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The remarkable Lisa Fithian, global activist extraordinaire

“If we’re not willing to create the kind of disruption that will force the power-holders to make different choices, we’re going to continue to be dealing with a lot of … Continue reading

February 16, 2020

In May 2018, 15 people met at a London bar to plan how to save a world headed for extinction

And voila – within months, Extinction Rebellion (XR) was busy meeting with citizen groups to tell them the terrifying truth about the coming climate catastrophe.    No 2510 Posted by … Continue reading

August 24, 2019

Growing opposition to Trump from US judiciary, legislature, media, and from overseas

But what will matter most is populist intervention from the extraordinary citizens of the US. No 1986 Posted by fw, June 18, 2017 “In this moment, populist intervention is everything, not … Continue reading

June 18, 2017

“Global warming a Chinese hoax,” tweeted America’s Denier-in-Chief

A survey of evidence reveals devastating climate change impacts worldwide, evidence that Trump wilfully ignores. No 1890 Posted by fw, February 10, 2017 “2016 was a dark year for anyone paying … Continue reading

February 10, 2017

We’re on the edge of a cliff. It’s time for sustained acts of civil disobedience, says Jill Stein

US Green Party leader, Jill Stein, discusses solutions to America’s problems with Chris Hedges. No 1601 Posted by fw, February 25, 2016 “We do need sustained civil disobedience. And we need … Continue reading

February 25, 2016

DEMOCRACY SPRING — Huge U.S. civil disobedience march and sit-in planned for Washington this April

Action will demand Congress get big money out of politics, ensure free and fair elections. No 1568 Posted by fw, January 18, 2016 “It’s time to take mass nonviolent action … Continue reading

January 18, 2016

COP21’s final report sends mixed messages — Whether it’s a turning point depends on us

No mistaking message of thousands of Paris protesters — People power will determine how fast world faces up to climate crisis. No 1538 Posted by fw, December 13, 2015 “While … Continue reading

December 13, 2015

In an act of defiant civil disobedience, activists will be in the streets of Paris on 12/12 at 12 noon

Dangerous warming is not far off in the distance, it is already costing thousands of lives and livelihoods No 1534 Posted by fw, December 9, 2015 “By taking to the … Continue reading

December 9, 2015

Civil disobedience could be our last best hope to reverse climate change, says US historian, activist

Because government is not meeting its constitutional climate protection obligations, we do not accept its legitimacy No 1370 Posted by fw, June 14, 2015 Twenty-five years of human effort have … Continue reading

June 14, 2015

Heartfelt protest letter to big corporations – “We tried so hard to be good, but it didn’t work. You had to take it all.”

“Thanks to a system in which money buys elections, nearly all of our politicians are in your employ.” No 1344 Posted by fw, May 21, 2015 “I had to put … Continue reading

May 21, 2015

Harper has allowed Texas-based Kinder Morgan to circumvent our Charter rights on our own land

Having been denied legal means to defend a public conservation area, how far will protesters be prepared to go? No 1198 Posted by fw, November 24, 2014 “The protest against … Continue reading

November 24, 2014

Protesters across Canada join civil disobedience actions against Enbridge’s Line 9

Stand in solidarity with Swamp Line 9 activists in Hamilton No 795 Posted by fw, July 2, 2013 “The week’s developments around the Swamp Line 9 occupation and its corresponding … Continue reading

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Kudos to Rainforest Action Network for multifaceted Keystone XL protest campaign

RAN using pledges of resistance, civil disobedience demonstrations, training and petitions against KXL No 780 Posted by fw, June 18, 2013 It is such a pleasure to recognize the multifaceted … Continue reading

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“We hold true to our vision of a healthy and just world, and we are building the self-empowering movement to make it happen.”

Tim DeChristopher impresses as an articulate, thoughtful leader in the climate movement No 756 Posted by fw, May 27, 2013 “We will not be misled into thinking we are alone. … Continue reading

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Sandra Steingraber: “My job is to be a hero. My job is to go out there and stop climate change.”

“My job is not helping people to feel that they can be safe, but rather showing and illuminating people where the paths for activism lie” No 728 Posted by fw, … Continue reading

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In court battle, activists’ small act of property trespass loses to toxic trespass of Big Gas

Waiving $375 fines, activists accept 15 days in jail for civil disobedience. University biology professor and activist, Sandra Steingraber, among those sentenced No 726 Posted by fw, April 20, 2013 … Continue reading

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Stop west coast Pipelines and Tankers – Be a coastal defender at sit-in October 22, 2012, Victoria, BC

Show Harper the widespread opposition to his tar sands pipelines and tanker proposals No 588 Posted by fw October 9, 2012 Sign up online at to participate and become … Continue reading

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Far and away the best damned strategy I’ve seen for building a grassroots transformational mass movement

The challenge is formidable — to abolish corporations and dissolve centralized hierarchies in general No 493 Posted by fw, June 3, 2012 “We’ve become so obedient that we’ve forgotten how … Continue reading

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British Columbians for Climate Action inform Warren Buffet of their plan to block his coal train

Action to be taken May 5 as part of Climate Impacts Day No 467 Posted by fw, May 1, 2012 “[Mr Buffet] We know that you have canceled plans to … Continue reading

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