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Hagens’ seventh Intervention and Wild Idea: “How Are We?” A project to measure our WELL-BEING

“How Are We?” will collect real data to measure how Americans are doing in terms of Life-Style metrics like health, jobs, meaning, safety, community, etc.

No 2744 Posted by fw, June 21, 2021—

1/ Why do we need new metrics?Looking beyond economic statistics becomes essential in turbulent times like today where growth is no longer the norm. We need to understand how the people in our country truly are, so we can improve their well-being even in the absence of growth. 2/ What does matter to people?The key elements of a good life are rarely economic, once key needs are met. Feeling good about key qualitative aspects in our lives, such as purpose and meaning, our health, or our relationships, is much more relevant. 3/ How to use these metrics? The “How Are We?” project plans to establish a widely accepted standard for obtaining relevant data on how people feel, using a non-partisan and participative approach. A first pilot is planned for 2021 in one U.S. state.Nate Hagens, from his How Are We? | Measuring what matters website

The above excerpt is from Hagens’ website, NOT from today’s seventh Intervention and Wild Idea piece, which is reposted below. – But the theme and thesis are identical.

Just to put today’s repost in context, in the closing segment of his long video talk, Nate Hagens advances 12 “Intervention” categories, along with  a “Wild Idea” for each category.

In today’s repost, Hagens presents WELL-BEING as his seventh of 12 Interventions combined with his seventh Wild Idea: “How Are We?” A project to measure our WELL-BEING

Below is my transcript of Hagens’ seventh Intervention and accompanying Wild Idea, which I have titled: “WELL-BEING: Seventh Intervention and (Wild Idea)”. As usual, I include in this repost an embedded video of Hagens’ almost 3-hour talk, packaged in 33 myths, which features a synopsis of key ideas from his past written works and videos. And at the bottom of the repost is a list of Hagens’ 33 myths, plus two others – Introduction and Interventions.

For those who would prefer to watch the embedded video on You Tube, click on the following linked title.


Earth and Humanity: Myth and Reality, by Nate Hagens, You Tube, May 21, 2021 (2hr, 52min)

TRANSCRIPT of “WELL BEING: Seventh Intervention and (Wild Idea)” (a short 1:39-minutes long, starting at the 2:36:07 mark, ending at 2:37:46)

LIFE-STYLE  [Seventh Intervention and (Wild Idea)]

It’s increasingly recognized that once basic needs are met – if they are met – that jobs and GDP aren’t fulfilling the needs of our population. We’ve relied on national aggregates too long in assessing how we’re doing. How much stuff we burn only has a moderate correlation to our happiness, health, meaning, and outlook to the future.

In coming years and decades, we’re going to need complementary metrics of success, in addition to the national and global accounting metrics of GDP. Furthermore, there will come a time in the not too distant future where we can no longer grow our economies materially – so we’re going to have to have alternative ways of measuring how we’re doing.

Here’s a wild idea.

One project that we’ve initiated is called “How Are We?” We’re getting bottom-up real data on how people are doing in their lives on a wide variety of metrics: health, jobs, meaning, safety, community, etc. The goal is to get data in all counties in a state, and eventually in many states or countries, so that policymakers and other stakeholders of all kinds can have a conversation about how we really are doing.

This is not a top-down econometric tool, nor one that includes macro-environmental data. It’s a participatory project that hopes to gradually shift what we care about, what we value, and how our lives are distinct from how much we are growing GDP and stock markets.

How are we REALLY doing?

2:37:46 — End of Seventh Intervention and Wild Idea


LIST OF THE 33 MYTHS (plus opening introduction and closing Interventions (and Wild Ideas)

Nate notes that the myths themselves are listed in reverse numerical order from #33 down to #1, while the time markers are in chronological order from beginning to end, which facilitates their quick and easy location on the video. The myths can be watched in any order, but the order they’re in made the most sense to Hagens. To go directly to the beginning of any numbered myth or to the opening Introduction and closing Interventions and Wild Ideas, just click on the linked time stamp.

Time stamps: 0:04 — Introduction 2:20 — Myth #33: The Experts Have ALL the Answers 4:16 — Myth #32: Humans Are Separate From Nature 6:45 — Myth #31: Humans Are Mostly Selfish 12:17 — Myth #30: More Is Better 18:12 — Myth #29: “Someday I’ll Have enough” 21:18 — Myth #28: We Care About the Future 23:38 — Myth #27: Everyone Has Their Own Truth 26:37 — Myth #26: Truth Matters 29:31 — Myth #25: Energy Is Merely a Commodity 34:28 — Myth #24: The American Dream is Based on Hard Work and Cleverness 36:05 — Myth #23: Oil: The USA Will Be the Next Saudi Arabia 41:46 — Myth #22: We Can Always Get More Resources if We Have More Money 44:42 — Myth #21: Renewables Can Power THIS Civilization 50:55 — Myth #20: In the future we wont need oil due to Peak Demand!! 55:01 — Myth #19: We Can Achieve Net Zero!! (by 2050 or any date) 59:54 — Myth #18: As Earth runs out of resources, We’ll Colonize Outer Space!! 1:02:26 — Myth #17: Growth Is Forever 1:05:04 — Myth #16: GDP Is the Right Goal for Society 1:10:56 — Myth #15: Overpopulation Is the Main Driver 1:15:21 — Myth #14: Technology Will Solve It 1:21:16 — Myth #13: The Environment Is Part of the Economy 1:24:04 — Myth #12: The Natural World Is Ours 1:27:03 — Myth #11: Climate Change Is the Core Problem 1:32:44 — Myth #10: Billionaires and Politicians Are in Charge 1:38:56 — Myth #9: Financial Markets Give Us the Right Signals for the Future 1:43:22 — Myth #8: Stimulus Is Permanent 1:48:37 — Myth #7: We Need to Crash the System to Get a Fresh Start 1:52:43 — Myth #6: The Use of Nuclear Weapons Is Unthinkable 1:57:03 — Myth #5: Fossil Fuel Companies Are at Fault 2:03:01 — Myth #4: Capitalism Is to Blame 2:07:54 — Myth #3: Humans Are Bad 2:11:37 — Myth #2: We Face a Shortage of Energy 2:14:17 — Myth #1: We Are Doomed 2:19:56 — Interventions (and Wild Ideas)


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