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US only has 5 years to drastically cut its CO2 emissions or face runaway climate change, says new study

Failure by decision makers to include future carbon emission commitments, relying solely on annual emissions count, has resulted in underestimates Bottom line, to reduce emissions, US has to transition quickly … Continue reading

September 15, 2014

“We’re not yet totally screwed,” insists young reporter after two months of reporting on world leaders

Geoff Dembicki finds three trends that give him hope, presents his evidence and asks readers “What do you think?” No 1060 Posted by fw, May 26, 2014 “There’s hope yet for our … Continue reading

May 26, 2014

The aging fossil fuel system is in a death-spiral — A new post-carbon world is rising

The “rise of the new clean, decentralized energy system is happening faster than anyone anticipated” No 1046 Posted by fw, May 6, 2014 “The core driver behind this fossil fuel death-spiral is … Continue reading

May 6, 2014

Two prominent US activist organizations denounce WTO attack on Ontario’s clean energy program

In final appeals ruling, WTO orders Canada to roll back green jobs program No 745 Posted by fw, May 11, 2013 “As people around the world grapple with consequences of … Continue reading

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Death of oil, coal and gas industries within 20 years? Former Greenpeace CEO thinks so

Paul Gilding envisages fastest and most dramatic economic transformation in history No 706 Posted by fw, March 29, 2013 “There are signs the climate movement could be on the verge … Continue reading

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Fourth graders crowdfund school solar and wind turbine projects

Kids exceed original fundraising goal of $800 to reach the $5,800 mark — and climbing No 703 Posted by fw, March 22, 2013 “Adam James from the Center for American … Continue reading

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Ontario Conservatives way behind Liberals and NDP in promoting clean energy policies

No 281 Posted by fw, September 20, 2011 “Each party has plans in its platform to keep our lights on and build transportation infrastructure,” says Cherise Burda, director of Ontario … Continue reading

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Climate Action Network: “It’s time to stand up for clean energy in Ontario”

No 275 Posted by fw, September 14, 2011 Under the banner Clean Energy Ontario, Climate Action Network (CAN) has released a challenge and accompanying grassroots toolkit for Ontarians. But first … Continue reading

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Canada’s premier energy summit releases its report. Is there a glaring omission?

No 190 Posted by fw, June 10, 2011 About the Equinox Summit: Energy 2030 During the week of June 5-9, the Waterloo Global Science Initiative (WSGI), based in Waterloo, Ontario, … Continue reading

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Talk about sustainable energy, sure, but use numbers, not adjectives

No 125 Posted by fw, March 2, 2011 A couple of years ago, British physicist, David MacKay was so fed up with the ‘twaddle’ about sustainable energy that was being … Continue reading

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“Hero for the Green Century”, Hermann Scheer, dies at age 66

No 77 Posted by fw, October 17, 2010 Hermann Scheer, a prominent member of parliament and influential leader in Germany’s renewable energy industry, died on October 15, 2010 at the … Continue reading

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