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Absent an international approach in reforming governance, transition to a just and sustainable world remains unattainable

Locally-based economic alternatives won’t deliver the changes we desperately need No 1260 Posted by fw, February 15, 2015 β€œAt a time when governments are failing abysmally to mitigate climate change, … Continue reading

February 15, 2015

Swiss use direct democracy to win tough controls on multi-million dollar payouts for senior executives

Swiss vote is as radical as any laws or doctrine restricting capitalism for years No 688 Posted by fw, March 5, 2013 Hearty congratulations to the Swiss for doing what … Continue reading

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Will direct democracy bring power to the people of Britain? BBC investigates

No 458 Posted by fw, April 13, 2012 Direct democracy is meant to transform British politics, giving voters more power. Voters are meant to exercise that power through devices like … Continue reading

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