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This is a list, in chronological order, of posts 401-600.  Just click on the title to go to the post.

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401 3/2/12 Biting lyrics set to melody of My Favorite Things lampoons US Republicans
402 4/2/12 Taking a Globe columnist to task over his article: What happened to Harper’s opposition?
403 5/2/12 Transition Movement – “A story of hope.”
404 7/2/12 Fictitious tar sands bosses found guilty of ecocide in UK mock trial – Videos from trial
405 8/2/12 Patrick Seale helps us to see through American duplicity over Syria
406 9/2/12 Can 60 members of Congress and 400,000 U.S. citizens stop Arctic drilling?
407 12/2/12 US Occupy movement has lost momentum: Shamus Cooke explains why
408 13/2/12 Two US peace activists put personal safety on the line as human rights observers in Bahrain
409 15/2/12 What can we learn from “savage austerity measures” being imposed on Greeks? Michael Hudson explains
410 16/2/12 Life today in Greece: Heart wrenching personal stories becoming increasingly dire
411 18/2/12 This April 9-15 100,000 Americans will rise up to train for non-violent direct action. Will you be there?
412 19/2/12 Formidable roadblocks to just peace for Palestinians, says pro-Palestinian Israeli activist
413 19/2/12 Elizabeth May’s response to letter re Canada’s federal lobbying law
414 19/2/12 Political leaders have biggest influence on level of public concern about climate change, US study
415 20/2/12 Ontario Zero Waste campaigners challenge Energy Minister Bentley over “energy from waste” proposal
416 21/2/12 NDP leadership candidate Thomas Mulcair’s pro-Israeli hard line out of step with Party policy
417 21/2/12 I love this story — New Zealanders create model of local food independence eliminating BIG FOOD oligopoly
418 22/2/12 The New Global Revolutions — Revolutions happen once people realize things are not going to get better anytime soon
419 23/2/12 Harper government bungling and stumbling its way towards an Internet Snooping Law
420 24/2/12 What Stephen “ethical oil” Harper doesn’t want you to know about tar sands damage
421 26/2/12 urges citizens to demand full public inquiry into dirty tricks election practices by Tory operatives
422 27/2/12 Canadians will be less safe, more fearful under Harper’s Omnibus Crime Bill, say critics
423 28/2/12 Town wins fracking ban lawsuit. Possible company claim for “lost future profits” is mind-boggling
424 29/2/12 NDP leadership candidates graded on Middle East Policy — Ashton and Topp top rankings
425 3/3/12 How Britain’s first community-owned solar power station was created
426 4/3/12 Harper’s abrupt reply to my letter re election Robo-Calls reflects a dismissive attitude towards citizens’ concerns
427 4/3/12 Morally challenged Stephen Harper’s double standards on the Middle East
428 5/3/12 Pennsylvania State uses preemptive powers to strip local communities of the right to ban fracking
429 6/3/12 How AIPAC’s thought-control patrol muzzles voices from “unfriendly” sources
430 6/3/12 Harper government “still muzzling publicly funded scientists” say concerned science journalists
431 7/3/12 Secrecy prevents disclosure of Elections Canada’s rulings on election complaints
432 9/3/12 Building a Social Movement: What can the African-American Civil Rights Movement teach us? Pt 3: Rosa Parks sits down
433 11/3/12 Call for world’s citizens to unite for symbolic March to Jerusalem on March 30 to uphold Palestinian rights
434 12/3/12 Don’t delay courts’ review of Robocall tainted election results argues Osgoode Hall law professor
435 13/3/12 Palestinian and Israeli women gather in Arab village for Conference against the Occupation
436 14/3/12 Limbless Nick Vujicic TEMPORARILY REMOVED
 poor in Obama’s America
441 20/3/12 American protesters discovering they don’t have the rights and freedoms they thought they had
442 24/3/12 Trail of election irregularities dating to 2005 raises Elizabeth May’s suspicions
443 25/3/12 Hamilton’s demanding Climate Change Action Charter
444 26/3/12 Democratic governments in Italy and Greece gutted — central bankers rule
445 27/3/12 Employee ownership offers alternative to unions and a real solution for workers and communities
446 29/3/12 How one small community is raising public awareness about climate change issues
447 29/3/12 Chicago activists take on a bank, sheriffs and foreclosure agents to block home evictions
448 31/3/12 Petition drive convinces GM to stop funding climate change denier Heartland Institute
449 1/4/12 Stephen “Ethical Oil” Harper’s Budget Screws Mother Earth
450 2/4/12 When it comes to bikeway designs the Dutch are on the right path
451 3/4/12 Hedges v. Obama: Advantage Hedges so far based on verbatim court notes
452 7/4/12 Harper’s mean-spirited treatment of First Nations at pipeline review gets thumbs down comments from Canadians
453 8/4/12 Harper’s slash and burn budget exposed in eye-popping raw numbers — And we do mean “raw” as in “cruel and unfair”
454 8/4/12 Harper subjects Canada to “austerity measures like those imposed on third world countries” says US financial analyst
455 9/4/12 calls for Canadian Spring on Parliament Hill to denounce corrupt Harper regime
456 10/4/12 How many climate-change deniers does it take to change a light bulb?
457 13/4/12 Journalist launches campaign to pressure Canada’s progressive groups to unite to defeat Harper
458 13/4/12 Will direct democracy bring power to the people of Britain? BBC investigates
459 17/4/12 Israel’s racist Zionist regime will end “sooner than most people think” says son of Israeli 1967 war hero
460 19/4/12 Norwegian grandparents spearhead demand for Statoil to withdraw from Harper’s tar sands
461 21/4/12 May 5, 2012 is Climate Impacts Day —’s dramatic 2-min video reveals cause for concern and anger
462 22/4/12 Harper budget’s bullying “new sanctions” threaten environmental charities
463 24/4/12 How citizens can protect themselves from widespread domestic government surveillance of their digital data
464 25/4/12 Story of Israeli mom who joined Palestinian protest movement against home evictions
465 26/4/12 “I am responsible as a human being, as a citizen to act against injustice.” –Former Israeli soldier now protesting for Palestinian rights
466 29/4/12 Citizens pressed to challenge proposed US legalization of military surveillance of citizens worldwide
467 2/5/12 British Columbians for Climate Action inform Warren Buffet of their plan to block his coal train
468 3/5/12 Many of US public have poor understanding of climate science. How come?
469 4/5/12 How Quebec students mobilized North America’s largest strike movement
470 7/5/12 Transition Streets program promotes local energy solutions, cuts emissions, saves money, builds friendships
471 8/5/12 Elizabeth May skewers Harper & Co. in hilarious derision of infamous budget bill
472 9/5/12 Portland Oregon citizens-cum-activists reject “cuts only” solutions to recession, push for revenue generation
473 10/5/12 Banks, corrupt politicians and mainstream media have convinced people there are no alternatives to austerity
474 13/5/12 Vancouver commemoration to mark 1948 Jewish occupation of Palestine and forced exodus of est. 800,000 Palestinians
475 13/5/12 Letter to infant daughter from hunger-striking Palestinian prisoner
476 14/5/12 Bill McKibben reflects on Keystone-related developments and on “how to take on the bad guys”
477 14/5/12 Elizabeth May rips Harper’s “Environmental Devastation Act” as “worst of all bills” in House speech
478 16/5/12 Teen perseveres after her petition for immediate action on climate change is rejected by Iowa’s natural resources protection agency
479 18/5/12 Chris Hedges defeats Obama in monumental federal court ruling blocking indefinite detention
480 18/5/12 Canada’s “Black Out Speak Out” campaign – Sorry, but I don’t get it
481 19/5/12 People’s movements extend democracy, not military force, says decorated war veteran
482 20/5/12 How the American progressive movement can achieve power. (Canadian progressives please take note)
483 21/5/12 Did US State Dept, Big Oil and Big Media conspire to cover-up BP 2008 Caspian Sea blowout disaster?
484 22/5/12 Enbridge applies to pipe “highly corrosive” tar sands oil through Hamilton to Maine and on to China via supertankers
485 23/5/12 In Quebec, massive counterpower movement of students and citizens in showdown against government
486 23/5/12 Canada’s Green Party’s petition against Harper’s “Environmental Devastation Act” raises the question: How effective are petitions?
487 24/5/12 Want to make a difference? Read how one man did in this inspiring personal narrative
488 26/5/12 Ignoring expressed concerns of 1.4 million citizens, Obama approves Arctic drilling
489 27/5/12 Moms fight for their kids at EPA hearing — “Protect our kids, reduce carbon pollution”
490 1/6/12 Gutsy Medea Benjamin challenges Americans to speak out against Obama’s murderous drone warfare
491 2/6/12 “We’ll be honest: we won’t win the campaign to end fossil fuel subsidies with a global million-strong petition alone” –
492 2/6/12 Commons debate offers example of Tory MP’s arrogance and stonewalling over “Robogate”
493 3/6/12 Far and away the best damned strategy I’ve seen for building a grassroots transformational mass movement
494 4/6/12 “Holy creeping corporatism, Batman, our rights are under attack!”
495 5/6/12 Kids vs Global Warming lawsuit dismissed by U.S. District Court for Washington D.C.
496 6/6/12 Will NDP leader Mulcair give his full support to MP Megan Leslie who’s under attack from bullying B’nai Brith?
497 8/6/12 Thoughts on why the left lost in Wisconsin. What’s next?
498 8/6/12 Once again Windsor Star article misleads public about climate change
499 9/6/12 Leadnow calls on Canadians to find 13 “hero” Tory MPs to help stop Harper’s “Environmental Devastation Act”
500 9/6/12 Canada’s tar sands oil isn’t welcome in America: That’s the message of Sierra Club’s animated video
501 10/6/12 Shocking reality of Israeli military courts: study
502 11/6/12 Human activity linked to risk of abrupt and irreversible tipping points of our entire biosphere
503 11/6/12 Talking Climate: The gateway to research on climate change communication
504 13/6/12 Climate change denier meets his nemesis
505 16/6/12 BC residents organize to stop Texas billionaire from building new tar sands pipeline to coast
506 19/6/12 Workers purchase factory and set up a worker-run cooperative
507 19/6/12 Debating denialists — an exercise in futility?
508 20/6/12 Ask Ecuador to grant Assange’s asylum request
509 23/6/12 Rio+20: The epitome of insanity on two fronts
510 25/6/12 Roadmap to Survival 2100 by Prof. Wm. Rees
511 25/6/12 Meetings like Rio+20 are doomed to fail — David Suzuki
512 26/6/12 Jewish Voice for Peace celebrates divestment of Caterpillar shares from leading US pension fund manager
513 27/6/12 Three reasons to keep fighting despite the great failure of collective leadership at the Earth Summit
514 28/6/12 Welcome to the age of ‘wicked’ problems. Or, why fighting climate change is so difficult
515 30/6/12 Harper Minister stunned into silence by doctor’s bold verbal assault over cuts to refugee health care
516 3/7/12 Toronto G20 Summit: Harper, McGuinty and police fail acid test of moral responsibility – “Let Right Be Done”
517 4/7/12 36 U.S. citizen-run organizations with million members unite to fight for serious renewable energy agenda
518 5/7/12 Harper Watch: New blog documents HarperCon actions undermining Canadian democracy
519 7/7/12 Is this what it’s going to take to wake us up to the devastating threat of climate change? – Personal disasters?
520 8/7/12 Brilliant display of creative dissidence in this concert and rally against fracking
521 10/7/12 U.S. citizens and politicians unite to overturn “Citizens United” ruling
522 11/7/12 Canadian scientists accuse Harper of a “war on knowledge” at protest rally in Ottawa
523 17/7/12 There is hope! We are laying the groundwork for the “Next Great Revolution” – Gar Alperovitz
524 17/7/12 Former head of government financial regulatory agency gives her take on culture of collusion and greed among megabanks
525 18/7/12 New independent watchdog rips US government agencies for falling behind in protecting public from financial instability
526 19/7/12 What’s a bear doing on the Shell station roof? With pizzazz, Greenpeace shuts down Shell service stations in UK
527  19/7/12 Join more than 850,000 others in Greenpeace’s international Save the Arctic campaign
528  20/7/12 Tar Sands Hell – A personal narrative by a member of Lubicon Cree First Nation in Alberta
529  20/7/12 Stop the Pipeline — Join the Movement
530  24/7/12 Aljazeera’s video profile of activist Tom Woodley, head of Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East
531 25/7/12 What makes activist Chris Hedges resist and fight for life even when all the signs around us deny that possibility?
532 26/7/12 Stop Canada’s Ugly TransCanada Corp claim of legal right to a Texas family farm for its tar sands pipeline
533  27/7/12 MP Elizabeth May calls on Canadians to urge Tory MPs to refuse to support second omnibus bill
534  27/7/12 Blockbuster legal decision: Texas judge asserts all natural resources should be protected under the public trust doctrine
535  28/7/12 Pennsylvania legal decision strips oil and gas industry of power to control property, returning it to municipalities
536  30/7/12 Big legal battle shaping up in US as more than 200 cities in 15 states pass local ordinances banning fracking
537  2/8/12 Are you concerned about climate change? Citizens Climate Lobby could be for you
538  2/8/12 “Something magical happens when you do this work.” –Cathy Orlando of Citizens Climate Lobby Canada
539  3/8/12 Seventy Braveheart U.S. activists will put their bodies on the line in Tar Sands Blockade against TransCanada
540  4/8/12 U.S. local and national organizations join forces in Washington to launch anti-fracking movement
541  5/8/12 Stop the Mega-Quarry: Rural Ontario residents’ winning tactics against U.S.-owned hedge fund
542  6/8/12 Over $45,000 raised to help Texas family STOP TransCanada from seizing their farm for pipeline
543  7/8/12 Hamilton volunteer citizens’ group CATCH Ontario gov. officials and city managers in toxic waste denial
544 11/8/12 Swedish-based Ship to Gaza is latest attempt by defiant activists to break Israeli siege
545 12/8/12 Two moral cripples vie for U.S. presidency
546 13/8/12 While others talk about income inequality, this Texas-based organization is busy helping low-income earners start-up worker-owned cooperatives
547 14/8/12 Comparing Ecojustice Canada’s approach to legal environmental action with U.S.’s Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund (CELDF)
548 16/8/12 Enbridge’s misleading graphics in its Northern Gateway video ads draw fire from citizens and community groups
549 17/8/12 Ecocide campaigner Polly Higgins’ startling discovery: Ecocide had been examined for decades as a possible crime
550 18/8/12 One unnamed country nixes proposal to make Ecocide a crime at Rio+20 gathering of world’s top legal minds
551 19/8/12 To what extent do national constitutions protect citizens’ rights to a healthy environment?
552 19/8/12 Could a Law of Ecocide stop the mass damage and destruction of the earth? Polly Higgins thinks so
553 26/8/12 Video: Yet another example of Israeli police brutality against defenseless Palestinian
554 26/8/12 BBC’s blatant double standard: Israeli lies go unchallenged, Palestinian perspectives ignored or censored
555 27/8/12 US mainstream media slavishly toe Israeli government line in conflict reports
556 28/8/12 Ahmed (9), Youssef (17), Arafat (23), Muhammad (18), Aqil (36) – Gunned down in cold blood by merciless Israeli soldiers
557 29/8/12 Jewish supremacists firebomb Palestinian taxi in West Bank: Netanyahu attempts to salvage damaged public image
558 30/8/12 US Center for Biological Diversity sues Bureau of Land Management for failing to assess fracking risks
559 31/8/12 Obama’s silence on climate change is a serious ethical, political and leadership failure says legal scholar
560 1/9/12 Yves Engler’s plan to mobilize grassroots people power to “Stop Harper’s Crimes Against Humanity”
561 2/9/12 Death of Rachel Corrie — Electronic Intifada catches BBC with its facts down — again
562 4/9/12 Spain’s “Robin Hood” mayor leads growing movement against austerity in desperate struggle for survival
563 5/9/12 Compilation video turns US media “news reports” of XL pipeline job estimates into hilarious mockery
564 5/9/12 Elizabeth May rips apart Enbridge’s project proposal in submission to Gateway Joint Review Panel
565 8/9/12 Obama’s double-talk acceptance speech exposed: Pseudo-populism for general public, unfettered capitalism for ruling elite
566 10/9/12 The politics of flagrant lying in U.S. elections
567 13/9/12 Wishful thinking can lead political activists into the quicksand of false beliefs
568 15/9/12 Why Truth Matters
569 16/9/12 The inherent contradictions of truth
570 18/9/12 Truth about Israel’s vile role in 1982 Sabra-Shatila massacre of Palestinians
571 19/9/12 “We need YOU to participate in the Occupy change movement” –Activist filmmaker
572 19/9/12 Israel’s new low of moral depravity – Terrorizing children as means to drive families out of Palestine
573 21/9/12 Texas family loses court battle against TransCanada: 15-word decision sent from judge’s iPhone
574 23/9/12 Nothing like singing along to a LOL fucked up song to recharge those activist batteries
575 23/9/12 Canadian parliament debates climate change policies: Absolute insanity on two fronts
576 24/9/12 Ontario government failing to inform and consult citizens re its environmental decisions
577 25/9/12 Intensive research refutes US claim drone attacks are surgically precise with minimal collateral damage
578 26/9/12 Freedom and democracy come from the spaces we create inside the struggle – Tim Gee
579 27/9/12 Ecojustice Canada taking federal government to court for not following own law
580 27/9/12 In UN address, Assange mocks Obama’s “audaciousness”, exposing the duplicity of the president’s “fine words”
581 29/9/12 One Billion Rising – A haunting, inspiring video about a groundbreaking movement to end violence against women
582 29/9/12 Alice Walker’s “Democratic Womanism”: Where women rise to take their place at the helm
583 29/9/12 Aussie activist Miranda Gibson goes all out – and up – in anti-logging protest
584 1/10/12 Activists hope 1.9 million petitions calling for overturn of Citizens United will be too big to ignore
585 3/10/12 Chris Hedges looks at American politics and concludes “we’re in deep, deep trouble”
586 4/10/12 The not-so-great debate: Obama, “astonishingly bad”; Romney, “full of cant and hypocrisy” —Leo Panitch
587 8/10/12 U.S. activist’s billboard map of shrinking Palestine territory angers pro-Israeli Jews
588 9/10/12 Stop west coast Pipelines and Tankers – Be a coastal defender at sit-in October 22, 2012, Victoria, BC
589 9/10/12 What does meditation have to do with activism?
590 10/10/12 Read it here — Executive Summary of the Russell Tribunal on Palestine, New York Session
591 11/10/12 Bill McKibben goes toe-to-toe with conservative climate deniers — ever-serious Bill even gets laughs
592 12/10/12 Major Canadian and US oil companies conspired behind closed doors to keep pipeline proposal risks from public
593 14/10/12 As public opposition to tar sands pipeline grows, Enbridge withdraws request to speak to Hamilton councillors
594 16/10/12 Everything you need to know about the latest climate science findings but were afraid to ask
595 20/10/12 The activist’s paradox: To answer the call to act to relieve human suffering without drowning in the suffering
596 22/10/12 Massive anti-austerity protest: Britain’s workers rise up, speak out, bring London to standstill — Again
597 23/10/12 Legal complaint filed in Turkey against Israel for seizure in international waters of Gaza-bound Estelle
598 23/10/12 Decades of work by California activists finally pays off with Human Right to Water Bill
599 24/10/12 Amazing International Co-op Summit in Quebec: Explores ways to exploit failures of global economic system, and more
600 29/10/12 Harper’s bullies demand resignation of UN Rapporteur for boycott call of companies profiting from illegal Israel settlements

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