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£750,000 – That’s how much Extinction Rebellion needs for its legal defence fund

Please help save the planet — Support the 1800 rebels, arrested during the October Rebellion, with a donation.

No 2534 Posted by fw, October 23, 2019

As a “Rebel supporter”, today I received an email request headed: “Please support our arrestees”. The message is reposted below. 7,000 rebels have already donated to help arrestees with their legal fees, estimated to amount to £750,000.  Yikes! At an exchange rate of 1.63, that’s $1,222,500 Canadian.

To read the email request and make a donation click on the following linked title.


Please support our arrestees, by Extinction Rebellion Central Legal Defence Fund, October 23, 2019

Dear Rebel,

With the sun now set on the October Rebellion, we urgently need to support our brave arrestees with their legal costs.

During the last fortnight of peaceful protest in London, over 1,800 rebels were put in police cells.

On streets that were often wet and cold, these determined souls said that enough is enough, and put their bodies on the line.

Please help support them now.

7,000 of you have already donated to support our arrestees with their legal fees. We thank you and salute your commitment and solidarity.

We’re now almost halfway to our £750,000 target. This is the estimated bill for legal representation being faced by those charged so far for taking part in XR actions this year.

Please give whatever you can spare, and share this call for funds as widely as possible amongst your family and friends.

Now is the time to stand side-by-side with our arrestees and show the strength of our movement.

With love and rage!

XR Legal Support

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