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This is a list, in chronological order, of posts 801-1000  Just click on the title to go to the post.

No Date Title
801  06/04/13 Why more Americans don’t rise up in protest
802  07/07/13 How Egyptians blew their chances for peaceful revolutionary reform
803  07/07/13 Israeli military continue torturing Palestinian children with impunity
804  08/07/13 Glenn Greenwald alleges NSA’s goal is the “elimination of privacy worldwide”
805  09/07/13 AlJazeera documentary probes America’s descent into a world of dark secrets and dirty wars
806  10/07/13 Harper gov. Panel approves Shell tar sands project that will exceed air quality standards
807  12/07/13 Seven obstacles that discourage people from trying to make a difference in their communities
808  16/07/13 As expected, Harper’s evisceration of environmental legislation allows Enbridge to evade Line 9 questions
809  17/07/13 Bold gutsy action planning tips: Pt 1 of 4 – How to attract more members to your team
810  17/07/13 Bold gutsy action planning tips: Pt 2 of 4 – How to empower your team members
811  17/07/13 Bold gutsy action planning tips: Pt 3 of 4 – How to give the media what they want
812  17/07/13 Bold gutsy action planning tips: Pt 4 of 4 – How to advocate for voting reform and democracy renewal
813  19/07/13 Join a global team of young leaders to spark a new wave of climate action
814  20/07/13 Contemptuous Israeli rabbi disses public tweets of revulsion over Facebook photos of “Rachel Corrie pancakes”
815  21/07/13 Snowden risked all to expose massive NSA surveillance, but where is the outpouring of public disapproval?
816  24/07/13 Indigenous peoples of Canada and Australia offer exemplary conservation models for others to follow
817  25/07/13 Israeli Draft Refusnik makes a pitch for your support of Jewish Voice for Peace
818  26/07/13 Myth exploded that Harper government is critical of military takeovers
819  26/07/13 Environmental activist invites east Ontario mayor to join opposition to TransCanada pipeline proposal
820  28/07/13 Canada’s Transition Initiatives: An Updated List
821  30/07/13 Historian’s account of stunning early success of Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement
822  31/07/13 President Obama among rogues gallery of gov’t officials caught lying on video about NSA program
823  01/08/13 Affinity with Power is a primary driver of Ottawa’s pro-Israeli foreign policy
824  02/08/13 Toronto’s York University revokes status of Students Against Israeli Apartheid (SAIA)
825  11/08/13 Getting arrested may be easiest way for citizens to have say in Line 9 convoluted official process
826  12/08/13 In a capitalist economy, those who own the majority of property set the terms for everyone else
827  13/08/13 Australian state takes page right out of Harper’s notebook – Guts environmental review process
828  13/08/13 Embarrassing revelation – Senate Intelligence Cmte. has always had authority to expose NSA wrongdoing
829  14/08/13 Students encountering major hurdles in trying to kick carbon off campuses
830  14/08/13 The Black Hole where White House petitions go to die
831  15/08/13 Vietnamese-American’s searing portrait of an American Dreamscape
832  15/08/13 Canadian columnist’s scathing indictment of latest round of Israeli-Palestinian peace talks
833  19/08/13 Leadnow community gearing up to defeat Harper’s anti-democratic agenda in 2015 election
834  20/08/13 “To live now as we think human beings should live is a marvellous victory” – Howard Zinn
835  20/08/13 The coming of a leaderless climate change movement guided by “elders-of-all-ages”
836  22/08/13 There’s not much hope for the revival of liberty in the land of “clueless Americans” says Paul Craig Roberts
837  22/08/13 How to turn a democracy into a STASI authoritarian state in 10 easy steps – Juan Cole
838  25/08/13 Counter TransCanada’s “Energy East” pipeline spin with this fact-filled document
839  26/08/13 Why is a serious discussion about the destructiveness of capitalism off the table for activists?
840  26/08/13 New website helps Canadians stay informed about TransCanada Energy East pipeline developments
841  27/08/13 Video-journalist slams Jewish UK Baroness for attack on musician over Israeli Apartheid remark
842  28/08/13 Complaint causes You Tube to remove video lampooning Travel Alberta ad promoting visit to tar sands
843  29/08/13 Syria: Obama plays the “morality” card but likely doesn’t care which side used chemical weapons
844  04/09/13 Canadian Palestine Awareness Coalition responds to angry Jewish groups over Vancouver transit’s Palestine ads
845  05/09/13 EXPOSED — Harper Gov. using tax dollars to help Enbridge win approval of tanker plans
846  05/09/13 Pembina Institute takes Alberta Gov. to court for blocking its participation at oilsands hearings
847  06/09/13 Reject Obama administration’s “warmongering” argues Dem. Rep. Allan Grayson
848  07/09/13 Slap in the face — Harper won’t cut emissions for Canadians, but will for Obama in exchange for KXL approval
849  08/09/13 “Breaking through the glass ceiling” – A metaphor turned on its head reveals evil of US-Israel political, military power
850  09/09/13 US corporate-controlled media serve as mouthpieces for Obama’s warmongering propaganda
851  10/09/13 US, and other UN Security Council members, pursue own corrupt interests at cost of peace and global justice
852  14/09/13 Canadian pro-Israel lobby pressures transit companies to not post Palestinian map ads
853  15/09/13 “We exist in a world where truth is punished and liars may lie at will” — AL Kennedy
854  17/09/13 What if hurricane storms were named after climate denier politicians?
855  18/09/13 “If we stay near our current emissions path, we face catastrophic levels of warming” – James Hansen
856  21/09/13 “Until we can raise the consciousness of the people, we are lost” –Prof Henry Giroux, McMaster Univ
857  22/09/13 Michigan homeowners powerless to stop Enbridge pipeline crossing within feet of homes
858  23/09/13 Enbridge scaremongering – thousands of workers will be on the street if Line 9 plans rejected
859  24/09/13 Harper’s push for tar sands extraction creates “perfect storm” of grassroots protest says Canadian activist
860  25/09/13 The case for charging Stephen Harper with crimes against humanity for his role in advancing climate change
861  26/09/13 Alberta pipelines still leaking toxic tar sands oil – Cause and how to stop leaks unresolved
862  27/09/13 Obama’s top trade official advocates for dirty tar sands despite president’s promise to cut emissions
863  29/09/13 IPCC Report – Summary of six key findings in 361 words
864  29/09/13 “Up Yours” — governments greet IPCC report with continuing promotion of fossil fuel industries
865  29/09/13 Fact check exposes 45 lies in Obama’s “give peace a chance” address to UN
866  01/10/13 What will it take to build an effective revolutionary mass movement?
867  02/10/13 Harper, fossil fuel industry press to get full suite of products to markets by pipeline, rail, road, tankers
868  03/10/13 Alberta Court quashes gov. decision to exclude Pembina from oilsands regulatory process
869  03/10/13 Pembina challenges Premier Clark’s misleading claim BC to produce “cleanest LNG in the world”
870 04/10/13 Enbridge Line 9 proposal poses major threat to jobs and safety say Ontario, Quebec opponents
871 04/10/13 Obama pushing secretive TPP agreement that would corporatize 40 percent of global economy
872 05/10/13 Afghanistan now brutal “mafia state”, result of 12 years US/NATO occupation, says Afghan woman activist
873 06/10/13 College student’s appeal of lawsuit over climate change heard by Alaska’s Supreme Court
874 07/10/13 Insider’s portrait of the shocking banality of racism and violence that is tolerated inside Netanyahu’s Israel
875 09/10/13 Canadians will be surprised, even shocked by scope of Canada’s spying activities, says Glenn Greenwald
876 10/10/13 Palestinian prisoner drama on New York stage reflects shift in US understanding of conflict
877 13/10/13 Alberta’s complex carbon offsetting projects, schemes no match for Keystone, tar sands emissions
878 15/10/13 US Appeals Court rejects request to grant temporary injunction on southern half of Keystone XL
879 16/10/13 Green Party’s version of throne speech serves as timely critical appraisal of Harper rule
880 16/10/13 Harper “gravely ignored” lawyers’ letter calling for legal action against war crimes suspect Dick Cheney
881 17/10/13 Jewish groups’ attempts to distort facts about ‘Disappearing Palestine’ ad campaign in Vancouver backfire
882 17/10/13 US Budget deal outcome destroys all social gains won by workers during twentieth century
883 17/10/13 US debt crisis was contrived consequence of “crazy political battles”
884 18/10/13 Harper chooses paramilitary RCMP assault over negotiation with Elsipogtog Mi’kmaq
885 20/10/13 Israel’s top leaders and ordinary citizens incite vicious racist persecution of African migrants
886 20/10/13 Greenwald-Omidyar startup news venture promises independent, ferocious, investigative journalism
887 20/10/13 To make US a Christian fundamentalist nation is main goal of radical right-wing Republicans
888 23/10/13 Gas company loses bid for extension of injunction to halt New Brunswick fracking protests
889 24/10/13 British poll shows more people thought Snowden’s revelations were “bad rather than good thing”
890 24/10/13 Key to building thriving and effective social movements — create a system of alliances
891 25/10/13 Toronto Transmit Commission’s ban on “Disappearing Palestine” ad based on bogus claims
892 26/10/13 CETA — What it is and why it’s bad for Canada
893 27/10/13 Verizon goes to court to reverse Internet free and open protections
894 27/10/13 UK’s Russell Brand, the firebrand, calls for revolution in video interview gone viral
895 28/10/13 The Russell Brand interview highlights the urgency and gravity of our problems
896 28/10/13 Glenn Greenwald speculates on implications of latest of Snowden’s shocking NSA revelations
897 29/10/13 Emission reductions in Ontario municipalities offset on national level by increases in Alberta tar sands
898 29/10/13 Disaster Capitalism vulture exploits Superstorm Sandy reconstruction
899 30/10/13 Canada’s NDP Party surrenders to “rule by the rich”
900 31/10/13 DARK MAIL — New email technology for public use promises to be NSA’s worst nightmare
901 31/10/13 Constitutional challenge launched to stop Harper government spying on Canadians
902 04/11/13 Bully Harper “blacklists” Canadian artist who dared lambast tar sands, KXL
903 05/11/13 SHOCKER — Governments shaft citizens – Secret sellout to corporations in monstrous assault on democracy
904 07/11/13 “If you pass the Trans-Pacific Partnership, we will not obey,” defiant activists’ message to Washington
905 08/11/13 Truth Exposed — Canadian oil industry’s “Profit over Planet” mindset revealed by internal emails
906 13/11/13 New Zealand climate deniers must pay $90,000 for bringing “faulty” lawsuit against environmental science institute
907 14/11/13 Harper gov wasting hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars on lengthy First Nations litigation
908 14/11/13 Building small windmill from scrap no small achievement for Diwakar Reddy of India
909 15/11/13 Al Gore, dedicated to unleashing global movement demanding action on climate change
910 16/11/13 Carbon pollution is fueling the climate crisis, costing us big time
911 17/11/13 Don’t Mess With Texas: Michael Bishop’s Battle Against TransCanada Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline
912 18/11/13 EXTINCTION! If you’re not concerned about mass extinction on Earth perhaps you should be
913 18/11/13 Corporate sponsors “own” COP 19 climate talks in Warsaw
914 18/11/13 “What’s at risk if we do not take action, truly, is the survival of civilization as we know it,” says Al Gore
915 19/11/13 Jill Stein, Margaret Flowers – Two activists on a path of positive resistance to transform American political system
916 21/11/13 “COP 19 is a complete betrayal to the sense of urgency that is needed” — Kumi Naidoo of Greenpeace
917 21/11/13 More activist groups abandon “do nothing” COP 19, vowing “We’ll be back!” next year
918 22/11/13 Unless we radically reduce our emissions by 2019, the future will not be one you want to bequeath to your children
919 22/11/13 Climate scientists at COP 19 warn talks are going backwards and risk 4C warming
920 25/11/13 “Is Earth Fucked?” asks geophysicist Brad Werner
921 01/12/13 Black Friday’s celebration of hyper-consumerism is suicidal, destroying our livable climate
922 03/12/13 James Hansen — Widely accepted target of limiting warming to 2C would subject future generations to irreparable harm
923 05/12/13 Severe climate change impacts “can occur in a matter of years” says new scientific report
924 07/12/13 Chris Hedges’ scathing indictment of a venal, morally bankrupt oligarchic ruling class
925 07/12/13 Don’t fuck with Mother Nature!
926 10/12/13 US most corrupt country in the world, claims US history prof
927 10/12/13 Watch a fair and balanced recap of Elsipogtog/Mi’kmaq anti-fracking protests
928 11/12/13 Canada spied for US in 20 countries, Snowden document reveals
929 12/12/13 Zionist Israel, a racist state, openly engaged in ethnic cleansing, says US historian
930 13/12/13 Michigan activists allege Enbridge cover-up in cleanup of Kalamazoo River pipeline spill
931 14/12/13 Feisty Vancouver Observer to explore series of in-depth stories about our tar sands love-hate relationship
932 15/12/13 Controversy swirling around Line 9 proposal continues to be ignored by Enbridge and NEB
933 15/12/13 Pembina’s Executive Director fires back at smearing press reports in Calgary Herald and SunMedia
934 17/12/13 National Energy Board wilfully evasive in answers to inquiries about “spying” on environmental groups
935 17/12/13 Once again Harper’s bullies in Parliament and press resort to vicious personal attacks on opponents
936 18/12/13 Canadian Wildlife Service biologist wouldn’t be surprised if next generation witnessed extinction of humanity
937 19/12/13 US pipeline giant plans massive new dilbit pipeline to its Vancouver tanker terminal
938 22/12/13 Economic benefits rule as Northern Gateway pipeline approved — And Team Harper drives another nail in our coffin
939 24/12/13 Mother Nature strikes back – Scenes of ice storm destruction in Brampton, Ontario
940 26/12/13 Harper’s petrodollar addiction hooks Canadians by one of our baser human desires — GREED
941 28/12/13 Windsor Star still shilling for Israeli propagandists – Pt 1 of 2
942 29/12/13 Windsor Star still shilling for Israeli propagandists – Pt 2 of 2
943 01/01/14 Harper silent on Israel caging Palestinian children in snowy outdoors, yet cancelled Sri Lanka visit over human rights
944 02/01/14 Ralph Nader’s stinging letter to George W. Bush
945 02/01/14 Hilarious comedy sketch ridicules Israeli’s territorial expansion
946 05/01/14 Dublin Fire Station’s model Green Plan slashes CO2 emissions, becomes first carbon neutral station in world
947 06/01/14 Awards heaped on Dublin’s Neil McCabe for innovation and leadership in addressing climate change issues
948 07/01/14 Neil McCabe’s Green Plan presentation wins high praise at Radical Emission Reduction Conference
949 08/01/14 Video mocking mainstream TV news exposes ongoing dumbing down of Americans
950 09/01/14 Calls for radical emissions cuts may be popular but they’re not powerful enough says Naomi Klein
951 12/01/14 Political leaders prefer to ignore or forget unsettling facts, says philosopher John Gray
952 14/01/14 Transition Guelph, making a difference one neighbourhood at a time, launches Transition Streets
953 15/01/14 Ordinary hero’s advice to young activists — “Don’t wait for the masses, because they ain’t coming!”
954 16/01/14 Explosive climate change documentary series set for US TV release in April
955 16/01/14 “When I was most beautiful” – a post-Hiroshima poetic lament set to music
956 20/01/14 Environmentalists seek court order to stop Harper Cabinet approval of Northern Gateway pipeline
957 22/01/14 Harper’s speech to Israel’s Knesset “firmly condemned” by Canada’s Palestinian supporters
958 23/01/14 Harper’s Knesset speech laced with lies, platitudes, hypocrisy, and deceit
959 24/01/14 Blathering Joe Oliver’s self-delusional “facts” about KXL and Canada’s climate change record
960 25/01/14 If global warming is real, how come it’s been so brutally cold across North America?
961 25/01/14 Droughts caused by climate change fueled political instability in Syria, leading to civil war
962 27/01/14 Harper’s “new anti-Semitism” Knesset speech skewered by U of Toronto adjunct professor on CBC radio
963 27/01/14 US-produced video ad portrays Harper as selling out tar sands crude to China, making “suckers” of Americans
964 28/01/14 Secret document exposes Harper’s budget cuts as “way to do away with undesirable science”
965 31/01/14 Polls reveal US citizens are largely ignored by the media and their political leaders on important issues
966 01/02/14 These are hard times for many in US, so why no uprising?
967 02/02/14 America, once proud land of the free, home of the brave, now land of the throw-away underclass
968 05/02/14 “Poor US” — Brilliant animated film reveals how poverty has changed over the centuries
969 05/02/14 Climate change deniers say the dumbest things
970 06/02/14 Video lampoons Keystone XL’s job creation fiction
971 09/02/14 “Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.”
972 09/02/14 Nader calls on the well-heeled to fund lobbyists to apply relentless pressure on Congress to address climate change
973 10/02/14 Electrifying Rev. Wm. Barber fires up Moral Monday throng with riveting “mighty low” speech attacking GOP
974 11/02/14 Socially minded investors pressing negligent banks to get serious about climate change
975 11/02/14 “Facebook is an attempt to revive corporate control of the Internet”
976 12/02/14 Bill Moyers takes on Republican Congressman for denying science behind evolution and climate change
977 12/02/14 What the US is experiencing today is not politics, it is disorder in a dysfunctional culture
978 16/02/14 “We don’t have time to let a few loud interest groups hijack the climate conversation,” says John Kerry
979 16/02/14 Harper fiddles while America freezes, UK drowns, and Australia burns
980 17/02/14 Can just six activists delay Enbridge’s Line 9 project and raise community awareness in the process?
981 19/02/14 In 1965 James Lovelock predicted worsening environment would be main problem by 2000
982 21/02/14 We’ll all be dead before natural gas delivers a net benefit, says Joe Romm
983 21/02/14 Proponents of climate engineering promoting highly risky, dangerous manipulation of Earth’s climate
984 21/02/14 Harper MP joins the ranks of “Climate Deniers Say the Dumbest Things”
985 23/02/14 Deep State: Shocking revelations of a rogue government operating in Washington
986 24/02/14 Nebraska court decision a setback for TransCanada’s KXL pipeline
987 24/02/14 Why do many deniers believe climate change is some kind of leftwing conspiracy?
988 25/02/14 TPP MENACE IS BACK! – Governments on verge of locking in disastrous secret deal giving power to corporations
989 26/02/14 VIDEO — “Keystone PipeLIES Exposed” highlights KXL’s little known fake ‘facts’
990 26/02/14 This Sunday, March 2, students from all over the US will be in Washington to say “No Keystone XL”
991 27/02/14 Stock market boom is really a bubble – and it will burst
992  28/02/14 Evidence of advanced man-made climate disruption all around us — from just the last six weeks
993  02/03/14 Canada’s fossil fools in industry and governments take a wrecking ball to the environment
994 02/03/14 Here’s the satirical CODEPINK video that AIPAC doesn’t want you to see
995 03/03/14 Newspaper article about student vote favouring boycott of Israel ignites readers’ angry comments
996  04/03/14 New report condemns Israel’s callous killing of Palestinian civilians with impunity
997 04/03/14 Behind Justin Trudeau’s projected image resides “a man with tired old ideas”, says Will Dubitsky
998 06/03/14 U of Windsor’s Palestinian group defends BDS Referendum vote
999 07/03/14 My response to a letter to the editor re BDS referendum at U of Windsor
1000 08/03/14  US history prof considers fate of BDS Movement if Kerry’s Israeli-Palestinian negotiations succeed



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