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“Stop the Pipeline” Washington protest is urgent call to build mass climate justice movement

No 256 Posted by fw August 21, 2011 “Those hoping to halt runaway global warming could not sooner start promoting this crucial lesson: the most important lifestyle change to save … Continue reading

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“There’s a North American strategy to take away the right to mass protest.” Michael Ratner

No 232 Posted by fw, July 27, 2011 “We use the word – in the US we call it “it chills your rights” — because it’s basically sending a message … Continue reading

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Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund spearheads “massive disobedience” to U.S. law

No 142 Posted by fw, March 30, 2011 Following up on the three previous posts, which featured video recordings and transcripts of a 2009 talk by Mari Margil about the … Continue reading

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