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Obama’s defence of massive surveillance programs fails to hold up under scrutiny

This is not a concern about national security, but an excuse for building a Big Brother spying operation No 771 Posted by fw, June 9, 2013 “This seems to me … Continue reading

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Top-secret U.S. government surveillance of millions of citizens has zero checks of any kind

U.S. government out to destroy all remnants of individual privacy No 770 Posted by fw, June 8, 2013 “What exactly is the government doing in how it spies on us … Continue reading

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IMPORTANT — New communication software enables users to evade government surveillance

Moreover, this free software will facilitate participatory democracy and dramatically lower user telecommunication costs No 689 Posted by fw, March 11, 2013 “For us, the real import of this work … Continue reading

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Citizens pressed to challenge proposed US legalization of military surveillance of citizens worldwide

“That’s a pretty scary prospect” says hacker activist Jacob Applebaum No 466 Posted by fw, April 29, 2012 “So it’s not only that this data is being collected, but now … Continue reading

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How citizens can protect themselves from widespread domestic government surveillance of their digital data

“If the state asserts it has the right to get your data… they’re going to get it, if they can get it.” No 463 Posted by fw, April 24, 2012 … Continue reading

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“There’s a North American strategy to take away the right to mass protest.” Michael Ratner

No 232 Posted by fw, July 27, 2011 “We use the word – in the US we call it “it chills your rights” — because it’s basically sending a message … Continue reading

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The scary trials and tribulations of being a citizen activist in Amerika

No 193 Posted by fw, June 14, 2011 Amerika – according to, the term ‘Amerika’ is used pejoratively to imply that the U.S. is fascist. The term is frequently associated … Continue reading

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“Government can track your every move and statement”

No 135 Posted by fw, March 14, 2011 ” . . . software is now . . . the crucial building block, the component out of which everything else is … Continue reading

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U.S. Senator: New Facebook policy “will place users at great risk”

No 134 Posted by fw, March 13, 2011 Echoing the concerns of Eben Moglen — “Centralized services like Facebook can kill you ” — U.S. Senator Al Franken is taking … Continue reading

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Eben Moglen: “Centralized services like Facebook can kill you”

No 133 Posted by fw, March 10, 2011 “If we are going to build systems of communication for future politics, we’re going to have to build them under the assumption … Continue reading

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