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COVID-19 — Headlines alone from just one source convey the scope, depth and dread of this ticking timebomb

News Today, March 23, 2020, from the World Socialist Web Site, is alarming.

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World Socialist WebsiteNews Today — 23 March 2020 —

Anger is mounting among Italy’s medical personnel at the inadequate resources invested in fundamental health services and the negligence of state authorities

No corporate bailouts! Direct financial resources to the working people, not the capitalist elite!

The ruling class is seeking to exploit this crisis to engineer another multitrillion-dollar redistribution of wealth, on a scale even greater than the 2008 bank bailout.

Coronavirus kills more than 2,600 across Europe in one weekend

Though large parts of Europe with hundreds of millions of inhabitants are under lockdown, the contagion is still spreading relentlessly across the continent.

Coronavirus total in US skyrockets as testing expands

Global economic slump accelerating

Coronavirus crisis in New York: As doctors warn of “our Chernobyl,” state government plans Medicaid cuts

Chinese worker writes on the coronavirus pandemic: “Disaffection is growing among the masses”

German government prepares for internet censorship and deployment of the armed forces

Italy’s health workers denounce ruling elite’s negligence on coronavirus

Africa threatened by sudden surge in coronavirus cases

South Africa’s ANC government suppressed report showing thousands could die from COVID-19

United Parcel Service forcing employees to work without protection amid COVID-19 pandemic

Retail and service industry workers demand safety measures, store closures and full compensation during coronavirus pandemic

COVID-19 outbreak in New York prisons threatens lives of thousands

Immigrants at New Jersey ICE detention center launch hunger strike over COVID-19 threat

Columbia University graduate workers overwhelmingly authorize strike

UK: Sheffield health care students demand placements suspended to limit COVID-19 spread

Catastrophic worldwide medical ventilator shortfall despite years of warning

Canada registers 500,000 Employment Insurance claims in one week, as Coronavirus triggers jobs massacre

Russian cases of coronavirus surge as economic crisis hits

Two Sri Lankan prisoners killed and six injured amid national coronavirus lockdown

COVID-19 health disaster and political crisis intensify in Australia

Australian state of Victoria shuts down school system, other states remain open

Australian teachers and school workers speak out on dangerous working conditions amid pandemic

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