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Trump greeted with loud boos and chants of “Lock Him Up” at World Series game

Jimmy Fallon mocked the President – “Trump turned to Melania and said, ‘Wow! They really don’t like you.’”  

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Common Dreams’ account of the fans’ reception – oops, “rejection” — of Trump, included this observation:

“After years of horrifying footage of people wildly cheering Trump’s deranged rambling at his rallies, it’s reassuring—restorative, even!—to know that the rest of the country hasn’t forgotten how to greet tyrants. President Donald Trump was greeted with loud and sustained boos, a large ‘Impeach Trump’ banner, and chants of ‘Lock Him Up!’ Sunday night as he attended Game 5 of the World Series in Washington, D.C. … Peter Dreier, Distinguished Professor of Politics at Occidental College, pointed out that ‘Trump prefers to appear before crowds of loyal followers’ and ‘his few appearances outside the White House have been highly orchestrated affairs where the audiences are vetted by the president’s operatives.’”

This photo almost evokes a feeling of pity for the President and First Lady

Comedian Jimmy Fallon’s monologue on Monday’s show featured this hilarious 1:40-minute poke at the Prez –


Looney Tunes, Indeed!

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