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Critics weigh in with critical take on Biden’s inaugural address and prospects for his administration

Whatever their differences, both Democrats and Republicans represent the same oligarchy. —

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Below are excerpts from leading online sources with their critical take on Biden’s inaugural address and the prospects for his administration. To read the full reports, click on the linked titles.


Biden’s inaugural address: Banality and empty abstraction to cover over reality by World Socialist Web Site, January 21 —

President Joseph Biden’s inaugural address yesterday was significant above all for its banality. Amidst an unprecedented political, social and economic crisis of the entire capitalist order, Biden delivered remarks filled with clichés, incoherent non sequiturs and the emptiest of abstractions. Over the past half century, the content of the ritual has been increasingly hollowed out. Biden yesterday took this tendency to a new level—or, rather, to new depths. … The poverty of Biden’s remarks is not just an intellectual failure. He knows full well that any hint at a significant shift in policy would spark a sell-off on the markets. As it was, the markets rose during his speech. In the minds of the political establishment and the media, this is the main factor in concluding that the speech was a great success. They were all somewhat richer at its conclusion than at its beginning.

Moreover, the political representatives of the ruling class, and particularly the Democratic Party, are acutely aware of the fact that any serious examination of reality—including the political and social forces behind the rise of fascism in America and the bipartisan policies that have produced the catastrophic spread of the pandemic—risks a social and political explosion that will threaten the entire capitalist order.

Biden’s appeal to “unity” is, ultimately, a desperate effort to cover over a massive social chasm. This chasm does not separate the Democrats from the Republicans, who, whatever their differences, both represent the same oligarchy. It is the unbridgeable division between the capitalist ruling elite, on the one hand, and the working class, on the other. It is the fear of the open eruption of this conflict that drives Biden to his abstractions.


Senate hearings for Biden’s security cabinet expose bipartisan unity on war and reaction by World Socialist Web Site, January 21 —

On the eve of an inauguration speech in which newly sworn-in President Joe Biden invoked the need for unity nearly a dozen times, the Senate conducted confirmation hearings for key nominees for his security cabinet. The tenor of these sessions made it clear that a principal foundation for unity between the incoming administration and a Republican Party that sought to overturn Biden’s election, including through the January 6 fascist coup attempt at the Capitol, will be bipartisan agreement on policies of imperialist aggression abroad. Three nominees appeared before separate Senate committees Tuesday: Anthony Blinken, Foreign Relations; Lloyd Austin, Armed Services; and Avril Haines, Intelligence. … All of them are veterans of the criminal policies carried out by the Obama administration, from wars and regime change interventions in the Middle East and the drone assassination program to the 2014 coup in Ukraine.


‘A Betrayal’: Georgia Voters Enraged Over Democrats Promise Of ‘$2000 Checks’ by Popular Resistance, January 20 —

This is one of many disappointments voters will experience under the new Biden administration. It is important for people to quickly see through the rhetoric, distractions and excuses of the Biden administration and organize to make bold demands…. President-elect Joe Biden released his long-awaited stimulus proposal last Thursday that contained an inauspicious provision for millions of Americans expecting additional $2,000 stimulus checks. Instead of that long-promised amount, Biden’s proposal only calls for an additional $1,400 stimulus payment. Georgia voters who recently delivered the Democratic Party control of the U.S. Senate by electing Reverend Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff say they feel betrayed, let down, and outraged at what NBC Peacock host Mehdi Hasan has termed “Biden’s first broken campaign promise.”


Biden Lifts Health Care Plan From Insurance Lobbyists by Popular Resistance, January 20 —

The idea of a ‘public option’ was used by the Obama/Biden administration, and now by the Biden/Harris administration, to fool people into believing it would help to solve the healthcare crisis. In fact, it is only a tool to placate ‘progressives.’ It was never meant to be in any final bills. And even if it were, it would only add to the crisis by making one more insurance plan in our complicated system of thousands of plans and it would serve as a dumping ground for private insurers to get rid of patients with healthcare needs. Ultimately, a public plan would fail financially. We must demand nothing less than national improved Medicare for all as the smallest step we can take towards creating a universal healthcare system that improves health and ends medical bankruptcy.


The Biden administration: Illusion and reality by World Socialist Web Site, January 22 –

With the transfer of the White House from the Republicans to the Democrats it is necessary to counter illusions about what this government will or even can do. Its actions will be determined by the interests of the ruling class under conditions of an unprecedented social, economic and global crisis. However, efforts are underway to chloroform the public about the realities of the pro-capitalist, imperialist politics of the Biden administration and the catastrophic economic and social conditions under which it begins. … The United States has been here many times before. In 1993, when the “man from Hope,” Bill Clinton came into office, it was proclaimed to be an end to the right-wing Reagan/Bush era. At home Clinton brought an end to welfare “as we know it,” while abroad he waged war in the Balkans and dropped bombs on Iraq. Obama, the candidate of “hope and change,” expanded on the wars begun by George W. Bush, while funneling trillions of dollars to Wall Street, overseeing what was at the time the greatest transfer of wealth from the bottom to the top of society.

Everything the administration will do will be within the framework of 1) what is acceptable to the financial oligarchy and Wall Street; and 2) the requirements of the global geostrategic interests of American imperialism. … The orientation of the Biden administration is for “unity,” that is, unity with the Republican Party on the basis of a right-wing, pro-imperialist policy.


‘Pure Sadism’: Biden Blasted for Continuing Trump’s Recognition of Guaidó Coup Regime and Deadly Sanctions in Venezuela by Common Dreams, January 20 —

How about a new Good Neighbor Policy on non-interference?” asked CodePink co-founder Medea Benjamin. In a perpetuation of Trump administration policy and nearly two centuries of U.S. imperialism in Latin America, Antony Blinken, President Joe Biden’s nominee for secretary of state, told senators Tuesday that the United States will continue to recognize the coup leader Juan Guaidó as legitimate president of Venezuela. Reuters reports Blinken told senators during his confirmation hearing that Venezuela needs “an effective policy that can restore… democracy” to the nation of 28 million people.


The Deep State’s Stealthy, Subversive, Silent Coup to Ensure Nothing Changes by Information Clearing House, January 21 —

That January 6 attempt by so-called insurrectionists to overturn the election results was not the real coup, however. Those who answered President Trump’s call to march on the Capitol were merely the fall guys, manipulated into creating the perfect crisis for the Deep State—a.k.a. the Police State a.k.a. the Military Industrial Complex a.k.a. the Techno-Corporate State a.k.a. the Surveillance State—to swoop in and take control.

It took no time at all for the switch to be thrown and the nation’s capital to be placed under a military lockdown, online speech forums restricted, and individuals with subversive or controversial viewpoints ferreted out, investigated, shamed and/or shunned. This new order didn’t emerge into being this week, or this month, or even this year, however. Indeed, the real coup happened when our government “of the people, by the people, for the people” was overthrown by a profit-driven, militaristic, techno-corporate state that is in cahoots with a government “of the rich, by the elite, for the corporations.” We’ve been mired in this swamp for decades now.


The Next Two Years Will Be The Democratic Party At Its Most Transparent by Caitlin Johnstone, January 21 —

Joe Biden is now the president of the United States of America. His day one executive orders should have prioritized ending the single worst crisis in the world in Yemen, a war he campaigned on ending US involvement in, but they did not. In the lead-up to Biden’s inauguration we were treated to some Senate hearings on his cabinet picks, in which we learned that this administration will continue Trump’s murderous coup-mongering in Venezuela, that it will maintain Trump’s incendiary decision to have the US embassy in Jerusalem, that reviving the Iran nuclear deal is a long ways off from happening and will first require consultation with Israel, and that it will be continuing Trump’s cold war escalations against China. In one of the more bizarre displays in the Senate hearings, Biden’s nominee to lead the State Department Tony Blinken defended his support for the disastrous Libya intervention during his time in the Obama administration by blaming its aftermath on Muammar Gaddafi, the leader who was mutilated to death in the streets after a US-led intervention to oust him.


Lee Camp: Top 10 Executive Actions Biden Could Do But Won’t by Scheerpost, January 21 –

The new president could take executive action on many of the largest problems within the United States, right away, on his own.

Below are the Top 10 executive orders Joe Biden could sign, benefiting all Americans… even without help from the intellectually impoverished crocodiles [members of Congress]. … I’m not going to focus on whether Biden will do these things (he won’t), but let’s give him the benefit of the doubt (he won’t do them) since he hasn’t even settled into the office yet (he totally won’t do any of this) and no one can know for sure what he’ll choose to do (not a chance). Maybe he’ll be awesome! (Nope.) —

  1. Joe Biden could start by protecting all immigrants.
  2. Biden could end the War on Terror.
  3. The new president could give us tuition-free college without Congress.
  4. So if Joe Biden wanted to, he could do the reverse and give millions of poor people the benefits they need.
  5. He could stop massive corporations from using tax loopholes to avoid paying taxes.
  6. He could close Guantanamo Bay.
  7. He could give a $15 minimum wage to all federal contract employees.
  8. He could end federal prosecutions for marijuana.
  9. He could make us all much safer from nuclear weapons.
  10. Joe Biden could himself give everyone Medicare For All right now.

So those are the Top 10 actions Biden could take without getting anywhere near the dumb-dumb crocodile swamp known as Congress. …But he won’t. Unless he fears that the people will stand up and fight back.


Flint Activists Remember How Gina McCarthy Failed Their City by CounterPunch, January 20 —

Former EPA chief Gina McCarthy has reportedly been picked as Biden’s domestic climate policy chief. That concerns activists in Flint, Michigan, who say that she failed to address the Flint water crisis. Former EPA chief Gina McCarthy has reportedly been picked as Biden’s domestic climate policy chief. That concerns activists in Flint, Michigan, who say that she failed to address the Flint water crisis. … In 2016, she told the House Oversight Committee that she herself did not cause the water crisis: “I will take responsibility for not pushing hard enough, but I will not take responsibility for causing this problem. It was not EPA at the helm when this happened,” McCarthy said. “Say whatever you want about being in the dark about the warning signs,” Rep. Carolyn Maloney, D-N.Y., told McCarthy at the time. “Even when you did know, you did nothing.” McCarthy also played a role at Obama’s EPA in minimizing the risks of fracking. In 2015, the agency published a misleading study that concealed the effects of fracking on water.


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