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Away from his packed rallies, Trump has warn out his welcome in the land of the common folk

Boos at the ball park followed by heckles of thousands of protestors in Chicago. Grim days for a president who craves adoring adulation.

No 2537 Posted by fw, October 30, 2019

Protesters gather along the Chicago River as President Trump attends Oct 28 fundraiser at Trump Tower in Chicago.

After DC Ballpark Booing, Chicagoans Surround Trump Event With Sound and Fury wrote William Rivers Pitt in his October 29, 2019 piece in the online news source, Truthout.

Following up on my post yesterday on Trump’s humbling reception at the ball park, here is my short excerpt from Pitt’s excellent take on the impending fall of Trump? To read the full article, click on the above title.

“Booing presidents at the ballpark is a tradition that dates back to Herbert Hoover, but it was the vehemence of the crowd on Sunday night that stands out. … Those folks at Nationals Park meant it with compound interest, and several of them cared enough to sneak giant banners into the park. … It was the timing of the crowd’s outburst that is equally notable. Aside from rallies packed with friendly faces and the safe spaces of his own properties, Donald Trump has not tasted the air of the commoners in years. Just that morning, he had announced the death of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi during a press conference riddled with fantasy and fabulism. Perhaps recalling the exuberant response Barack Obama received after announcing the death of Osama bin Laden in 2011, Trump must have believed the fans at Nationals Park would hail him as a conquering hero. It did not work out that way. … Mr. Trump has clearly worn out his welcome in large swaths of the country. Though they aren’t playing October baseball in Chicago, the Windy City had plenty of heckles ready for Trump when he arrived for a conference of police chiefs on Monday. Thousands of protesters shut down a major street and surrounded Chicago’s Trump Tower with sound and fury, making their presence felt. I sense a pattern developing. These are grim days for a president who requires adulation the way mammals require oxygen. His exhausted Republican defenders are popping off in the public prints about how standing up for him ‘feels like a horror movie.’ Republicans feel anxious and adrift defending Trump.”

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