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88This is a list, in chronological order, of posts 1001 to 1200.  Just click on the title to go to the post.

No Date Title
1001  08/03/14 Tufts’ students simulate Israeli occupation to mark “Israeli Apartheid Week”
1002  09/03/14 VIDEO: “This Divestment Bill Hurts My Feelings” – protest poem by Palestinian-American activist
1003  09/03/14 Palestinian BDS campaign is changing how U.S. public sees Israeli occupation and Palestinian rights
1004  11/03/14 Rebuttal to letter arguing U of Windsor BDS referendum violates Student Association constitution
1005  12/03/14 Independent Jewish Voices weighs in on BDS Referendum at University of Windsor
1006  12/03/14 A lot of senators think Obama is going to approve KXL, says Ralph Nader
1007  13/03/14 Company president resorts to intimidation to pressure U of Windsor to “obliterate” BDS referendum
1008  15/03/14 Were students’ rights to freedom of expression violated by vote to defer ratification of BDS results?
1009  16/03/14 Mondoweiss, US-based progressive Jewish website, reports on UWindsor BDS referendum
1010  16/03/14 “Stone Cold Justice” — documentary exposes Israeli government’s terror campaign against Palestinian youth
1011  16/03/14 Canadian doctor scores hat trick on US senator over Canadian healthcare
1012  18/03/14 MUST READ — Pro-Israel groups fomenting vile anti-Palestine backlash on US campuses
1013  19/03/14 More on UWindsor BDS vote — Electronic Intifada cites “donor threats, Islamophobic backlash” in story
1014  20/03/14 Climate scientists turn up the volume with all-out WAKE UP blitz
1015  20/03/14 New study gives Obama proof KXL will “significantly exacerbate” the climate problem
1016  20/03/14 US Sen. Ed Markey introduces bill to prohibit export of tar sands oil — if KXL approved
1017  26/03/14 PowerShift Atlantic aims to replicate success of strong social movements in fighting for climate justice
1018  27/03/14 VIDEO – With winning smile, brave heart, Indigenous student tells why she’s Idle No More activist
1019  27/03/14 American political activist, Jim Hightower, finds evidence of popular uprisings across the nation
1020  28/03/14 Hundreds of Massachusetts’ students to walk out in protest over state’s fossil fuel plans
1021  29/03/14 Senior citizen tells why she joined Canada’s Leadnow activist community
1022  30/03/14 Why our political leaders don’t learn from history
1023  02/04/14 Robert F. Kennedy Jr. takes a swipe at Harper for Canada’s loss of moral leadership
1024  02/04/14 First Harper eviscerated Canada’s environmental protection — Now he’s out to destroy our health care protection
1025  03/03/14 By now, it should be clear that governments, media, and most businesses don’t intend to avert climate catastrophes
1026  04/04/14 Ryerson U students latest  to join Canadian universities’ Boycott Israel movement
1027  07/04/14 The incredible Saru Jayaraman – dynamite activist with few equals
1028  08/04/14 Showtime’s gripping climate TV series captures tragedy and triumph of human drama on global scale
1029  09/04/14 “I have never seen such a level of corruption in politicians, regulators, companies,” says Alberta whistleblower
1030  10/04/14 Canada ranks 7th, US 16th on the 2014 Social Progress Index
1031  12/04/14  Harper’s Fair (Unfair) Elections Act attempted coverup of widespread 2011 election fraud
1032  13/04/14  Harper’s inaction exposed in Pembina Institute’s analysis of Canada’s projected GHG emissions
1033  13/04/14 Great News! “Amazing” growth of movement to divest from fossil fuel companies
1034  18/04/14 Obama blasted as “one of the obstacles to NSA reform, not a vehicle for it”
1035  19/04/14 Obama, Kerry, media — misinformed, uninformed about Ukraine and Russia, risk military confrontation, says US prof
1036  20/04/14 James Hansen raps US government for failing to protect young people from climate change threat
1037  21/04/14 How activists can be challenged by, and take comfort from, the impermanence of things
1038  25/04/14 The only progress Obama made with TPP on his Asian trip was in building opposition to it
1039  26/04/14 30 peace organizations team up, ask Spanish people to do what US won’t – prosecute Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld
1040  27/04/14 New research confirms ordinary folk have little to no influence over policymaking, while elites have lots of power
1041  29/04/14 US State Department sued for hiding plans to pipe dirty tar sands oil through New England to Maine
1042  29/04/14 New “realistic utopian” communities emerging in Portugal, for healing of nature and regional self-sufficiency
1043  30/04/14 What is militancy, when is it necessary, why is it good for democracy? A philosophy professor explains
1044  01/05/14 Bad news for Harper – President Obama “has all but decided to deny the permit for the pipeline,” says Rolling Stone
1045  03/05/14 Hilarious, mocking Rap News video of failed Israel-Palestine peace talks
1046  06/05/14 The aging fossil fuel system is in a death-spiral — A new post-carbon world is rising
1047  07/05/14 Even the world-famous Mondragon workers’ cooperative can’t escape labor-relations problems
1048  08/05/14 We live in a self-censoring age — All but a few citizens are culturally conditioned not to notice or care
1049  09/05/14 Citizens’ lawsuit filed against National Energy Board over rules limiting public input at Kinder Morgan hearings
1050  10/05/14 “Spellbinding” video lays bare the monumental hypocrisy of the myth of American exceptionalism
1051  12/05/14 Can a citizens’ alliance save the climate and help to defeat Harper in 2015 election?
1052  13/05/14 US, Britain, France, Poland, Canada, Germany are the real terrorists in Ukraine by backing illegitimate fascist regime
1053  13/05/14 Canadians stepping up to say no to pipelines, demand climate action from politicians
1054  15/05/14 New book portrays sorry state of Canadian democracy
1055  18/05/14 Building local economic resilience — Three innovative strategies that build on local strengths and create new economic futures for municipalities
1056  18/05/14 How residents can play an active, hands-on role in transforming the places they live, work, play and share
1057  22/05/14 Prepare for much more extreme weather warns Ontario regional task force
1058  22/05/14 Concerned Quebecers on 5-week march across province to oppose TransCanada’s proposed Energy East pipeline
1059  23/05/14 CNN video shows Israeli soldier gunning down Palestinian teen. US wants investigation. Harper silent
1060  26/05/14 “We’re not yet totally screwed,” insists young reporter after two months of reporting on world leaders
1061  27/05/14 Evolving environmental movement deepening, broadening, more militant — taking bold action to save the planet
1062  28/05/14 Harper is forcing through “a new law” to steal the next election, alleges Kim Elliott of
1063  29/05/14 Meet 6 US moms out to curb the marketing of junk food to kids
1064  30/05/14 and ForestEthics target 21 BC Harper MPs at risk if they back Enbridge’s Northern Gateway
1065  01/06/14 Big oil and gas warned of future legal action if they’re found spreading climate change misinformation
1066  02/06/14 This is the beginning of the end of the Hydrocarbon Revolution, says one of world’s most influential investors
1067  05/06/14 Inspiring role model for all activists — Introducing Margaret Cassar, Australian BDS activist
1068  07/06/14 Joint Review Panel’s pipeline report ‘indefensible’, say 300 Canadian scholars; urge Harper to reject it
1069  07/06/14 Ten reasons why democracies around the world are in deep crisis
1070  09/06/14 Will a program designed to get Canadians “talking politics” inspire more active citizenship in Canada?
1071  10/06/14 Samara’s “Facilitation Guide” for its Democracy Talks program
1072  10/06/14 Obama’s proposed 30% emissions cuts is a death sentence for vulnerable communities, says top climate scientist
1073  11/06/14 Why are democracies sliding ever further to the right, into selfishness?
1074  13/06/14 In the US courts, kids for climate justice win one, lose one
1075  15/06/14 Obama bashes climate deniers, but critics note his own proposed solutions fail to stand up to scrutiny
1076  17/06/14 Professor William Rees offers a whole new approach to sustainability planning: Part 1
1077  18/06/14 Professor William Rees offers a whole new approach to sustainability planning: Part 2
1078  19/06/14 Professor William Rees offers a whole new approach to sustainability planning: Part 3
1079  20/06/14 Professor William Rees offers a whole new approach to sustainability planning: Part 4
1080  21/06/14 Professor William Rees offers a whole new approach to sustainability planning: Part 5 of 5
1081  23/06/14 Tribunal provides opportunity for victims of corporate violations to be heard and to demand justice
1082  25/06/14 US history prof apportions blame for the mess in Iraq
1083  27/06/14 Supreme Court of Canada ruling shifts the legal landscape and massively empowers aboriginal peoples
1084  28/06/14 Wisconsin citizens slam dunk Enbridge’s planned friendly “Coffee and Conversation” gathering
1085  28/06/14 Evidence from several sources raises 9 allegations Obama Admin is weakening environmental protections
1086  01/07/14 Following costly flash floods, Toronto’s new “Resilient City” report prepares city for extreme climate change
1087  02/07/14 Robert Fisk alleges B’nai Brith ad slanders 4 million Canadians “afflicted by anti-Semitic disease”
1088  02/07/14 Israelis always insist their actions against Palestinians are justified whereas Palestinian actions against Israelis are never justified
1089  03/07/14 Massive People’s Climate March promises “weekend to bend the course of history” – New York, Sept. 21-22
1090  06/07/14 Want to learn how to build an effective counterpower movement? Watch this
1091  08/07/14 Midhurst Ontario residents fighting to save prime farmland from mega housing development
1092  09/07/14 Watch Julian Assange demolish Hillary Clinton’s 7 vacuous allegations against Edward Snowden
1093  10/07/14 The devastating impact of the blockade of Gaza – the numbers tell a tale of Israel’s genocidal savagery
1094  11/07/14 With eyes wide shut, PM Harper gives nod of support to Israel’s murderous “right to defend itself” against terror attacks
1095  12/07/14 “But for them [Palestinians], civilian death is actually—it’s actually a success. This is what they want.”
1096  15/07/14 “They’re using civilians to protect their missiles” asserts Netanyahu, without offering a shred of evidence
1097  16/07/14 Exploding Israel’s self-serving myths as “victims” of the aggression of Palestinians in Gaza
1098  18/07/14 Explaining Israel’s “repeated violent and sadistic behavior” against Palestinians
1099  18/07/14 VIDEO: The cruel reality of life in Prison Gaza – written, produced and directed by Israel
1000  19/07/14 Female Israeli MP calls for slaughter of all Palestinian mothers, referring to their offspring as “little snakes”
1001  20/07/14 Graphic images of suffering, death and destruction in Gaza – results of a new Israeli massacre
1102  21/07/14 “The Israeli army is now directly shelling hospitals and killing patients and civilians”, says Norwegian doctor in Gaza
1103  21/07/14 Disturbing video and narrative coverage of Israeli mass killings of civilians in Gaza
1104  21/07/14 Obama’s “hollow diplomacy” has created “political space” for Israeli massacres in Gaza
1105  22/07/14 While US stood by, Israel tightened the screws on Hamas in bid to retain full control of Gaza and West Bank
1106  22/07/14 Israel has three goals: the West Bank occupied, Gaza under siege, peaceful life in Israel, says Israeli journalist
1107  24/01/14 Fear of Zionist reaction cripples Parliament condemnation of Israel
1108  26/07/14 Response to pro-Israeli letter to editor which echoes Windsor Star’s publishing bias
1109  27/07/14 Cruelty, hatred and irrational destructiveness are hard-wired in every one of us, says philosopher John Gray
1110  28/07/14 Windsor Star/Postmedia News publishes blatant pro-Israeli drivel, claiming “facts are on Baird’s side”
1111  30/07/14 US Rabbi Siegman’s bombshell – skewers Israeli propaganda, blames Netanyahu for obstructing peace with Hamas
1112  31/07/14 Paul Dewar, NDP’s foreign affairs “critic”, can’t find the words to criticize Israel’s war on Gaza
1113  03/08/14 Truth is dead – Long live deceit
1114  04/08/14 The propagandist’s playbook that Israel doesn’t want you to know about
1115  05/08/14 If Gaza ceasefire holds, Netanyahu and Abbas will be big winners and Hamas big losers
1116  06/08/14 Two experts debunk Israel’s justifications of actions targeting Palestinians
1117  07/08/14 Just whose side will Mahmoud Abbas be on as the talks in Cairo resume?
1118  07/08/14 Supporters of Israel are actually supporters of its moral degeneration, isolation, and possibly, ultimate destruction
1119  08/08/14 Capitalism is at war with life on Earth, argues Naomi Klein
1120  09/08/14 US law professor summarizes Israel’s extensive war crimes, genocide and crimes against humanity
1121  14/08/14 How Mark Regev, Israel’s master spin doctor, bamboozles media correspondents
1122  15/08/14 Undermining of international humanitarian law allows US and Israel to get away with murder in Gaza
1123  16/08/14 Will Israeli officials complicit in war crimes against Palestinians ever face investigation in dodgy international justice system?
1124  17/08/14 Shortcomings of the Transition Movement as a mass movement strategy
1125  18/08/14 Fiery appeal for justice for Palestinians by Norway’s heroic emergency surgeon of Gaza, Dr Mads Gilbert
1126  19/08/14 At a pro-Palestinian rally in Dublin, a really pissed-off Irish activist demands expulsion of Israeli ambassador — VIDEO
1127  21/08/14 Ontario branch of Canadian Federation of Students votes to join boycott of Israel
1128  26/08/14 Long-term Israel-Gaza ceasefire announced — Takes effect this evening, August 26, 2014
1129  26/08/14 In bold move, Vermont adopts Genuine Progress Indicator, dumps “wrong-headed” Gross Domestic Product measure
1130  27/08/14 United by climate crisis, massive “Movement of Movements” set to target UN, Obama, and corporate power in Sept.
1131  28/08/14 Bill McKibben takes aim at Obama’s lack of political will and failures to take on global warming
1132  29/08/14 State Dept blindly approves Enbridge scheme to move tar sands oil from Alberta through US bypassing permit process
1133  30/08/14 Climate change unleashes trillions of killer pine beetles threatening to decimate Canada’s pine forests
1134  31/08/14 Climate change is real, it’s happening now, it’s deadly, it will get much worse, warns leaked UN climate report
1135  02/09/14 Pathological liars from Western governments obscure the truth about events in Ukraine
1136  04/09/14 Fearless activist mom, suspended above tracks, halts oil train in Washington State
1137  04/09/14 It’s capitalism, stupid, not fossil fuels, that is root cause of climate change, says Naomi Klein in new book
1138  05/09/14 First Nations’ clans out in force to fracture BC Premier’s dangerous and dirty LNG pipedreams
1139  06/09/14 Joseph and His Amazing Technicolour Dream — Canadian climate action and unity for our future
1140  07/09/14 Bill McKibben highlights the “tipping point” risks of TransCanada’s proposed Energy East pipeline
1141  10/09/14 Send Stephen Harper a message – Dare him to show up at the UN climate summit on Sept. 23 in New York
1142  11/09/14 Obama’s ISIL speech “A combination of unbearable self-praise, slight megalomania,” says peace activist
1143  12/09/14 Former Israeli soldier realized he was living a lie, is now an anti-occupation activist
1144  14/09/14 Obama’s abrupt about-face – the president now champions increased oil production, climate change be damned
1145  15/09/14 How the US is able to flout international law of human rights and get away with it
1146  15/09/14 US only has 5 years to drastically cut its CO2 emissions or face runaway climate change, says new study
1147  16/09/14 Political elites are sacrificing the most vulnerable among us, at home and abroad, for payoffs and political advantage
1148  17/09/14 Our failing capitalist system presents us with a rare opportunity to save the climate, says Klein in her new book
1149  19/09/14 DISRUPTION – the official film of the People’s Climate March – Watch It Here
1150  23/09/14 Power-packed panel calls for urgent action on climate change — VIDEO
1151  26/09/14 “Strategic voting is misguided and counterproductive,” says Canada’s National Director of United Steelworkers
1152  27/09/14 Huge win for Burnaby BC in legal battle to stop Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion
1153  28/09/14 David Suzuki’s campaign to enshrine right to healthy environment in Canada’s Constitutional Charter
1154  29/09/14 BC municipal leaders, acting in concert, press provincial and federal governments to put environment ahead of economy
1155  30/09/14 The year is circa 2393. A historian narrator living in China recounts the events that led to the Great Collapse of Western Civilization
1156  01/10/14 The tide is turning on many fronts in the battle against the carbon bullies
1157  02/10/14 National Energy Board decision raises game-changing possibility of city bylaws trumping Big Energy interests
1158  03/10/14 Youth file Petition with US Supreme Court to establish federal government’s responsibility to protect essential natural resources
1159  04/10/14 The year is 2040 and life on Mother Earth is beginning to unravel
1160  06/10/14 Media claims of causal connection between climate change and Ebola outbreak scientifically unproven
1161  07/10/14 Climate system trend will result in 5°C to 6°C global temperature increase in decade or two
1162  09/10/14 Critics rip flawed plan promising win-win low-carbon growth economy with reduced climate risk – Pt 1: The Plan
1163  09/10/14 Critics rip flawed plan promising win-win low-carbon growth economy with reduced climate risk – Pt 2: Rebuttal
1164  10/10/14 Critics rip flawed plan promising win-win low-carbon growth economy with reduced climate risk — Pt 3: Rebuttal
1165  13/10/14 Silent no more – 19 climate science experts speak out, their message is alarming — VIDEO
1166  15/10/14 Haven’t read Klein’s book? Not to worry — Watch Klein summarize key parts in 45–minute talk — VIDEO
1167  16/10/14 Did Hupacasath First Nation just toss a monkey wrench into Canada’s FIPA deal with China
1168  20/10/14 Recent developments give “new hope” to Hamiltonians concerned about climate change
1169  21/10/14 Ecology Ottawa, an environmental activist group, gears up to fight TransCanada’s Energy East pipeline
1170  23/10/14 Devastating new book should just about destroy Stephen Harper, says blogger, Montreal Simon
1171  24/10/14 EU emissions reduction target of 40% by 2030 just half of 80% required to meet 2°C commitment
1172  25/10/14 Burnaby BC loses latest round of seesaw battle with Kinder Morgan over pipeline test drilling
1173  25/10/74 US now lives under a corporate dictatorship
1174  27/10/14 BC university prof joins campout on Burnaby Mountain in protest of NEB decision favouring Kinder Morgan
1175  29/10/14 “Stephen Harper is the most deeply reviled Prime Minister in Canada’s history,” says Prof. John McMurtry
1176  30/10/14 “It’s not going to happen,” say defiant opponents of Energy East mega-pipeline project
1177  31/10/14 BC citizen activists shocked by Kinder Morgan’s multi-million-dollar lawsuit against them
1178  01/11/14 2 / 565 / 2795 – Why these three numbers are so terrifying — Bill McKibben explains – VIDEO
1179  02/11/14 Fierce grassroots resistance blows $17 billion hole in tar sands revenues
1180  02/11/14 Locally-owned utilities are a rapidly expanding part of Germany’s transition to clean energy
1181  03/11/14 Justin Trudeau on track to continue Liberal Party failures to get serious about climate change
1182  04/11/14 A “farce”, a “sham”, “a public deception”, declares former BC Hydro CEO about National Energy Board hearing
1183  05/11/14 Massive public uprising forces EU and British government to address concerns about proposed trade treaty
1184  06/11/14 commits to deliver tens of thousands of messages calling for a climate review of Energy East
1185  06/11/14 TransCanada caught repeating false information about benefits of Energy East’s pipeline
1186  07/11/14 From Quebec’s legislature, great news for opponents of proposed Energy East pipeline
1187  09/11/14 Bill C-469, a bill to establish a Canadian environmental bill of rights
1188  11/11/14 In landmark fracking case, Alberta judge orders whistleblower’s lawsuit against Alberta government to proceed
1189  13/11/14 US coalition of 8 file lawsuit challenging State Dept’s illegal approval of Enbridge’s tar sands pipeline plans
1190  14/11/14 People helping people to create resilient communities — an exciting, innovative model of grassroots social change
1191  15/11/14 Alberta landowner Jessica Ernst heads to Supreme Court to challenge Alberta court ruling against her
1192  16/11/14 Humans are driven by a need for diversion as a way to avoid disturbing thoughts
1193  19/11/14 Obama quietly approved Enbridge cross-border pipeline for transport of Alberta tar sands oil
1194  20/11/14 TransCanada hires dirty tricks PR consultants to discredit opponents of Energy East pipeline project
1195  20/11/14 SHOCKER – Our only hope for a sustainable future is to return to a low-energy, low consumption, pre-1973 lifestyle
1196  21/11/14 Rob Hopkins heaps praise on Klein’s new book, but wonders why it left him feeling “underwhelmed”
1197  22/11/14 “At best, green solutions can help us avoid finite limits for a little while longer,” concludes expert analyst
1198  24/11/14 Harper has allowed Texas-based Kinder Morgan to circumvent our Charter rights on our own land
1199  25/11/14 Severe storms fail to convince most Americans that climate change is underway, reveals new study
1200  25/11/14 Expert BC intervener files a motion demanding cessation of all Kinder Morgan work on Trans Mountain pipeline

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