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Exposed — US Corporations prepare “model bills” for adoption by state legislatures

No 224 Posted by fw, July 19, 2011 “In April 2011, some of the biggest corporations in the U.S. met behind closed doors in Cincinnati about their wish lists for … Continue reading

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Julian Assange on why we’re on the verge of a democratic power shift — and other musings

No 215 Posted by fw, July 7, 2011 Quotations from Chairman Assange — July 2, 2011 “Power that is completely unaccountable is silent.”  “We should always see censorship as a … Continue reading

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The story that made me weep for America

No 191 Posted by fw, June 10, 2011 This heartbreaking image is from a video that accompanied Democracy Now’s poignant story, Dale Maharidge’s Chronicles of Widely Ignored U.S. Working Poor Inspire … Continue reading

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U.S. engaging in financial warfare claim two distinguished economists

No 85 Posted by fw, November 7, 2010 “The object of warfare is to take over a country’s land, raw materials and assets, and grab them. In the past, that … Continue reading

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