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Giants: The Global Power Elite by Peter Phillips ~ Links to All Posts

Giants: The Global Power Elite by Peter Phillips ~ Links to All Posts

Below is an index to my 8 posts related to Professor Peter Phillips’ book Giants: The Global Power Elite, including my 7 transcripts of his one-hour video talk about the book.

The links are arranged in chronological order, beginning with my repost of Phillip’s brief published introduction to his book; this post also includes an embedded video of his talk about the book. Next in the list is my series of 7 transcripts of his talk.



EXPLOSIVE! – Global Power Elite provides top governments with plans and proposals they can act on : Prof. Peter Phillips’ new book and video reveal how an activist core of 1% of world’s wealthiest people influence sovereign states to do elite’s bidding. No 2361 Posted by fw, August 27, 2018


1/ Humanity is divided into the upper 1%, 20% with middle class incomes, and 80% with no wealth : America’s dominant ruling class, the elite, set policy and determine national political priorities. No 2362 Posted by fw, August 29, 2018

2/ Globalization of trade and capital triggered development of an elite “Transnational Capitalist Class”  : A powerful transnational capitalist class is influencing agendas of G20, G7and other international organizations. No 2363 Posted by fw, August 30, 2018

3/ Transnational capitalists’ core of 199 elite managers see themselves as “engineers of global capitalism” : They firmly believe their way of life, devoted to continuing global capitalism, is best for all humankind. No 2364 Posted by fw, August 31, 2018

4/ How war and climate-related environmental degradation serve transnational capital class’ interests : The contradiction of TCC, and true crisis of capitalism, is TCC’s lack of concern for humankind. No 2365 Posted by fw, September 1, 2018

5/ G30 and Trilateral Commission — Core facilitators of private policy planning for the world : G30 warned governments to comply with global capitalism — Trilateralists discussed removal of Putin. No 2366 Posted by fw, September 3, 2018

6/ Transnational capitalist class control of the media. TCC’s use of private security and mercenaries to protect capital : Increasingly, the demands of transnational capital are overriding the boundaries of sovereign democratic institutions. No 2367 Posted by fw, September 4, 2018

7/ Globalization’s demands on capitalism give rise to mechanisms that override states’ jurisdiction : If we value our democracy, we have time to build movements to stop “this onslaught of concentrated capital growth.” No 2368 Posted by fw, September 5, 2018

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