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Civilization/Economic Collapse ~ Links to All Posts By or About Dr. Tim Garrett’s Research

Civilization/Economic Collapse ~ Links to All Posts By or About Dr. Tim Garrett’s Research

Below is an index to all my posts related to the research findings of Dr. Tim Garrett, atmospheric physicist at the University of Utah since 2002.

As any new posts are created they will be added to this index.

The links are arranged by category. To access the post of interest, just scroll down the list, click on the linked title, and the post will open in a new tab.



My Reposts of Articles By Tim Garrett

Atmospheric scientist makes decisive case why renewables will NOT be our salvation : Tim Garrett sees two “really important” problems with a move into renewables. No 2370 Posted by fw, September 9, 2018

No chance of reducing global CO2 levels without incurring collapse of global economy, says Tim Garrett : Yet Canada’s PM Trudeau insists we can grow the economy and protect the environment. Is he wrong? No 2379 Posted by fw, October 10, 2018

Tim Garrett explains why civilization is caught in a double-bind, ending with its collapse this century : Perhaps there is a way out but it will not be by way of increasing energy efficiency. Quite the opposite. No 2380 Posted by fw, October 11, 2018

Long-run global economic growth requires continual energy consumption for its sustenance : The problem with accelerating economic growth over time is that CO2 emissions, spiked by climate change, also accelerate, releasing negative feedbacks on economic growth. Round we go in a vicious cycle. No 2381 Posted by fw, October 12, 2018

Sustaining economic growth now means more potentially catastrophic global climate change later : And if we don’t quickly transition from carbon based fuels, we’re looking at a 4°C to 9°C temperature rise within the lifetimes of those born today. No 2382 Posted by fw, October 13, 2018

Tim Garrett’s 2006 “aha” moment — How economic currency and energy might be fundamentally linked : “… it was clear that the economy was the root cause of rising CO2 concentrations.” No 2383 Posted by fw, October 14, 2018

Tim Garrett responds to 17 questions and criticisms about his research on the consequences of climate change : Question is — Do we have the interest, critical thinking skill, and attention span to understand Garrett’s work? No 2384 Posted by fw, October 15, 2018



My Reposts of Tim Garrett Radio Interviews with Transcripts

Despite his dire future prospects for humanity, in 2010 physicist Tim Garrett was taking things in stride : “We’re along for the ride. And we will see what happens. In the meantime, I guess we’re here to enjoy life while we can.” No 2374 Posted by fw, September 21, 2018 (Radio Ecoshock Interview, 2010/2014 replay)

“For CO2 to decline, the global economy will have to collapse” – An explanation for ordinary folks : “It’s hard to imagine how civilization CANNOT be in dire straights during this century,” says physicist Tim Garrett. No 2375 Posted by fw, September 23, 2018 (Radio Ecoshock Interview, 2010/2014 replay)

It’s inevitable civilization will collapse — The more important question is What will this collapse look like? : Since things are already happening rapidly, we are talking about timescales of the next few decades. No 2376 Posted by fw, September 30, 2018



My Reposts of Coverage About or Related to Tim Garrett’s Work by Others

How ignorance of the physics of climate science could compromise our very survival : Mainstream media and online environmental sources rarely explain the complicated science of climate change — They keep things simple. No 2369 Posted by fw, September 7, 2018

ALARMING — Only global economic collapse can stabilize rising CO2 emissions, says atmospheric scientist : Equally alarming – Conserving energy spurs economic growth and more energy use. Is global warming unstoppable? No 2372 Posted by fw, September 16, 2018

NO WAY OUT: Civilization caught in a double-bind between global collapse and CO2 levels of 1200 ppm : Absent collapsing the economy, with GDP at zero, emissions can be stabilized only by building the equivalent of one nuke plant per day globally. No 2373 Posted by fw, September 18, 2018

To alter the climate would demand action by a majority of the world’s population : Prof. questions whether humanity can summon the will to voluntarily induce civilization “decay” in the face of daunting obstacles. No 2377 Posted by fw, October 2, 2018

A fellow physicist finds Tim Garrett’s discoveries “surprising”, “impressive”, “insightful”, and “fascinating” : Garrett’s thesis is “elegant”, his hypothesis testable, and it succeeds! Alas, his work has been misunderstood by many. No 2378 Posted by fw, October 3, 2018

I’m discovering that Garrett’s “civilization collapse” message is a tough sell, with no takers so far. How come? : Perhaps an answer of sorts can be found in an exchange of comments I had with two other readers on a popular website.  No 2385 Posted by fw, October 17, 2018


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