system coupled to a dysfunctional political system in a kind of a spiral downturn” —Richard Wolff

No 352 Posted by fw, December 2, 2011 On Wednesday, November 30, 2011, central banks, including the U.S. Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank, took coordinated action to prevent … Continue reading

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EU FRAUD SCANDAL — Taxpayer billions going to organized crime as public services slashed and jobs cut

No 330 Posted by fw, November 9, 2011 This Just In — From this morning’s Globe & Mail — At the open: Stocks fall on concerns over Italy 9:41 AM … Continue reading

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Obama to Europe “We’ll wreck your economy if you don’t wreck Greece’s economy” —Michael Hudson

No 326 Posted by fw, November 4, 2011 “The Greek debt scandal has also pitted U.S. banking interests against France, Germany and other European powers. The Americans are putting immense … Continue reading

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Are eurozone leaders using phony crisis in attempt to sell Greeks and others down the river?

No 324 Posted by fw, November 3, 2011 “We had a deal of sorts from the eurozone leader, but it was a terrible deal for Greece. Now it seems the … Continue reading

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A Modern Greek tragedy with an Indignants Chorus of tens of thousands

No 316 Posted by fw, October 28, 2011 “Autumn this year in Greece is darker than in other years — a season of insecurity and distress. The signs of recession … Continue reading

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European bailout: A classic example of human folly destined to fail says John Gray

No 255 Posted by fw, August 20, 2011 To err is human. To err in the face of losing all we care for is human folly. “We humans will do … Continue reading

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“Why does what’s going on in Europe matter to North Americans?”

No 238 Posted by fw, August 5, 2011 The title of this post is in fact Paul Jay’s opening question to Rob Johnson in a Real News Network interview on … Continue reading

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