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Posts 601-800

This is a list, in chronological order, of posts 601- 800  Just click on the title to go to the post.

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601 30/10/12 Three activists discuss the challenges of building a citizens’ movement in Baltimore
602 02/11/12 Betrayal — Online organizing tools activists helped create are being exploited for private gain
603 02/11/12 Getting people politically activated by fanning flames of fear, urgency, moral outrage just deepens polarized world into good guys and bad guys
604 03/11/12 Fifty-three US organizations unite — Pledge to fight two critical threats to their democracy
605 05/11/12 Occupy activists quick to mobilize hundreds then thousands to help with Sandy storm relief
606 08/11/12 kicks off 21-city campaign targeting Big Oil, Big Gas, Big Coal
607 09/11/12 “When you organize, when you push, when you create a viable political constituency, you can be heard”
608 09/11/12 We’ll always have eighty-three problems and there’s nothing we can do about it — A Buddhist tale
609 12/11/12 Two American leftists pull no punches in their tough assessment of Obama, claiming he needs to be pushed
610 13/11/12 Three new planning tools to help communities develop climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies
611 14/11/12 Repentant ex-Israeli soldier reveals “scar of memory” of “medieval-style” torture of Palestinians
612 15/11/12 Outrage over reprehensible mainstream media coverage of latest Israeli slaughter of Palestinian civilians
613 16/11/12 Climate reality – Symphony of science delivers timely message in catchy musical video
614 16/11/12 If you think it’s about time Canadians had a legal right to a healthy environment, read this post
615 17/11/12 Citizens rise up worldwide to protest Israel’s slaughter in Gaza
616 17/11/12 GAME CHANGER? Address climate crisis or face legal action: Dutch pressure group gives government ultimatum
617 20/11/12 Seven reasons why Obama won’t tell the truth about the slaughter in Gaza
618 20/11/12 While Israel has right to defend itself, Palestinians, it seems, only “have the right to die under Israeli rockets”
619 21/11/12 Global Power Shift: Campaign to mobilize tens of thousands worldwide to take on climate crisis
620 22/11/12 Ontario citizen activists stop US-backed mega-quarry proposal
621 23/11/12 Growing grassroots action out to stop Enbridge plan to pipe tar sands crude through Ontario and Quebec
622 26/11/12 Are Canadian MPs afraid to speak candidly and factually about Israeli culpability in the Gaza conflict?
623 28/11/12 Call for urgent military embargo on Israel from 52 international figures
624 29/11/12 Brilliant, creative pro-Palestinian activism UK-style — Watch this inspirational video
625 30/11/12 UN recognition of Palestine further isolates U.S., Israel and Canada on world stage
626 03/12/12 Genocidal Israelis now quite willing to see Palestinians put out of the way, says US historian
627 07/12/12 Community action — A way out of pit of climate change doom and gloom says Rob Hopkins
628 07/12/12 Sing for the Climate — Join the joyous singalong videos for the planet
629 07/12/12 Israeli violations of ceasefire agreement continue with impunity
630 08/12/12 Philippines lead negotiator in Doha in tears as he appeals for real action on climate change
631 09/12/12 Private sector takes center stage at Doha climate talks as wealthy governments claim “We’re broke”
632 11/12/12 William Rees is back with an update to his hugely popular 2010 lecture “Is Humanity Inherently Unsustainable?”
633 13/12/12 Transcript of William Rees’ 2010 lecture “Is Humanity Inherently Unsustainable?”
634 13/12/12 “EXXON HATES YOUR CHILDREN” – Watch mocking video ad on TV this Friday
635 17/12/12 Enbridge on track to complete plan to pipe tar sands oil east – How will grassroots activists respond?
636 19/12/12 Burlington City Council passes resolution disapproving transport of tar sands oil across Vermont
637 20/12/12 Citizen activists and Colorado governor clash over municipal fracking ban
638 21/12/12 Renowned climate scientist outlines challenges humans will face on a warming earth
639 22/12/12 “Roadmap to Apartheid” — New documentary film compares apartheid/bantustan South Africa and Israeli-Palestinian situation
640 22/12/12 Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters’ passionate defence of Palestinian people in his UN address
641 27/12/12 Attawapiskat Chief Theresa Spence’s hunger strike and accompanying protests grab headlines here and abroad
642 30/12/12 Peter Joseph believes ours is a Culture in Decline. And he believes his series of videos may help save us
643 01/01/13 Recognition of our oneness prevents us from getting lost in our separateness
644 03/01/13 Canada’s Indigenous “Idle No More” movement confronts Harper’s bullies with a multifaceted counterpower strategy
645 03/01/13 Summary of eight Harper Government Bills said to violate First Nations treaties
646 07/01/13 Bill McKibben defends effectiveness of student-led divestment campaign targetted at fossil fuel industry
647 08/01/13 Profiles of 12 U.S. cities leading the way with reforms to combat climate change crisis
648 09/01/13 Ravaged by climate change, Australian inferno goes from bad to worse
649 10/01/13 Queen’s University study finds evidence of increased contaminants and changes in Athabasca tar sands lake ecosystems
650 14/01/13 US releases monster 1193-page “Draft Climate Assessment Report”
651 15/01/13 Climate change: How bad? Who’s responsible? Where-to now?
652 15/01/13 US scientist talks about barriers to climate change action in America and what to do about them
653 16/01/13 US-based information clearinghouse gives activists the counterpower to stop “King Coal”
654 17/01/13 Spain prosecutor seeks ICC investigation of Israeli crimes for 2010 Mavi Marmara attack
655 17/01/13 Tar Sands Dirty Little Secret — “Petcoke” CO2 emissions being dismissed as ‘negiligible’
656 18/01/13 While Israeli forces butcher more young Palestinians, Western media distort the facts
657 19/01/13 Quebec citizen activists gearing up to stop Enbridge tar sands pipeline
658 20/01/13 Israeli Occupying Forces forcefully arrest Palestinian mom protecting her baby
659 21/01/13 What deters us from acting on the climate change crisis?
660 22/01/13 Growing Canadian and US opposition to plan to pipe dirty tar sands oil from Alberta to Maine
661 22/01/13 Senior Canadian bureaucrat suspended for launching court case against employer, Justice Dept.
662 24/01/13 MURDERED by Israeli thugs, Lubna al-Hanash, 22, fourth-year political science student
663 24/01/13 Elections confirm that Israeli “is concerned solely with the interests of the chosen people”
664 25/01/13 Sinking oil prices and pipeline bottleneck cutting into Alberta’s bottom line
665 27/01/13 What will it take to pressure Israel to end Palestinian apartheid and unviable living conditions?
666 31/01/13 TransCanada uses legal sledgehammer to SLAPP down XL pipeline protesters
667 31/01/13 “We must reject Keystone XL” insist four energy experts in new video
668 31/01/13 Woman Nobel Peace Prize winner tells Harper to “Listen up” — Keep dirty oil out of New England
669 31/01/13 Two Quebec activists see few lasting gains from the 2012 “Maple Spring” social upsurge
670 04/02/13 NBC Nightly News: Network News for Dummies
671 06/02/13 Harper government’s “double dealing” forces First Nations out of Northern Gateway Pipeline hearings
672 07/02/13 UN can and must control two renegade states – US and Israel — warns US prof
673 09/02/13 Controversial talk at Brooklyn College calling for BDS sanctions against Israel a winning event
674 09/02/13 Caleb Behn, young indigenous activist and recent law school grad, takes on Big Oil and Gas
675 10/02/13 Activist Jeremy Scahill mocks John Brennan CIA confirmation hearing
676 14/02/13 How refreshing – Video of meteorologist bluntly connecting climate change to extreme weather
677 17/02/13 Confusion and controversy abound in southern Ontario communities over Enbridge’s Line 9 proposal
678 18/02/13 California farm community rise up against Canadian company’s plan to convert trash into energy
679 19/02/13 When children are dying of hunger, silence is not an option
680 19/02/13 “Government’s climate policy firmly based on latest scientific evidence” — UK Energy and Climate Secretary
681 20/02/13 Activists in the social movements have few expectations that the NDP will advance their causes, says Richard Fidler
682 21/02/13 TV Ontario shelves powerful drama about 1940’s British Mandate of Palestine and its present-day aftermath
683 24/03/13 Will co-op businesses be the basis of the next wave of the American economy?
684 25/02/13 Has the NDP sold its socialist soul for a shot at power in the 2015 election?
685 28/02/13 Climate justice needs radical demands backed up with nonviolent confrontational tactics asserts Quaker activist
686 01/03/12 Video showcases the benefits of life in a sustainable UK cohousing community
687 02/03/13 Pardon the hyperbole, but has US State Dept report nailed shut lid on our climate change coffin?
688 05/03/13 Swiss use direct democracy to win tough controls on multi-million dollar payouts for senior executives
689 11/03/13 IMPORTANT — New communication software enables users to evade government surveillance
690 11/03/13 CBC’s Evan Solomon no match for Palestinian spokesperson in televised interview
691 12/03/13 Hörður Torfason — The man who overthrew Iceland’s government
692 13/03/13 Almost Gone, The Ballad of Bradley Manning – Video musical tribute
693 13/03/13 Harper’s control freaks muzzle Fisheries and Oceans scientists and then deny it
694 15/03/13 Women activists sing out for “Ordain a lady” campaign
695 16/03/13 University instructor arrested for physically harassing student activists at demonstration
696 16/03/13 Treasure trove of Middle East news from a progressive Jewish perspective
697 17/03/13 Quebec Solidaire members found Réseau écosocialiste, the Ecosocialist Network
698 19/03/13 Cure for “bads” of capitalism outlined by economist Richard Wolff in 15-minute video
699 19/03/13 “It’s about time we stopped acting so reasonable” – Arundhati Roy on the psychosis of US foreign policy
700 19/03/13 Why a Messiah of Peace in the White House would likely be crucified if s/he tried to transition to a non-violent society
701 20/03/13 US diplomats have been shilling for Israel for decades –“Brokers of Deceit”, scholar calls them
702 21/03/13 Climate change is simple — Do something or we’re screwed
703 22/03/13 Fourth graders crowdfund school solar and wind turbine projects
704 22/03/13 “No More” — Eddie Vetter’s moving musical tribute to Iraq War veteran Tomas Young
705 28/03/13 Events in Cyprus expose EU plan to steal peoples’ savings and bailout private banks
706 29/03/13 Death of oil, coal and gas industries within 20 years? Former Greenpeace CEO thinks so
707 01/04/13 It took a Bloc Quebecois MP to speak out about Israeli colonization of Palestinian territory in House debate
708 02/04/13 LANDMARK RULING – U.S. judge elevates rights of communities over those of corporations
709 05/04/13 Bad-News Poll — 66 percent of Americans support Keystone XL pipeline from Alberta to Gulf Coast
710 06/04/13 Rising US national movement plans to relentlessly hound Obama not to authorize KXL pipeline
711 07/04/13 Harper’s new rules muzzle public dissent at Line 9 pipeline hearings
712 08/04/13 Climatologist James Hansen exposes “tortured logic” of Keystone XL pipeline supporters
713 08/04/13 New video ads oppose Keystone XL pipeline
714 09/04/13 Southern Ontario residents quick to organize in response to “Hidden Quarry” proposal
715 09/04/13 McKibben giving up on Obama and the Democrats for “fiddling while the planet burns”
716 11/04/13 2.3 million petition kicks off nationwide campaign protesting Obama’s planned cuts to Social Security
717 14/04/13 Obama’s new budget fails to deliver on promised climate change action
718 14/04/13 Powerful global movement is quickly emerging, battling climate change on a thousand fronts
719 15/04/13 How the planet’s richest rob its poorest and what we must do about it
720 16/04/13 Spain’s activist academics set up economics schools to empower unemployed trapped by austerity policies
721 16/04/13 Clever video game publicly embarrasses US corporate tax evaders
722 17/04/13 Citizens urged to force hand of National Energy Board over outrageous Line 9 application rules
723 17/04/13 Animated video highlights UK government’s three lies about carbon emissions
724 19/04/13 UK town’s economic plan envisages significant benefits flowing from increased localization
725 20/04/13 Animated video history of Keystone XL in 109 seconds
726 20/04/13 In court battle, activists’ small act of property trespass loses to toxic trespass of Big Gas
727 21/04/13 Harper Regime’s cold callous brutishness captured in chilling video ad
728 23/04/13 Sandra Steingraber: “My job is to be a hero. My job is to go out there and stop climate change.”
729 26/04/13 Dynamic team on a mission to help entrepreneurs build a future of locally owned businesses
730 28/04/13 Approving Keystone XL would make US more, not less, dependent on oil markets says US economist
731 28/04/13 Stunning video captures Nebraskans’ impassioned plea to stop Keystone XL
732 30/04/13 Canada’s “Common Causes” NGO activist network failing to live up to its potential
733  1/05/13 Pundit Allan Gregg’s “scary assessment of the Harper Government”
734  3/05/13 New study implies Alberta and federal politicians gambling with Canadians’ environmental wellbeing
735  3/05/13 Response to an activist thinking of closing her pro-Palestinian/anti-Zionist website, “My Catbird Seat”
736  5/05/13 Obama urges citizens to tell 240 members of Congress there’s a price to pay for being a climate change denier
737  5/05/13 What makes most people stupid? — US history prof explains
738  6/05/13 It will take more than petitions to stop Harper’s thirst for power over CBC
739  7/05/13 Former Ag-Can research scientist warns against genetically engineered food
740  8/05/13 Canadian Jewish activists protest Canadian Jewish lobby’s support for Israel’s violence, injustice and repression
741  9/05/13 Stephen Hawking’s withdrawal from conference major blow to Israeli prestige and propaganda
742  9/05/13 Large-scale public protests in Japan against secretive Trans-Pacific Partnership
743 10/05/13 Presumption President Obama will approve Keystone XL pipeline is wrong says James Hansen
744 11/05/13 Barriers to free expression under Harper regime exposed in report by Canadian journalists
745 11/05/13 Two prominent US activist organizations denounce WTO attack on Ontario’s clean energy program
746 14/05/13 Crossing 400 ppm threshold commits us to dangerous, irreversible climate change says Michael Mann
747 15/05/13 Help ShitHarperDid campaign launch national TV ad exposing what Harper is doing to our economy
748 16/05/13 How to help those in need of help — two leading women activists tell their stories
749 17/05/13 Obama administration out to destroy legitimate movements that challenge centers of power says Chris Hedges
750 19/05/13 Residents opposed to Hidden Quarry project build strong case at Guelph Eramosa Council
751 20/05/13 Although Occupy has disappeared from headlines, anti-military activism is on the rise
752 21/05/13 The challenge of bringing transparency to an American Corporatocracy
753 22/05/13 Politicians’ wilful blindness commits tens of thousands to death-by-austerity, wrecks lives worldwide
754 23/05/13 Chris Hedge’s bleak picture of America, exhorts citizens to “Rise Up or Die”
755 26/05/13 Youth to appeal decision federal gov’t not bound to protect atmosphere from irreversible damage
756 27/05/13 “We hold true to our vision of a healthy and just world, and we are building the self-empowering movement to make it happen.”
757 29/05/13 Opponents call Trans-Pacific Partnership “a deadly weapon against democratic rule”
758 29/05/13 Conservative government’s war on science – This is a government beholden to big oil
759 30/05/13 Israeli human rights organization exposes truth about Israeli violations of Palestinian rights
760 31/05/13 GREAT NEWS – BC Government rejects proposed Northern Gateway Pipeline
761 01/06/13 Correcting TransCanada CEO’s warped logic and ignored inconvenient facts about KXL
762 02/06/13 Medea Benjamin on why and how she managed to interrupt Obama’s drones, Guantanamo speech three times
763 03/06/13 Powell River group shares lessons learned about how to engage citizens in democratic process
764 04/06/13 When did we become good consumers and lousy citizens?
765 04/06/13 “Has there been a bigger con man in the White House than Barack Obama?” – Ralph Nader
766 05/06/13 How to use nonviolent persuasion to neutralize opponents’ power advantages and win decisive campaign victories
768 06/06/13 Leaked document reveals Trans-Pacific Partnership would give corporations power over sovereign states
769 08/06/13 Greenpeace video ad ridicules Harper and mocks his $16 million tar sands ads
770 08/06/13 Top-secret U.S. government surveillance of millions of citizens has zero checks of any kind
771 09/06/13 Obama’s defence of massive surveillance programs fails to hold up under scrutiny
772 09/06/13 The corruption of Canadian democracy by an Americanized Stephen Harper
773 09/06/13 Obama’s latest gobbledygook sounds a lot like he’s going to approve Keystone XL
774 10/06/13 If the people do nothing to stop government surveillance we are headed for “turnkey tyranny” – Ed Snowden
775 11/06/13 It’s our worldview, stupid. It’s time to change it
776 13/06/13 Snowden debate pits legality against morality as regulators of conduct
777 13/06/13 NSA known for attacking critics instead of addressing problems they expose — 70s whistleblower
778 14/06/13 Worldwide, people are deciding that the well-being of their local community and its economy lies with them
779 16/06/13 Harper government using public funds to protect charitable status of controversial Jewish National Fund
780 18/06/13 Kudos to Rainforest Action Network for multifaceted Keystone XL protest campaign
781 18/06/13 Canadian AgCan expert, Dr. Thierry Vrain on the gene revolution and future of agriculture — TEDxVIDEO
782 18/06/13 When they learned of secretive TPP meeting, activists rushed to Vancouver to protest
783 19/06/13 On March 1, 2014, 1,000 climate patriots will begin an epic march across America
784 19/06/13 US company delays news release of massive toxic waste disaster in northern Alberta
785 19/06/13 Glenn Greenwald “staggered” by Obama’s “deceitful and misleading” claims about NSA surveillance
786 20/06/13 and call on Canadians to demand Harper government stop secretive spying
787 20/06/13 Support residents battling to stop Hidden Quarry project in Southern Ontario – Sign their Petition
788 23/06/13 “Gross abrogation of American sovereignty” says first Congressman to see part of TPP text
789 24/06/13 Canada’s “oil and gas sector’s emissions would likely be higher in 2020 than they are today” Pembina Inst.
790 25/06/13 Obama’s new climate plan leaves Harper government stuck in the tar sands
791 26/06/13 Enbridge serves injunction against protesters occupying its pumping station near Hamilton
792 29/06/13 Greenpeace SLAPPed with $7 million lawsuit by Canada’s largest logging company
793 30/06/13 Hoax press release exposes TD Bank’s greenwash logo
794 30/06/13 Is mainstream media news starting to get the REAL NEWS about Climate Change?
795 02/07/13 Protesters across Canada join civil disobedience actions against Enbridge’s Line 9
796 03/07/13 How to reverse the move in Canada toward an elected dictatorship
797 03/07/13 Speculation NSA could pursue climate activists as terrorists not beyond realm of possibility
798 04/07/13 Obama will likely reject KXL pipeline, says Joe Romm
799 04/07/13 What is wrong with the Israelis that they care little or nothing for the Palestinians’ 65 years of suffering?
800 04/07/13 “We let a corrupt leader rule the United States for 8 years and then bowed down before his corrupt successor”

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