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The People’s Climate Plan launched by dozens of national and grassroots organizations

Goal is to flood Trudeau’s “public consultation” process with pro-clean energy, anti-pipeline feedback. No 1655 Posted by fw, April 28, 2016 To find out how to amplify your voice in the … Continue reading

April 28, 2016 commits to deliver tens of thousands of messages calling for a climate review of Energy East

Also plans to build cross-Canada Action Network to organize community actions to stop the project “We’ll put up the fiercest 15 month fight Stephen Harper has ever seen.” No 1184 … Continue reading

November 6, 2014

Transition Guelph, making a difference one neighbourhood at a time, launches Transition Streets

Learn how you, too, can make a difference in your community No 952 Posted by fw, January 14, 2014 First, this important message about Transition Guelph: Welcome to Transition Guelph … Continue reading

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The coming of a leaderless climate change movement guided by “elders-of-all-ages”

“What’s underway is…an all-encompassing fight over power, hunger, and the future of humanity on this planet” No 835 Posted by fw, August 20, 2013 “…it’s our job to rally a … Continue reading

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Video showcases the benefits of life in a sustainable UK cohousing community

Cohousing is particularly well-suited for transitioners No 686 Posted by fw, March 1, 2013 Video of Life in Lancaster Cohousing (UK) Project, published May 5, 2010 What is Cohousing? Cohousing … Continue reading

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Will co-op businesses be the basis of the next wave of the American economy?

“To transform society, co-ops have to be part of a political movement,” contends Professor Sam Gindin of York University No 683 Posted by fw, February 24, 2013 “So if you … Continue reading

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“When you organize, when you push, when you create a viable political constituency, you can be heard”

“This [Obama’s victory and Democratic Senate majority] was extraordinary, I will say, up-from-the-bottom set of victories, longshot challenges” No 607 Posted by fw, November 9, 2012 “This was strong organizing, … Continue reading

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Three activists discuss the challenges of building a citizens’ movement in Baltimore

Engrossing conversation — Includes practical tips on movement building of interest to all activists No 601 Posted by fw October 30, 2012 In the following 15:40-minute embedded video, editors of … Continue reading

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While others talk about income inequality, this Texas-based organization is busy helping low-income earners start-up worker-owned cooperatives

Non-profit center puts those most directly affected by social and economic inequality at the center of its mission. No 546 Posted by fw, August 13, 2012 ”Founded in October 2009 … Continue reading

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There is hope! We are laying the groundwork for the “Next Great Revolution” – Gar Alperovitz

This is the speech that Obama should be giving, hasn’t, and never will No 523 Posted by fw, July 17, 2012 In his keynote address to the Green Party’s National … Continue reading

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Want to make a difference? Read how one man did in this inspiring personal narrative

It’s enormously reassuring to find that others share your concerns No 487 Posted by fw, May 24, 2012 “Your ideas for changing the world may feel desperately important. They may … Continue reading

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Transition Streets program promotes local energy solutions, cuts emissions, saves money, builds friendships

“I dipped my toe in and found I became green aware by accident.” —Transition Streets participant No 470 Posted by fw, May 7, 2012 “Transition Streets helps neighbours get together … Continue reading

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“Next Up”: Leadership program for young Canadians committed to social and environmental justice

No 192 Posted by fw, June 12, 2011 “If you’re young and want to change the world, or your part of it, and live in B.C., where do you go … Continue reading

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Canada’s Transition Communities

No 67 Posted September 23, 2010 IMPORTANT UPDATE, Jan. 7, 2011: Ten *NEW* communities added to the List of Canadian Transition Communities (below). What is a Transition Community? The following … Continue reading

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The Joy of Music at the Market

No 63 Posted by fw, September 11, 2010 Throw open the windows, turn up the volume, and enjoy 4 minutes of this “flash” performance by the Opera Company of Philadelphia … Continue reading

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Stacy Mitchell: Grassroots financing is underwriting a new crop of neighborhood businesses

No 53 Posted by fw, August 27, 2010 Remember Stacy Mitchell? She was featured in post No 53. Stacy is a senior researcher with the New Rules Project. She directs … Continue reading

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Here’s to Stacy Mitchell and curbing the power of big-box retailers

No 52 Posted by fw, August 27, 2010 I have recently bumped up the New Rules Project to the top of my list of RSS feeds. It’s a rich information … Continue reading

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How a UK food co-op is taking on the supermarkets and building community resilience

No 45 Posted by fw, August 21, 2010 Stroudco Food Hub is an example of community action as its very best: it’s a co-op of local food producers and consumers, … Continue reading

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So you want to grow your team into a movement. Here’s how —

No 16 Posted by fw, May 29, 2010 Ever wondered how to grow your citizen action team into a movement? Click on the video link below and let TED host … Continue reading

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