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Obama quietly approved Enbridge cross-border pipeline for transport of Alberta tar sands oil

“He did it sort of secretly and didn’t go through the entire process the Keystone XL northern half is going through” No 1193 Posted by fw, November 19, 2014 “We’re … Continue reading

November 19, 2014

US coalition of 8 file lawsuit challenging State Dept’s illegal approval of Enbridge’s tar sands pipeline plans

“The only thing worse than dirty oil is dirty oil backed by dirty tricks.” No 1189 Posted by fw, November 13, 2014 “ ‘The Obama administration should be ashamed of … Continue reading

November 13, 2014

State Dept blindly approves Enbridge scheme to move tar sands oil from Alberta through US bypassing permit process

Groups opposed to tar sands expansion are evaluating legal options to stop this “violation” of public rights Enbridge’s scheme is “on par with the tar sands carrying capacity of the … Continue reading

August 29, 2014

Wisconsin citizens slam dunk Enbridge’s planned friendly “Coffee and Conversation” gathering

The people turned Enbridge’s “sham public hearing” into a “real public hearing” No 1084 Posted by fw, June 28, 2014 “Several of those frustrated by the company’s format for the … Continue reading

June 28, 2014 and ForestEthics target 21 BC Harper MPs at risk if they back Enbridge’s Northern Gateway

They’re calling on BC constituents in the 21 ridings to let these MP’s know they will pay a political price if Harper approves Northern Gateway No 1064 Posted by fw, … Continue reading

May 30, 2014

Evolving environmental movement deepening, broadening, more militant — taking bold action to save the planet

Ordinary people are learning they have more power than they realize and are being inspired to use it No 1061 Posted by fw, May 27, 2014 “No longer dominated by … Continue reading

May 27, 2014

Canadians stepping up to say no to pipelines, demand climate action from politicians

People are starting to do a very non-Canadian thing — get educated, get organized, and fight back No 1053 Posted by fw, May 13, 2014 “Saturday’s day of action happened … Continue reading

May 13, 2014

Michigan homeowners powerless to stop Enbridge pipeline crossing within feet of homes

Watch short video of what it’s like living within feet of the pipeline construction No 857 Posted by fw, September 22, 2013 “Without state or federal regulations to protect them, … Continue reading

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Woman Nobel Peace Prize winner tells Harper to “Listen up” — Keep dirty oil out of New England

“I am proud to join this call” — Jody Williams, 1997 Nobel Peace Prize winner No 668 Posted by fw, January 31, 2013 “We will be united in telling leaders … Continue reading

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Quebec citizen activists gearing up to stop Enbridge tar sands pipeline

This project “is a bad deal for everyone and everything but Enbridge” No 657 Posted by fw, January 19, 2013 “Three years of organized civil resistance prevented the construction of … Continue reading

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Burlington City Council passes resolution disapproving transport of tar sands oil across Vermont

Copies of resolution sent to Harper and Enbridge, among others. Is this the opening volley of battles to follow? No 636 Posted by fw, December 19, 2012 Burlington is Vermont’s … Continue reading

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Enbridge on track to complete plan to pipe tar sands oil east – How will grassroots activists respond?

In sellout to Mammon, federal and provincial parties, including Quebec’s PQ government and union, appear to be onside with a plan promising to be a revenue and job generator No … Continue reading

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Growing grassroots action out to stop Enbridge plan to pipe tar sands crude through Ontario and Quebec

Awareness-raising events have begun receiving coverage in mainstream media No 621 Posted by fw, November 23, 2012 “Teach-in delivers a clear grass roots message: there is now a strong basis … Continue reading

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As public opposition to tar sands pipeline grows, Enbridge withdraws request to speak to Hamilton councillors

Opponents rallying to protest proposal to ship tar sands through Hamilton with or without Council’s help No 593 Posted by fw October 14, 2012 “…the city has no jurisdictional authority … Continue reading

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Major Canadian and US oil companies conspired behind closed doors to keep pipeline proposal risks from public

ExxonMobil and Enbridge major players in plan to pipe corrosive tar sands oil from Alberta to Maine (to China?) No 592 Posted by fw October 12, 2012 “On the Canadian … Continue reading

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Ecojustice Canada taking federal government to court for not following own law

Feds failing to fulfill legal responsibility to protect at-risk species along Northern Gateway shipping route No 579 Posted by fw September 27, 2012 Kudos to Ecojustice Canada for this admirable … Continue reading

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Enbridge’s misleading graphics in its Northern Gateway video ads draw fire from citizens and community groups

Company quickly alters widely distributed ads showing hundreds of kilometres of BC islands missing from proposed tanker route No 548 Posted by fw, August 16, 2012 Enbridge Pipeline and Tankers: … Continue reading

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Stop the Pipeline — Join the Movement

No 529 Posted by fw, July 20, 2012 Stop the Pipeline video published on May 24, 2012 by GreenpeaceCanada Together, we can stop the Enbridge Northern Gateway tar sands pipeline Greenpeace is … Continue reading

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Enbridge applies to pipe “highly corrosive” tar sands oil through Hamilton to Maine and on to China via supertankers

Given growing opposition to Northern Gateway, using existing pipeline connections could prove easier for Enbridge to win required approvals No 484 Posted by fw, May 22, 2012 “Alberta media…are pointing out that … Continue reading

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